Monday, January 26, 2009



It is Ox year now!
Wish everyone will have a very great year ahead!
There are something you all must do!

  • Respect parents, greet them and get ang pow from them.

  • Be more friendly, talk to your relatives.

  • Read JJ IN DA HOUSE!

May all of you good luck and happy everyday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Random Facts In Malaysia

Malaysia is a colourful and fun country.
It contains all types of people and different cultural.
They are all friendly and funny.
Let's look at some random pictures of Malaysian.
Bras and Bikinis are everywhere hanging around
[maybe this is to show that they are open minded]

We want our road sign to be in Duo-Language, but when the language is poor
[there goes the Jalan Post OFICCE & Post OFICCE Street]

Some driver who wants everyone to know what is their car plate number
[huge one!]

So which way is Lorong batu Nilam 20A? Left Or Right?

When you are late for work but u still try to be funny

Install ur Astro device higher so that you can get more channel or what? lol

See, now you know what i said that Malaysia is colourful and fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something That You Might Get Crazy For It

Ever since Vingie showed me some youtube clips.
I've found something very hilarous and addictive!
They are Big Girl Style a.k.a. Secret Trois Style.
They are a group of 3 Huge girls like Gloria in Madagascar 3 filming their own mtv!
They performed dance in the mtv.
Let's watch it!

Shake It To The Ground

Single Ladies

Bird Walk


And the latest one.

Enjoy it.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry for not updating for so many days.
I've been really really busy these days.(excuse for lazy)
So this just a short post for some pictures.

After i've been using crutches and be a disable man,
facing all the weird eyes, meeting all the troubles.
I am now officially crutches free! yay! xD
Last Thursday the doctor told me that I don't have to use crutches anymore!
I was so so so so happy and excited!
I finally get rid of the cruthches!
My X-Ray

Here is some pictures of me and my classmate that taken on the same day.
Me & Penny

Me, Sherlyn & Penny

Queenie & Me

Me myself(Vain)

I will try hard to update more frequent.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Do Girls Masturbate

When i am doing my E-Commerce assignment just now.
This question suddenly pops out from my mind!
"How Do Girls Masturbate?"
So, I went around and asked my friends.
Answers that I got from girls are mostly :
"Yerrr!!! why u ask like that one?"
"walao eh! why you wanna know?"
"Lu si pien tai!" Pien Tai(sexually phyco)
From guys:
"How will i know? i am not a girl!"
"Why you wanna know? you wanna try on your ass?"
"Don't know, dildo or finger gua."

There is no one i can ask anymore.
Finally, i've decided to Google it!
So, here are some pictures that i found.




I even saw an article writing about Girls' Masturbation!
  • Most women like to caress the clitoris. You can make a circular motion with one or two fingers on top of your clitoris, roll your clitoris between your thumb and forefinger or tab your clitoris with your index finger. Some girls like to stimulate their clitoris with a vibrator. Try different things and vary speed and pressure to discover what works best.
  • If the clitoris is too sensitive you can stimulate it indirectly by touching the skin around it.
  • Let your whole body take part: clench and relax your sex muscles, move your pelvis up and down, open or close your legs and use your other hand to caress others parts of your body. Try out different things to discover what feels good.
  • Make sure you are in a sexual mood when you start, thus increasing the effect of your stimulation.
There is another long article in Wiki-Answer!
Click here to read more about it

The Conclusion is, I am just curious. LOL.
Girls, please forgive me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short Update

When i go through My nuffnang widget and i saw this blogger.
His name is 麦子, and i think he is 7giap from ShoutOut
His blog link is
Kinda funny one, lol.
This recently i was mapling all the time besides going to college.
And i saw this 2 funny clips about maple in his blog.
So i decided to blog about it too.
Please click and watch it.
1st one, about Chinese New Year!

2nd one, about valentine's day!

Please enjoy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Penang Hill Trip 2009

Charles, Sherlyn, Zeon, Emily, Haz & I went to Penang Hill this morning!
It was fun with some food and taking pictures around.
Group Photo

Wanna see more pictures?!

1st Hair Straighthening in 2009 part 2

Alright, let's continue.
Charles start with my hair 1st,
1st layer, Straighthening Cream

Wash, and 2nd step, Ironing


3rd step, Neutralizing Cream

This is Sherlyn in Cambodia's Hair Saloon
Cover with newspaper

1st step on her hair

Skip the 2nd step, and this is the 3rd step!

I got a new look now!

More pictures to come.
Some other pictures are with Charles

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Hair Straighthening in 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 is coming,
people will usually visit to skin care center or hair saloon to get their hair and their skin done.
So do I, Sherlyn & Charles.
Sherlyn & I are going to straighthen our hair today!
This is a picture before we do straighthening. [4.00p.m. sharp]



Our hair is so curly!
Now let's wait for the result!

Monday, January 5, 2009

KSS fever by Charles Key

All thanks to Charles who brought the Straighthening Iron to college today.
So he helped me to iron my hair for temporary and I took kinda a lot of pictures.
I became more and more KSS because of him =.=
KSS = Kes Siok-Sendiri a.k.a. Vain

This one took in the college

This one i took at home

I looks so sick right? =.=