Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Long Time Ago 很久苡前 @ Gurney Paragon Mall

As a newly joined tenant at Gurney Paragon, Long Time Ago 很久苡前 took over the space that was formerly Morganfield's. 
Barbeque lovers would be delighted to find that Long Time Ago 很久苡前 is now available with the barbeque concept that brought here by the owner from China, where the brand has more than 40 outlets across China and specialized in grill meats especially lamb skewers. Hence this is the first outlet in Malaysia. 
The restaurant is air-conditioned so you don't have to worry about sweating while eating, yet you can enjoy grilling all those meats and vegetables right in front of you. Save all the mess from doing it at home where you have to clean your house and kitchen.

Apart from skewer meats, customers can also try some of the signature dishes on the menu and save time from waiting when  you are darn hungry.

Barbeque Pork Ribs RM28

Barbeque Lamb Racks RM35
Juicy yet pretty well seasoned, grilled to perfection and meat was tender.
Definitely love it.

Grilled Brinjal RM8

The food at Long Time Ago are served in trays like this, so order as much as you want and let them do the arrangements for you. All food are prepared and ready to be grilled with their special custom made skewers where it will help you to cook everything perfectly.

There are plenty of choices available for barbeque ranging from meats, seafood to vegetables.
Meats: chicken, pork, beef & lamb
Seafood: fish, squid, prawn, scallop and etc.

I would really consider food here are priced reasonably judging on the ambiance of the place and how comfortable it was to dine here.
Lamb skewers: RM4.20/stick | RM23.50/half dozen | RM42.50/dozen
Some other meats are available ranging from RM3.00 - RM4.50 per stick
Vegetables are also available from RM2.00 to RM5.50 per stick

Most of the foods here are prepared fresh and without any seasoning. Mostly is because Long Time Ago's concept is to practice the origins of barbeque where most foods are grilled to perfection without any seasoning and you can taste the original flavors of all the foods. 
Alternatively, you can choose to have your barbeque meats with the sauce or chili powder provided depending on your level of tolerance towards spiciness. 

Long Time Ago uses their special machines to grill all the foods so you don't really have to do it yourself. Even the skewers were specially made to fit the machine so all your meats can be cooked perfectly and evenly. You just have to watch out your foods so it wont overcooked or burn.

The restaurant uses high-quality coals so you don't have to worry about smoke coming out from the barbeque machine throughout your meal. All you can smell was the flavors from the meats cooking and grilling.

What's better with grilled meats? Definitely some ice cold beer to go with your foods!
Perfect match especially when you have great company!

Special thanks to Gurney Paragon Mall for the invitation

Long Time Ago 很久苡前

163D-1-01, Gurney Paragon Mall, Gurney Drive, 10250 George Town
Business hours: 11.45 am - 11.30 pm (Daily)
Inquiries / bookings: 04-295 0869