Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Wild Forest Maze @ 1st Avenue Mall, Penang

In conjunction with Earth Hour, 1st Avenue Mall is bringing you something special this year!
I know most of you would love some adventurous games!
Especially when it comes with prizes!
On this end of March, 1st Avenue Mall is organizing a maze game that allows you to walk away with some prizes!

All you need to do is to head over to head over to 1st Avenue Mall within 21st to 30th March 2014, time from 12pm - 9pm to participate in the event.
Just pay RM 5.00 at the registration counter to participate in this event.
All the funds will be channelled to WWF Malaysia's conservation efforts.

You can see the banners / posters everywhere around 1st Avenue Mall

This is how the maze look like, but there's no point even if you memorize the routes here, there are hidden passages around the maze too.

The Maze from front look, one entrance and one exit only

Registration is on first come, first served basis, so you gotta make your move quick!

The are instructions and rules stated clearly infront of the maze.

What you need to do during this game?
Just run all your way through the Wild Forest Maze and complete all the task given to end the game!
1. Get the card from the counter, find the keys, pick 1 out of 5 keys.

2. Find the hidden boxes around the maze, try to open it with your key, if it couldn't be open, then try the next box.
3. When you have opened the box, get the item inside the box and find the Green Angel, get the 1st stamp on your card.
There are some hidden passage too
4. Answer the question given by Green Angel.
5. If you got the answer correct, run to the exit straight.
6. If you got it wrong, go back to the entrance and get the 2nd stamp from the Forest Guardian, then go through the maze and head to the exit.
Completed time will be recorded
7. The time limit is 15 minutes, try to be as quick as possible to get to the leader board!

You might walk away with great prizes and more!
Don't miss your chance of trying something adventurous!
You don't always get to participate in this type of adventurous games in Malaysia.

The Leader Board

This event was supported by WWF Malaysia

There is a sales booth that sells merchandises to contribute to WWF Malaysia

4 of us
From left: Johnny, Jerilyn, Emily and I

The Forest Guardians and Green Angel

Go green!
Let's support earth hour by switching off your lights!
From left: Henry, Johnny, Me, Emily and Jerilyn

Fionev and her friend

You can also make donation if you don't want to participate in the game

There's a special maze which is only available during Earth Hour 2014
It is Glow-In-The-Dark Maze that comes with different rules and instructions.
The fee with be RM15, but you will get to walk away with a limited edition Earth Hour 2014 T-Shirt
Limited to 50 pax only.

The Wild Forest Maze @ 1st Avenue Mall
Address: Jalan Magazine, Georgetown, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact number: +60 4-261 1121
GPS: 5.4132283,100.331381

Sweet Tone @ Farquhar's Bar, E&O Hotel, Penang

It's been a while since I last sat down, have a cup of nice cocktail and also enjoy some nice music.
Recently got invited to a place with nice live band, lovely ambience and also great food.
It is the Farquhar's Bar that located inside E&O Hotel.

Farquhar's Bar is a bar with great ambience, serving both food, beverages, cocktails and food too.
It is a place that you can dine, or enjoy a glass of cocktail with your love ones while listening to the live band.
Farquhar's Bar is now featuring Sweet Tone from Malaysia, a live band with great voices and has won a lot of prizes.

Farquhar's Bar is located inside E&O Hotel, just next to the lobby

Children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter the bar after 6.00pm daily

Wine, champagnes, cocktails and all sort of drinks available at the bar

The professional bartenders will prepare your drinks for you

Farquhar's Bar have very great ambience and comfortable to be there

Snacks menu, comes with different sizes to suit more paxes 

All sorts of cocktails available, and the special promotion of selected drinks from RM12.00++ only.

Calamari Rings & French Fries
Single Bowl RM12.00
Duo Bowl RM 23.00
Trio Bowl RM 33.00
Quartet Bowl RM 42.00

I ordered a Mojito for myself, totally love it for the fresh taste from mint!

Garlic Marinated Rack of Lamb
RM 65.00
The lamb is grilled to perfection, it is tender but not dry nor hard.
Highly recommended!

Fish & Chips

Sweet Tone Live performing while you enjoying your food and drinks

They have a nice voice with great music all played by themselves

Tempura Prawns & Chicken Bratwurst Onion Gravy 
Single Bowl RM12.00
Duo Bowl RM 23.00
Trio Bowl RM 33.00
Quartet Bowl RM 42.00

Not forget to post a selfie picture of myself with Shelyn Ooi 

It is not a bad try afterall, I would like to go back again to enjoy the live band performance and the nice grilled lamb!
Not to forget those cocktails as well!

Sweet Tone @ Farquhar's Bar, E&O Hotel
Address: Farquhar Bar (Heritage Wing), E&O Hotel, 
10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact number: +604-222 2000
GPS: 5.4229102,100.3361025

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It's been a while since I last wrote a recipe and also a chinese version post.
I'm gonna do it today and writing a recipe.


三层肉 约 500g (切块,或保留原状)

南乳 2 - 3 块
蒜头 两瓣
小洋葱 两颗
蚝油 1汤匙
酱油 1汤匙
盐 适量
糖 适量
玉米粉 2汤匙
煎炸粉 2汤匙

1. 将所有酱汁的材料混合,然后加入肉混合腌制。

2. 放入冰箱腌制约1个小时。

3. 准备热油,约180度
4. 把猪肉炸至香脆,捞起即可。
5. 让炸肉沥干油,便可食用了。