Tuesday, August 14, 2012

春之乡休闲饮食餐馆 Spring Garden Relaxation Restaurant

Food: Asian delights, chinese cuisine.
Venue: Lot 2284,Jalan Mengkuang, Sungai Lembu,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.
Business hour: 12pm to 10pm (Tuesday to Sunday) *Close on Monday*
Contact number: 012-4423774/ 012-4961139

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Last weekend, I've been to this restaurant which is located far away from town.
This is a quite secluded place where it is hard to discover if it is not published on the newspaper.
Drive carefully along Jalan Sungai Lembu and you 
can see this sign
After that, drive along the bumpy road and follow all the road sign then you will be able to find the restaurant.
The place is quite big and surrounded by grass and trees.
A restaurant that brings you back to nature!
The garden
A small pond, too bad the flowers are dead.
 Antiques are display around the dining area

Reminding us not to forget those who helped us 

 I guess the fishes are hungry, they get near to me when I walked near the pond
 The walkway, with nice design

It means happiness

 I love this table, which is on top of the pond, but too bad it is taken.
 Another collection of antiques

 See, it is so nice to sit over there! 

Ok, let's look at the pictures of the food now.
I ordered this and I just love it!
Honey Jasmine Tea

 Sizzling Tofu
Nice and yummy

 Three Taste Style Fish
The fish is not fresh enough though
 Bitter Gourd Pork Ribs
Bitter and delicious!
Dry Curry Prawn
The curry sauce taste yummy! 

Sambal Fried Kangkung
Nothing more to say, a common dish to all. 

Look at the price of the food, it is affordable and reasonable for all 4 of us!
 This is the name card I've requested
My comment is:
You gotta have time if you want to dine in this restaurant.
The waiting time is long due to their shortage of staffs.
Anyway, you can enjoy the views and the fresh air around you.
I will definitely come back to this restaurant again!


I'm one that hardly listen to korean pop style songs.
But when I do, it is either the song is not so bad and can be club songs such as Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.

Or it can be stupid mv with stupid dance like this that attracted me.
Dance with me anyone?
Oppa Gangnam Style!

And guess what, people even came up with parody version,
Singaporean style!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Street Grill Burger @ Sungai Pinang, Penang, Malaysia

Food: All sort of grilled meat burgers
Venue: Lebuh Sungai Pinang 1 (in front of Ocean View Apartment)
Business hours: Monday - Saturday [Closed on Sunday] (7pm to 1am) *8pm -1am during ramadan period*
Contact number: 012-5711050 / 012-4659066
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/streetgrillburger
Map: Click here GPS: 5.398042, 100.327887

How long since you had a juicy grilled burger?
Here comes a stall to fill your craving!
Let me recommend you to this, Street Grill Burger!
Street Grill Burger
This is how they do their business, in a van!
It is not easy to spot though, please find carefully
The menus
Available in chicken, beef or mutton
The burger buns
Lettuces, tomatoes and burger buns
Here comes the main ingredient!
The burger meat!
(Chicken, Mutton and Beef available)
Grillllllllll meattttt!!!!
 This is our 1/2 kg lamb patty!!!! yummy!
 Their lamb patty with special homemade sauce!
 Grilled Chicken Thighs Patty
3 choices of special homemade sauces available
Black Pepper sauce, Penang Island sauce(according to the boss, but actually it is Thousand Island sauce) and Mushroom sauce
So 1st, select your choice of sauce
 2nd, your choice of patty meat
 Lastly, a yummy delicious grilled burger is served! 

The main attraction of this post is here!
Our 1/2 kg lamb patty! 
Look at the size of the burger bun!
This is Emily's hand by the way
Does this tempt you!?
 This is Emily's peace sign!
 See the difference in sizes? 

Here comes the hungry lions!
Enjoy our feast!

This is the Grilled Mutton Burger
It went well with the special homemade sauce, as I understand, some people don't really like the smell of mutton when they eat it, but let me tell you, this one is just yummy! When I bite the burger, the mutton melted in my mouth and it tasted so great!
 Here comes the Grilled Chicken Patty!
The meat was so juicy and elastic! This is because they are using chicken thighs as their patty!
The special *Penang Island Sauce* was simply awesome!

Too bad I don't take beef, therefore, I don't get to taste of the beef patty.
Anyway, I can still have the 1/2 kg mutton patty with the other bloggers!
Look at the layer of the burger!
The mutton melted in my mouth and it tasted so nice!
 Happy hungry me!
Their burgers are delicious and special compare to other Ramli burger stall!
Don't forget to pay a visit to their stall!
I'm sure you won't regret!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Black Circuit Lounge Penang 2012

Hi people!
It was just another weekend and I'm so glad that I can attend to Black Circuit Lounge Penang 2012 this time!
It was held at Penang Turf Club Main Tote Hall starts from 8pm - 2am.
A lot of public figures were invited! Some pictures are from Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook Page.

JJ Lin, the singer and Mika Häkkinen, the racer
Leng Yein, the Malaysia Hot Model

There is also Reshmonu and others as well.
I arrived at 9pm plus and the party started for quite a while. 

One of the DJs of the night! DJ Ray Ray!
Hosts of the night: Oli Pettigrew, the British actor and Hannah Tan
This is Minny Chan and Iyvonne Lo, two hot models from Penang
Reminding people that not to drink and drive
Winners Always Stay In Control
The walkway, full with posters of races and also broadcast!

We are being vain at the photo booth! It is fun! 
Us, again!
Met some other friend during the party as well, weeee happy!

 Imin Chan! The energizer bunny!
 Tannie Tan! The ketiak a.k.a Armpit
 Shermaine Chen! My facebook friend!
 Gui Ling! The BlackBall dessert boss!
 Vincent Grayson, facebook friend as well, came all the way from KL.
Kenny, my facebook friend, came from KL as well!
Black Label!
 Met Kenny Sia, The Malaysia Top Blogger!
Jessica Tan, you can see her face in KDU ads when you watch movie at the cinema

We are having fun! Just drink!
I was so glad and happy that I get to take pictures of some of these public figures!
They are super friendly! Treating everybody like friends and have fun at the party!
Thanks for allowing me to take pictures with you guys!
I was very sad that I don't get to take picture with JJ Lin and Mika because they left early. =(((
 Leng Yein and I
Reshmonu and I

Last but not least, a photo of myself at the photo booth!

Would like to thank Minny for helping me to get the pass into the party!
Thanks to Johnnie Walker for such a great party as well. 
I was a little bit tipsy after the party and walked home since I'm staying 5minutes walk away from Penang Turf Club.
It was a great event though, I don't mind if there are more!