Saturday, May 30, 2015

Instagram: Preview of Ramadhan Buffet @ Eastin Hotel Penang

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Had a scrumptious meal at Eastin Hotel Penang.
Trying out the Eastin Ku Ramadhan Menu. Available from 18th June onwards, RM104nett(adult) and RM52nett(child)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Groovy Driving Fit Sunshade @ Steamjet Technology Ent, Krystal PointPenang.

I'm pretty sure all of you would agree with me that we all can't stand the heat in Malaysia, especially in the afternoon time where the direct sunlight that could almost kill us. 
I personally do not like to be exposed to the hot sun, nor letting the sun touch my skin directly, especially the UV rays that can cause skin diseases or cancers.
Furthermore, our government in Malaysia do not allowed car tinted to be too dark and which is why people came up with so many alternative ideas.

Recently I've introduced to a Sunshade which I found very useful, especially for our own's privacy sake.

Groovy is a brand from Thailand that it produces Sunshades that can help keep the sun away from drivers, at the same time giving protections to drivers by blocking the sight of people from the outside, especially towards female drivers who always carry big bags.

Currently STE Auto Detailing is one of the outlet in Penang that sells Groovy Sunshade.
It is not so common in Penang yet, so it is hard to find those shades.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Launching of OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances @ Loke Thye Kee

Are you missing the smell of your home? The smell where there's a clash between the sea and the smell of nature?
If you are a fan of some refreshing scent, then OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances would be able to attract you. 

This woody oriental fragrance captures the rich biodiversity of the Malaysian Rainforests. It opens with fresh notes of dawn break and follows by a medley note of indigenous spices, herbs and floras before unfurling the elegant yet exotic oud accord of its precious trees. - Josh Lee

Invited by Josh Lee himself, I've attended the launching of OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances at Loke Thye Kee Restaurant located at Burma Road. Which used to be one of the signature landmark in Penang. Thank you for having me that evening. 

OUD by Josh Lee
Heritage Through Scent

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Say I-Do in Style with G Hotel Kelawai

After the first G Hotel in year 2007 at Gurney Drive, G Hotel Kelawai is now one of the latest and modest hotel in Penang!
Earlier this 2015, G Hotel Kelawai came up and tagged as "Style ... Redefined".

In G Hotel Kelawai, there are total of 6 rooms named as Forum 1 - 6 while Forum 5 & 6 are dedicated to cater to your intimate wedding dinners.
These special forums do have indoor and our door seatings which can accommodate to your different needs for your wedding themes and it can host up to 12 tables with 10 persons on the table.

On that night itself, we get to try out the Intimate Package which is priced at RM1388 per table.
The couples will still get to custom on the packages to fit their requirements, but all packages require a minimum of 10 tables.

One of the special little treatment when you have your wedding in G Hotel Kelawai is an exclusive complimentary stay at the Executive Room with breakfast included.
Wedding packages in G Hotel Kelawai comes with 8 courses of Chinese set dinner menu specially created by their chefs. The guests will also get to choose from the menu with wide selection of dishes.

G Hotel Kelawai also offers complimentary pre-dinner cocktails tidbits for all the guests. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances

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