Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bon Odori Festival Penang 2012

Hi guys!
As usual, Penang Japanese Association are celebrating Bon Odori Festival again in Penang this year.It was held at Padang Kota Lama Penang, starts from 6pm and ended at 11pm. I usually attend this event with my bestie, Xherlyn.
Let's save the words, only pictures!

Xherlyn and I
The couple, Zeon and Xherlyn

Zeon's mother, Zeon and Xherlyn
(Aunty rocks too okay!?)
We camwhore!
Another shoot, by Andrew

Fund Raising group to attract people
What is this chicken doing here?

Retarded face
Meet Emily! The zhiap! 

This is Wendy, dancing on the stage!

Look at Xherlyn's face while dancing on the stage! Hahahahaha!!!! 
Whatchu looking at? 
This is Cyndia, my colleague in Ryokan Chic Hostel
Infront of State Court, love the statue!
Some people even bring their dog wearing yukata on them! So cute!
Happy Bon Odori Festival!

Bon Odori this year was awesome as well!
The fireworks are beautiful as usual, unlike what we have from the government during Christmas or New Year.
I would like to attend to the event again, every year! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Elevate 2012 @ PISA Penang

Hey people! 
It's been a while since I last updated my blog.
There are quite a lot of events going on for the past weekend. 
I've attended this event named "Elevate" which is held in Penang International Sports Arena. 

So I'm invited by the organizer and allowed to bring two guests with me.
Here's my invitation card.

I've brought along two friends with me and reached there at 9pm sharp! Andrew and YinYin!
We are queuing at outside waiting for registration.
I've told Andrew to bring along his DSLR so he could take pictures of us and other bloggers as well.
Too bad, guests are not allowed to bring DSLR into the party.
All the pictures are taken with my iPhone, so do ignore about the picture quality.

In this event, there will be featuring of 4 main performers:

DJ Hiloco aka Nerodoll 

DJ Siera Lee

Mocha Girls

And lastly, EleColdXhot
So I've met quite a lot of people during the event, though I haven't really been participating in social events for quite a while. 

Meet Stephanie! The little girl I've met since years ago! 
 This is Jenny! Who works for the event.
 The event provides Chivas, Vodkas, Carlsberg all night long!
But too bad we gotta wait for the refill of Liquor due to limited stocks.
 Meet Minny! The hot chick in Penang, my mom! XD
 Andrew, Imin, Minny and me!
 Imin also works for the event! She plays game in iPad with the guest and give out prizes!
We also met other friends who been to other past events!

This was a great event!
We would love to have it more!
This event ended at 2am and we all left for supper!

We want more!