Friday, April 29, 2022

2022 New Menu Launching & DUOTOU Clam Festival by Putien Malaysia @ Putien Restaurant, Gurney Paragon Mall

It's been so many years having the same menu at Putien Malaysia and now that they finally launched their new menu introducing numerous new dishes while keeping their popular dishes available. 
Apart from the new menu, Putien Malaysia also launches their Putien's Duotou Clam festival as the clam is back in season. 

For the 5th year this year, Putien Malaysia is bringing back the juicy and delish Duotou clams with 9 cooking styles to ease your cravings. Only available limited time as there are limited supplies only.
Among all the available options, we have tried the Scrambled Eggs with Duotou Clams which are good like our local oyster omelette but you can see the plate of omelette is full of these juicy clams. These clams went well with eggs as always.

What could be better way to prove that a seafood is fresh than simply steaming it?
The Steamed Duotou Clams with Minced Garlic is very appetising and perfect ways to taste the clams. These perfectly steamed clams are so juicy and it is best to pair with a bowl of rice. 

Now that Putien Malaysia is having promotions, you can order this "100-second" Stewed Yellow Croaker where they cook this dish for exactly 100 seconds to keep the flesh soft and sweet with the broth in it. You can order this dish for RM50 per fish(250g+-) and taste the premium croaker flew it all the way Fujian, China.

Starters Platter(RM36.60) where you can taste some of the popular starters in Putien, or you can order each of them in bigger portion at a la carte price. 

One of their latest dishes would be the Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee. This starchy noodle is so hearty and perfect for sharing in a family. The newly introduced Fujian Red Mushroom does taste unique and it painted the noodle red as they cook it. It is kinda chewy and you can taste the earthy flavour of the mushroom. Priced at RM12.60 per pax or RM29.60 for the regular portion(per pot).

For a light-flavour soup preference, you can try the Kelp Miao Pork Rib Soup which is very healthy and delicious. The imported Kelp Miao is used in this soup and the pork ribs are also very tender, makes you feel like home-cooked soup even though you are dining out. 
Priced at RM33.60 per pot.  

If you are intestine food lovers, you definitely must try their new dish, Fried Pork Liver where it is smooth and tender. It is stir-fried quickly to lock the moisture so it can still remain juicy even though it is mix with sides and sauces. For those who are not really into pork liver, you can also give it a try as it is sliced thinly and the taste of liver wasn't too strong and the sauce is covered most of the taste already. 
This exotic dish is priced at  RM27.60 per plate.

For those who love spicy dishes, you can try their new Stir-fried Abalone with Red & Chili Peppers. This dish is so big portion and perfect for sharing. It is priced at RM118.60, slightly higher due to the premium ingredients used in this dish. However it is healthy and nutritious. 

For a sweet ending, we were served with their new dessert, Double-boiled Pear with Osmanthus and Aged Mandarin Peel. This dessert cooked with whole fresh pear and it is really juicy with nice fragrant of osmanthus and mandarin peel. The pear can be easily scoop with the spoon given and it melts in your mouth when you eat it. Priced at RM16.60 each. 

- Special thanks to Putien Malaysia for extending the invitation for new menu tasting -

There are many more new dishes which we haven't get to tried yet. I will definitely go back other time with friends or family just to try their new dishes. Putien Malaysia is a perfect place for family gathering, company treats or even friends who would like to gather for a meal. 

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