Saturday, June 17, 2017

Affordable Afternoon Tea @ Ri Cafe, Bahari Parade

Afternoon Tea is getting more and more popular in Penang!
A newly revamp building located at Sri Bahari Road, Bahari Parade is now hosting many new tenants. Ri Cafe is one of the latest additions to Bahari Parade introducing their full day menu, serving from breakfast to dinner.

We recently had our afternoon tea at the cafe that features quite a number of playful dishes on the menu. Not only you are having real food but also very pocket friendly afternoon tea set is served at Ri Cafe.
Ri Cafe is rather cozy and photogenic. White is the main colour of the building and the moment you step into the cafe it feels like home with outdoor and indoor seatings.

I like how the tea was presented to us.
They bought all sorts of tea pots and cups, all of them are very beautiful and photo friendly!

A set of afternoon tea for one person is priced at RM29.95nett only.
You will get a pot of freshly brewed tea, you get to choose in between Green Tea, Black Tea, Flora Tea and Fruity Tea.

In savouries you will get egg sandwich, salmon sandwich, breaded chicken wings and mini prawn toast. All of them come in double portion if you are ordering a 2 persons' set.
Sweet tooth will be delighted to hear that there are also homemade scones with double cream and homemade jam, triple layer brownie as well as fruit salad.
What's special here is their specially prepared cakes, in a much bigger portion and fresh from the oven daily. You get to choose one from Matcha Tart, Banana Bread, Lemon Pound or Brioche Donuts depending of availability.

We found that overall the found was good, and when we asked the owner about how she prepare all these, we were told that all the food were made with real ingredients. As a health conscious persons, the owner would not want people especially kids to have processed food. This is what she made everything from scratch to make sure all the food are healthier, fresh and safe for even kids.

If you are looking for an affordable afternoon tea, perhaps Ri Cafe will be the place where you can hang out with friends and family. Kids are also welcome as they have a kids corner specially prepared for all the toddlers.

Not only the food was pretty good, but also the place was quite cozy and photogenic. I wouldn't mind to spend more time at the cafe if I have time.

Afternoon Tea @ Ri Cafe, Bahari Parade
Address: 81 Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050 George Town, Malaysia
Business hours: Daily 9am - 6pm(Closed on Mondays) Friday & Saturday 10am - 10pm
Contact no: +604-251 9069
GPS: 5.4217332,100.3314721


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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Homemade Healthy Ice Cream @ The Ais

The society is now more health concern than before. People nowadays look for healthier options to replace all those sugar, salt, and many more. 
Sweet is usually an unavoidable taste in desserts, yet some of us could not control ourselves over some dessert craving especially for people with sweet tooth. 

Now in Penang, there are more and more homemade options for health concern people. Homemade food are healthier and better as compared to processed food or processed ingredients. 

One of the pioneer ice cream maker who is very particular in healthy products, The Ais have moved to a more strategic location at George Town area from the previous Pulau Tikus area. 
It has been relocated to one of the busiest street, the Chulia Street which is very popular among tourists and locals. If you have read my post about Time Capsule Hotel before, it is located right opposite the hotel, not very difficult to locate as it is next to an open carpark. 

As they have moved to a new shop entirely for their own brand, they have come out with more and more ice cream flavours for Penangites' tasting pleasure! Not forget to mention they have added different desserts such as waffles and kefir on the menu too. 

This was how they previously sell their ice cream, all ice cream have been packed properly and ready to be consumed. They have variety of flavours for you to choose as well as some exotic flavours.

They also sell their ice cream in cone, cup or also pint size. If you wish to takeaway a pint of ice cream you can always share it with your family.

The are more seatings upstairs as the cafe has very limited space.

Organic Matcha Ice Cream is one of their best selling flavours. You can taste the real Matcha flavour in the ice cream and it is not sweet. I was told that they use Matcha powder imported from Japan and all their ice cream uses real flavours. No food colouring nor msg were added in the process of making these ice cream. Everything made from only real ingredients. 
One best thing about this matcha ice cream is it is totally SUGAR FREE! It is not sweet but only filled with strong matcha flavours.

Another interesting flavour we have tried is the butterfly pea ice cream. Purely natural colour and also added cranberries for better and smoother taste. If you prefer a total natural flavour, the butterfly pea flavour is the one you should go for it. Not only it is an healthier option, but it is also tastier flavour. 

The cafe also serves waffle ice cream.
All waffle are freshly baked upon order to ensure the freshness and crispiness of the waffles. 2 flavours are available for selection which is the original flavour and chocolate waffle.

Double Bliss Waffle - RM13.90
(Chocolate & Original Waffle Mix)
You can also have 2 waffle flavours in a piece of waffle and top it up with one or 2 scoops of ice cream.

The waffles were thin and crispy, the inner layer of the waffle is also soft, perfect to go with ice cream while it is still hot. The waffle ice cream was also garnished with fresh fruits making it more refreshing and healthy. We have chosen the blueberry flavour that was slightly sour but you can taste the strong flavours of blueberry in there as they used real berries to make the ice cream, hence the colour may look a bit plain.

Other than the main product ice cream, The Ais is also one of the top Kefir maker in Penang!
They have all sorts of Kefir flavours that uses real fruits hence you can really taste the real fruit flavours in all their Kefir!
More info about benefits of Kefir can be found at
Milk Kefir is priced at RM5.90 and Flavoured Kefir is priced at RM8.90.
The passion fruit flavour is a must try!

Apart from good ice cream and healthy kefir, The Ais is also a great place for photography.
The cafe was quite cozy and picturesque so you can take some great photos here.

A business should not be only making money, and The Ais is also very active in CSR which the management work very closely with foundations in overseas to help raise and sponsors orphans or children from poor families since 2013.
If you are interested to know what they do to give back to the society, you can follow their project at

If you are looking for healthier choice of ice cream, The Ais is the one that you should look for!
With their focus on producing more and more healthy ice cream with variety of flavours, The Ais is slowly moving into vegan ice cream flavours such as durian, avocado, coconut, gula melaka and many more.
There are also many exotic flavours such as Chinese Wine, Rum & Raisin and many more available.

The Ais @ Chulia Street Penang
Address: 473, Lebuh Chulia 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact no: 04 - 261 0427
Email address:
Business hours: Daily 12:00pm - 10:00pm (Closed on Mondays)
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4195916,100.333454

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