Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Project Occupy Beach Street @ Beach Street, Penang

Sundays are usually bored, are you usually swinging around at home or just hang out with friends and family?
Now if you are in Penang, you can do more during Sunday!
Recently there is a project in Penang called "Project Occupy Beach Street"

In Penang, we name our Sunday as "Car-Free Day".
Lebuh Pantai, which also known as Beach Street will be closed during Sunday, people will usually go there for cycling, jogging or even they have some performance over there.
But for now, "Car-Free Day" has further expanded to more activities. 

It is now known as "Project Occupy Beach Street", and there are booths with cultural activities, food, games, traditions and many more.
It is good to tour around every Sunday to join them as there are different activities every week.

There are horse shows around

The White Horse!

I'm so lucky that we are allowed to take picture with the horses!

There are Martial Arts performances by those young ages

Guess who?

Spotted this cute poodle! Her name is Bao Bei(Baby)!

And yes, it is our CM, Lim Guan Eng!

It was so crowded even it is on a Sunday!

Spotted this cute booth that sells all my childhood stuffs!

Jo-Jo, Tora, Ding Dang!

There are Choki-Choki! OMG!

This was one of my favourite game during childhood time! 
Just blow the balloons!

This stall is unique!
Cotton Candy in different shapes and colours!

This kid was so happy when he received it!

Knives Massage Therapy?
I don't even dare to get near, not to say let them chop.

 This tourist seems to be enjoying the therapy, and the uncle looks happy chopping the lady too!

Very cute hats for photobooth!

Our CM passed by on the White Horse Wagon

Spotted Chai Shen too! God of Prosperity!

Have a picture with him too!

Ah ha! Lao Fu Zi! Old Master Q!
They are so cute!

Took another picture with them too!

Spotted another cute booth, it is by MySuperVIP!

Look at this cute doll, it is a handmade doll and also MySuperVIP's Avatar!

To know more about MySuperVIP, you guys can visit

There are plenty of partnering merchants with MySuperVIP that can help you to get more rewards for every spending!

Colourful Lolipop

We also play games that organized by MySuperVIP, every winner can get themselves some freebies!

The game is very simple, use chopsticks to spell the words on the paper, it is compete by 2 teams, and the winner will go to the team that spell the most alphabets.

I also got myself a MySuperVIP card on that day

Take picture with the cute avatar

We also get to draw an Ang Pow (Red Packet) when we like their facebook page on the spot

I won myself a voucher that entitled a piece of cake from Brix & BAUME Cake House

 Chinese Calligraphy 

Snake Chess! A bigger version!

Cute bicycle!

Another activity for the kids!

Angry Birds Game!

Ring Tossing Game!

There are also traditional games for the public!

We played the bigger version of Snake Chess together, and Chloe won the game!

A selfie of us!
Angelia, Chloe and I

Spotted another cute stuff, a pug!

Handmade crafts! So cute!


 Other handmade crafts!

DIY Miniature Gel Wax Garden!
This is something so unique!


Another DIY stuffs, DIY your own KAK KIA! (Wooden Shoes)

Pick up the headphone and listen to some stories of Armenian Street!

This is something cute, by Little Zakka

Project Occupy Beach Street is so fun, I wouldn't mind to revisit every weekend and just to join into the crowd and have fun with them!

Project Occupy Beach Street
Address: Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) 10300 Georgetown, Penang
Date: Every Sunday Morning 7.00am - 12.00pm

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