Monday, December 11, 2023

Celebrate Christmas with Eastern & Oriental Hotel 2023

Ho Ho Ho!
It's the time of the year we all celebrate the festive seasons with friends and family over big feast again. 
As one of the most grand hotel in Penang, the Eastern & Oriental Hotel offers wide ranges of dining options and Christmas goodies as usual this year. 

The hotel is filled with Christmas vibes with all the beautiful Christmas decorations around the iconic building, especially the giant life-sized Gingerbread House located at the Victory Annexe(new wing) of the hotel featuring varieties of Christmas Goodies available for pre-order. Guests are also welcomed to take some good pictures to keep some good memories with the decorations. 

List for the Christmas Goodies for pre-order are available below: (click to zoom in)

Just like previous years, Christmas is one of the biggest events in E&O Hotel and they have all sorts of dining options available. The most popular and the most attractive would be none other that their Christmas buffet offering at Sarkies. 

Ranging from appetisers to mains to desserts, more than hundred of choices available for diners.

Choices of their homemade breads, perfect to go with some hot soup.

If you wanna eat healthy or start with something light first, there's always a salad bar with a lot of condiments available for you to start your meal with.

Chicken Galantine with Apricot Chutney | Salmon Gravlax Platter
Shaving of Beef with Vegetable Pickles and Grain Mustard & Honey Sauce

Cheese platter, with fresh grapes, choice crackers or druid fruits and nuts.

Seafood on Ice, always a must when you come for buffet in E&O Hotel.
Their offerings is wide for Christmas buffet, consist of King Crab Legs, Snapper Crab, Slipper Lobster, Scallops, Clams and many more.

Some highlights of good starters would be their Japanese Octopus Salad and Unagi Salad, both were really appetising and delicious.

On the hotdish section you can enjoy all kinds of international cuisines and we had Salmon in Cream Sauce, Cheese Baked Slipper Lobster, Shepherd's Pie and vegetarian options are also available.

What's Christmas without a big Roast Turkey?
Here you can enjoy unlimited serving of their succulent juicy roast turkey pair with roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts and chestnut stuffing.

Just look at that perfect layers of roast side of beef and roast lamb legs, it will sure get you drooling craving for more meats for this feasting seasons.

What's a good meal with some good desserts?
Here you can enjoy all kinds of desserts ranging from cakes, puddings chocolates, tarts and many more.
Apart from selling their Christmas puddings, cakes and stollens, you can also enjoy them at the buffet feast.
All kinds of cute Christmas Yule Log, Fruit Cake, the best is the Chocolate fountain where you can top it to any of your desserts.

Just look at these cute Christmas Macarons, Christmas Cookies and Puddings.
All these made a great ending to our dinner.

Special thanks to the team of chefs for preparing such a great meal to host us for the review.

Check out the below posters for the available packages at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel
You can book for any of their festive promotions or can join their countdown parties for celebrations too. 
For bookings or enquiries, you may email or call 04-2222151.