Monday, April 28, 2008


This post is just to post up some random pictures.
The LATEST & HOTTEST porn star!

Big Mama!

Mak Rempit Wannabe!

I love the nature!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Lovely Competition

Last week was walking around the ground floor in Gurney Plaza during my lunch break.
I saw a interesting competition.
Let's see this picture

Guess what they have to do to win that car?
It is very simple.
Both of them to stand straight inside the box.
One of their leg will tie up together.
Then one of the guy's hand must stick on the car,
and another hand have to hold his lover's hand.
For the girls, they have to hold her boyfriend's hand,
and also holding a balloon.

More pictures to tell you

No matter how busy we are,
we have to smile everyday.
Stay happy everyone!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

College Mates

College life is so fun with all the friends.
It is totally different from primary school or secondary school life.
Why i said so?
It is because.....
You can camwhore and having fun like crazy in the school after class?
or camwhore during the class?
That is what i mean, just look at the pictures.
Elyn & Amanda

Group Picture!

Ralph, Charles and Sherlyn also included in the picture.
Picture that we took before our exam week.
Sorry for the less update, but i will not give up.
I know my granny wants everyone of us live stronger and happily.
I know that she don't wish to see us feel sad because of her.
I know that she love us, and we love her too!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Granny's Funeral

Today is my granny's funeral.
Those are some vegetarian dishes that we used to pray.
Some dishes

The table

Vege Prawn?

Vege Fish?

Vege WanTan?

Vege Fish?

Vege Roasted Chicken?

Vege [don't know what]?

Vege Roasted Duck?

Vege Fried Drumstick?

Vege Roasted Pork!

Vege Pork?

Granny, we know that you love us.
We love you too.
Rest In Peace.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Deepest Condolences

My granny passed away yesterday at 4.18p.m.
She got more and more sickness since last year.
After she suffer for a year, she left us.....

I will love your forever, i will miss you too.
I know that you love all of us too.
We will never forget you.....

You are always in our hearts.
You are the best in my life.....
Having you as my granny is my precious.

Wont be updating blog for few days,
my apologize to all my readers.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ShoutOut's Birthday @ Part 2

So let's continue from the previous post!
Eden's Buffet! Yums!

One of the Sexy Of That Night, Vingie!
>>Click Here To Her Blog<<

Sexy Vingie & GoodBoyGoneBad
>>Click Here To His Blog<<

This is Gavin & HH
Gavin's & HH's

That's What They Want!

We Start Jumping! Me Solo!

Gavin Solo!

Kxin Solo!
>>Click Here To His Blog<<

Be continue in next post ok?
I will try to make it short for the next post!
Don't miss it!

ShoutOut's Birthday @ Part 1

I am too lazy to make it as a long post.
So i will separate this post into a few pieces!
Before i start this!
I am so happy that i am officially a worker in *secret*
And i got myself a Limited Edition Cafe Latte Flavor Kit Kat from my manager!
You cannot buy it anywhere!
It is from the supplier!
Take a Break! Have a Kit Kat!

Ok end of the intro!
Now let's get back to the title!
ShoutOut's Birthday!
It is so grand!
This is our "Family Picture'

Envy or jealous?
Come to join us then!
Not to forget to wish Lasker! My Boss!
Happy Birthday!
And also to link those who updated their blog about this ShoutOut's Birthday!
Stay Tuned for more funny pictures!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry Post!

This is a post to say that
I started working to fullfill my time.
Finally i got myself a job!
Still on the training, and after tomorrow i will get approve!
Hope everything is going fine!
Wish me luck!
Last night i joined an event in ShoutOut and it is fun!
Next update will be it.
Wait! Before that,
a sample of the picture first!
Sexy Pose Of Me and Miss Pippo!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It Is All About OMG! My Face Got Raped!

This is a post about some OMG pictures.
You will feel OMG about this post too.
By the way, my OMG means Oh My God!
Something that i got from Star Newspaper

OMG Staff? Siapa itu?

Then something that i did during the classes.

Another OMG one

My face got raped by Sherlyn, Ralph and Ah Hir[my classmate]
Thanks Charles for the pictures.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How To Put Yourself In Magazine?

Now everyone can be model for the front page of magazine!
With MagMyPic's help!
Got this link from the Shouters last few weeks ago.
This is so funny and interesting.
Here is a sample that i did.
Here comes the original picture!

And this is what i did!

Would you buy this magazine if you see in in the market?
I guess you wont.
Who will go and buy a magazine about a Moron?
Tomorrow is Tuesdayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
Stupid classes again!
P.S: i blardy hate accounts

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Boring Sunday

This is a Super Boring Sunday!
I am going crazy if i don't do something.
So i decided to Google something and blog about it.
Let's see what i found.
Woke up early in the morning

1st thing to do is brush your teeth!

Then sing a song to begin your day

Exercise is good for your health

When you back and found out that some people still sleeping

Don't forget, it is time to wake them up

Encourage them to do some exercise too

Outdoor activities is good but...

Careful of all the traps also

We should love each other too

Time for a bath

Time for some games!

For those who lost

Relax on a hot afternoon

Enjoy some sun bath~

At night, we just rocks!!

Time to party!

It is just another Boring Sunday

Thanks to the owner of
You have such a cute and nice blog there.
I will visit more your blog more often.
Happy Weekend to all my readers