Saturday, November 24, 2007

30 Days Of Night

Have you guys watch this movie yet?
If isn't, please quickly go and watch it!!!!
Just got home from Gurney Plaza, and yes i watched this movie!
Scary, Horror, NICE!!!!
The Poster
The Vampire

Ladies and gentlemen, now i announce that, this movie is coming soon!
15 Days Didn't Pangsai.
The Actor, Editor, etc... JJ
Coming soon.....


Good Boy Gone Bad said...

Wah! Sipeh creative wor! Love it! :D

Sae Wei said...

OMG... 15 Days Tarak pangsai??? Hahahahahaha... Go buy the ubat pangsai an eat lar... Lololol

aL said...


what has my sayang turned into?!!


JJzai said...

Ced, i learned it from U!
SW, ubat pun tak boleh guna lar T_T
aL, cannot divorce!!!!
i will bite everyone except U!

Minny said...

15 days no pangsai eye can black black?
look like vampire more la!

pikey said...

eh... the movie really sucks la....


next time take some liong cha!!! herbs tea!!!

JJzai said...

Mami, ur anak very geng mah, lolz
Pikey, i like that movie lar.
Aron, i not really cannot pangsai lar =.=

hA'o Ha'O said...

wah lao! 15 days tarak pangsai??!!
then u must be full of SHIT inside d.. wauhahaa!!

dEvIlInE said...

hahahha u scared me~~!~ ;( dun look into my eyes the next time i see you!!

say NO to horro movies ..... :P

WillaZz said...

full of shit inside???waahahaha dam funny la u hao hao... should be Every Day Of Night

JJzai said...

Hao Hao, i pang sai very smooth ok? =.= it is just a title.
Angeline, next time i will
ngek ngek~
Willazz -,-"