Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Letter To Father

LMAO!I received a hilarious email just now!
It is all about a letter from a 15years old written boy to his dad.
Anyway, this is just another joke.
The letter goes like this in below:

A father pass by his son's room and noticed that the door is wide open. He felt something wrong too. Because all the while the room is untidy and dirty, but today, everything is so clean and clear. He saw a letter, on top of the letter is: "For Dad"

This is the translation:
Dear dad, I have written this letter with a very sad and helpless feel. First, I wanna thank you for taking care of me for the past 15 years, I will never forget about this. I really got no choice and I have to leave this home with Ah Wen.
Leaving without saying goodbye is to avoid from argue and fighting with you. Hope that you will understnd my feeling.
I really love Ah Wen very very much. Although you and mom don't like to see her piercing in her nose and belly button, and also the tattoo on her butt. This is what teenagers like to do, you and mom would never understand! If you and mom don't like her, Ah Wen claim that she don't mind, she will still respect two of you.
Between our love, it is not only about sex. It is the true feeling between us! Although she is a lot older than me, she said that she dont mind at all! I also understand that we will love each other, until forever.
Ah Wen is pregnant, she have my baby. You and mom will become grandparents soon. This should be something to happy about. Ah Wen and me wont stop making babies, she said that she wanna born more babies for me.
Please don't worry about us, we will go to a small village and plant some drug plants, and then sell to our friends, so that we can exchange with some Cocaine and Heroin for ourselves. In this progress, i hope that those drugs can deduct her pain. Hope that some day, her AIDS/HIV can have some medicine to cure, some day she will heal from that.
From: Your Son
Yan Shen:
Dad, everything that i wrote it not true, this is all a lie. Please don't worry. I am currently having fun playing games in my classmate's house. I don't have girlfriend, I don't drink or take drugs. Just to remind you, there is something more bad in this world. Please open the drawer and take out the my Result Book, my results is too bad, please forgive me. Or, when you decide to forgive me, please call my handphone and ask me back for dinner.
Hilarious! LOL!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali!

Today's Special!
Disgusting Cosplay!



At last, at least cute a bit~

Happy Deepavali to all the Hindi!
Last night it was kinda crowded and noisy up here.
People are celebrating around, playing fire crackers, dancing, and playing loud musics.
Anyway, this should be a moment to enjoy and celebrate.
Everyone should be considerate.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Have A Great Sunday!

It is Sunday again!
The laziest day for all the workers.
The most boring day for me.
Nothing to do at home, only can watch anime early in the morning.
The whole afternoon stick with Facebook and got nothing to do.
Except playing those RPG games there.
By the way, Sugar just had her new haircut last night.
She is so pretty right now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sugar Reporting!

Let's get back to someone that long long time never appear in my blog.
It is Sugar!!!! My lovely dog!
As some of my readers know, since last time Sugar injured,
my sister brought her to dog saloon and shaved.
But day by day, Sugar's fur growing back! It is getting longer!
Let's have a look for Sugar's Pictures
Before Sugar injured[so pretty!]

After Sugar injured


Now! Latest

Innocent and Cute Sugar still!
Angeline, u long time never visit Sugar d u know?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joke Of The Day

This is a very simple joke, let's just share with my readers.
Last night i was watching movie at home.
My sister was cleaning all the old boxes at my right side,
Thanks to the rain on last Wednesday, my house flooded seriously.
The whole night I cannot get to sleep.
Trying to escape from involving in the disaster.
Alright back to the topic, my sister was cleaning.
Suddenly she shouted "Kak Chuak![Cockroach]"
Do you believe it?
Some people pai kar[disable], means cannot walk or run normally with using both legs right?
So i am able to walk with my left leg only.
A little secret here, i am afraid of cockroaches one.
My sister then trying to grab my crutches to kill the cockroach.
I grab with her because I want to get away from that place.
Ended up i jumped away and scream like crazy.
Stupid sister and my family they all laugh like crazy.

Conclusion here.
Pai Kar people cannot walk or run, but when they saw cockroaches.
They will straight away jump to other places.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

When I Am In Hospital

I admitted to Penang General Hospital on 22nd September until 29th of September.
First 3 days was the hardest moment there.
I am stunt, blur, paralyzed.
By the way, i want to thanks to those Shouters & Bloggers.
Chee Hsien, Lasker, Elise, Emily, Suki, Willazz, Minny, Xiao Jiro, Angel, Bryan, and etc. [Sorry for those i missed out]
And also to those who called or sms and wishes me.
I don't really know who, but i remembered Criz, Sae Wei, mrinjured, Mac_Bone.
Sorry again for those i missed out, I was not stable at that time.
My schoolmates: Warren, Sharon, Sharon's friends, Sherlyn, Charles, Haz, Azzahir, Vicky, and Emily.
My best friends: Cedric, Sayang[aL], Vingie who brought me a lot of laughter while i am in hospital.
My lecturer who came and visit me, Mr. Jonathan, thanks.

Next time bring me the wood horse ok? lol.
You guys are rocks!
Thanks for all the gifts and cards.
Thanks for wishes me and stay with me all the while.
And also for those who cant come and visit me.
Don't blame yourselves, i understand how you feel.
Pippo, u don't have to purposely come back from KL lar please.
Don't blame yourself anymore ok, mae? lol.
You guys wanna see those gifts and cards.
I will post it up when i am fully recover.
I cant take the picture of them yet.

Here are some wishes in my wish list.

We must do it after we recover alright?

> Go to eat KOAY ZHIAP!

> Hang out with Shouters and my Classmates

> Diet, get slim and fit.

> Have fun and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fucking Condition

Currently in a fucking mood.
Although I finish my exam, and I am in holiday.
I am not happy at all.

This kind of fucking condition still pull me down.
I cannot walk, I cannot go out.
I cannot do whatever i want!

I wanna hang out, I wanna work, I wanna shopping!
Fucking stupid driver, you made me cannot walk for few months.
You will get back what you did to me.

It is fucking boring staying at home everyday doing nothing.
Not I wanna do nothing, but i cannot do anything.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

22nd September 2008

22nd September 2008
My birthday.
that is the 1st thing that happening on that day.

Second thing.
Nuffnang Mamma Mia Premier Screening.
It is happened in GSC Gurney Plaza.
I met Brenda, Emily, Sherlyn, Ralph, Haz & etc.
I am kinda dissapointed that this is like is senior citizen screening and not bloggers screening.

Third thing.
I met with an accident.
Place where i almost home.
A Harrier bang at my bike and hurted my right leg.
I admitted to Hospital.
My leg got screwed and couldn't walk like normal anymore.

Thanks to the driver so much.
I had an unforgetable birthday this year.

How long could i take to recover......