Thursday, October 18, 2018

[Review+Discount Code] Sudio NIVÅ, True Wireless Earphones from Sudio Sweden

Sudio has been our favourite brand for wireless earphones since our first review at
Sudio Sweden is well known in the market for its chic design, good sound performance and easy to carry headphones and earphones. They offer wired and wireless earphones & headphones with high performance and yet at a reasonable price in the market.

Sudio is not only about sound system, it is also about modern designs that made the brand Sudio became well known worldwide. Sudio earphones and headphones are priced reasonably as compare to other brands with the same sound quality and yet Sudio can always come out with better designs.

You may have heard a lot about the brand but not that you can get it everywhere especially in Penang.
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Sudio NIVÅ comes in 4 different colours(Black, White, Pastel Blue & Pastel Pink)
The chic and stylish Swedish design of Sudio NIVÅ is even better than Sudio TRE and Sudio VASA BLÅ. Making this earbuds wireless earphone pretty eye catching and makes people feel like having them.

 Whether are you having a cup of coffee in a cafe, listening to music will definitely be better with the companion of Sudio NIVÅ that can perform well even in a busy cafe. The earbuds can help you isolate yourself from all the noise happening around the cafe. It gets quite frustrated when you are sitting in your favourite cafe and had to bear with all the loud talking of other people especially when you plan to be there just to have some "Me" time. 

Sudio always offer different free gifts from time to time and when I got my Sudio NIVÅ it came with a set of specially Swedish design coasters. A set of it consists of 4 different beautiful and modern designs. Not forget to mention that whatever purchases you made through Sudio Sweden website(, they also provide FREE DELIVERY to whole Malaysia. It is even better when you don't have to pay additional for shipping fee when you purchase other brands.

Even when I was working out at the gym, no matter what exercise I was doing such as running on the treadmill, doing burpees and such, Sudio NIVÅ fitted into my ears perfectly and didn't drop out at all. This is what impressed me most because even the previous earphones that I used before are not that perfectly fit.

Sudio NIVÅ comes with a very beautiful charging box that enables 4 full charges. A pair fully charged Sudio NIVÅ wireless earbuds can last for 3.5hours so with the charging box you can enjoy total of 17hours of great music with your earphones.

It is always hard to make decision when it comes to brand selections. I do always go back to the brand that I trust as long as I've experienced it myself. Sudio Sweden was kind to me since Sudio VASA BLÅ and I'm impressed after I've tested Sudio NIVÅ to find that it is even better than the previous ones. 

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