Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dining at 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel @ UNESCO Heritage Penang

It feels so great to be able to have dinner at a place full cultural and antiques.
1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel would be a great choice for that.
Their cultural boutique hotel would be one of the attraction in this place.

It is located in Jalan Pintai Tali, a street in between Chulia Street and Campbell Street

Car Jockey services is available in here

You can see the entrance has been filled with Chinese Culture

They have also obtained plenty of awards for their hotel 

A drawing of anchestor 

Very nice and traditional fountain

Their restaurant caters to all types of occasions

I love this decorations of Dragon and Phoenix

It was pretty crowded when I was there

Chong Tian Four Combination

The fish ball was rather chewy and the sauce is kinda nice. The size of the fish ball is kinda big too. 

This bacon wrapped is really delicious! It wasn't dry as it seems but rather juicy

Salted Egg wrapped, it was kinda crispy and the egg yolks are fabulous!

Sea Asparagus with Macadamia nuts, what a weird combination but it was great when the seas asparagus was chewy while macadamia nuts were crispy

Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Dried Scallop

There were really a lot of crabmeat in this soup, and I believe many of you will actually reject this dish as we all heard about the cruelty of obtaining shark's fin.
So do I, and I suggest restaurants to replace this dish by offering something like fish maw or other types of soup instead of shark's fin.

You can see how big pieces are the crabmeats, they are fresh and nice too

Fried Chicken with Chinese Wine
This dish is really good! The chicken was marinated with chinese wine for quite a while before they fried it, so the chicken has absorb the wine perfectly.
 The chicken are juicy and tender, with the great taste that made it tasted so good!

Steamed Grouper Fish with Chilli and Garlic
The grouper fish was so fresh that the fish meat are soft and smooth. I believe that they also added some lime or vinegar into the sauce that it became slightly sour, together with chilli and garlic, this dish is so appetizing.

Fried Rice with Village Style
All of us were surprised when we saw bean sprouts in fried rice. This fried rice was rather special but tasted not bad. The ingredients they used are really nice such as medium sized shrimps, fried tiny shrimps and also chinese sausages. 

Chilled Dragon Mixed Fruits
The desserts are also special as it tasted a bit like strawberry but they said there are no strawberry in this dessert. There are only mixed fruits and some jelly that made this dessert kinda special, as it goes with fresh dragon fruit juice.

Another 2 dishes which missed out by them

Dragon Phoenix Green Garden

Pan Fried Prawns with Indonesia Style

This is the available menu provided by 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel

Wanted to try?
1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel do offers varieties of packages to cater various types of occasion.
They price of their packages is from RM598++ to RM1998++ with top quality ingredients.
Call them to know more and make bookings with them today!

1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel
Address: 38 Jalan Pintal Tali, Georgetown, 10100 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +604-263 1881
GPS: 5.417813, 100.334818

Friday, November 22, 2013

Care For The Strays Charity Food Carnival (Neutering Fund) @ Methodist Boy School @ Dato Keramat

Han Chiang College is organizing a charity event to raise funds for our Furkids!
This will be helping Save Our Strays (S.O.S) Penang to raise funds for neutering program and also giving supports to some independent shelters and feeders.

This is a Food Carnival, so beside food stalls; there are also some fun games and other activities such as Walkie Doggie, Children Got Talent & Photography Competition for every participant.

Coupons are available for sale; it will be RM 10.00 per coupon and RM 50.00 per book of coupons.
You may contact JJ Jason directly @ 017-5820253 or purchase coupons from SOS clinic, kindly call @ 012 784 8038 and ask for direction.

If you want to help those strays, then take action now!
Don't miss out!

Date: 1st December 2013
Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Methodist Boy School @ Dato Keramat

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shopping Online with Zalora!

I admit that I'm kinda shopaholic and I always get crazy when I shop online.
Sometimes I am kinda tired of going out, pack with people during weekends, imagine the long queue at the fitting room and the counter!
Why not start shopping online since Zalora is giving so much of convenience.
Zalora is one of the best online shop that I love the most, I keep click nonstop once I've click into their website.
I always surf Zalora for their bags and shoes, the 2 types of items that I purchase the most!
There are varieties of brands and choices!
My eyes just won't stop blinking whenever I surf their website!

Their products range are so wide, from tops to bottoms, sports to formal, accessories, for both guys and girls! You will definitely spend some time when you shop at

Simply because they have too many brands and too many good deals!
Everything there are mostly on sales, cheaper than you go to shop at retail outlets!

They have really a lot of brands like Ezra and others. Definitely not those ah beng ah kao brands like you can see in some malls.
Some are really branded stuffs with lower price than the one selling at retail outlets.

How to pay after purchase?
1. Cash on delivery 
There are a lot of selected areas where you can purchase and pay with cash when goods delivers to your doorstep.
Check whether do they accept cash on delivery at your area here!
Just key in your post code in the website:

2. Credit Cards / Debit Cards
They have their payment gateway to allow you pay with your credit cards or debit cards.

Free Delivery?
Zalora will deliver your goods to your doorstep for free at minimum purchase of RM 75 and above to all states and all regions in Malaysia! How good is that?!
The delivery period can be vary in every items, but there are also certain terms and conditions for their delivery period. 
For the full terms and conditions, please view them here:

What more?
Wrong size? Wrong colours? Don't like your choice?
You can return to Zalora with the return slip they provided together with the delivery parcel.
Of course the items must be unworn.
For full details of the 30 days free return policy, click here:

What are you waiting for?
Go to and start shopping today!
I'm gonna go grab my favourite shoes and bags again now!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crumbs Penang @ Penang Gurney Paragon Mall

What could be better than a nice dessert all the way from Hong Kong?
Frozen Yogurt is my all time favourite! Always!
Crumbs was in KL for a while, and now it came to attack Penang!

Crumbs is famous for their Scones and Frozen Yogurt

Enter from the Front Gate of Gurney Paragon, go down from the information counter and you will see Crumbs on your right.

MySuperVIP is also available here in Crumbs

Raisin Scones
1 for RM 2.90
3 for RM 7.90
6 for RM 14.90
The raisin scones are very soft, at the same time you would love it this if you are a raisin love, it is not too dry like scones from other stores. The raisins are kinda big too, not like what we usually had for snacks.
It is just perfectly baked, else it would be dry and hard.
Must try!

Cheese Scones
1 for RM 2.90
3 for RM 7.90
6 for RM 14.90
You definitely have to try this if you are a cheese freak! It is so cheesy and I love it on my first bite!
This scones tasted salty and it is also very soft, it feels like cheese melted in your mouth when you bite it!
Even from the texture itself you can see that it looks good!
Highly recommended!

Chocolate Scones
1 for RM 2.90
3 for RM 7.90
6 for RM 14.90
These chocolate scones has got chocolate chips in it. So it would be more crispy compare to the other two flavours. Chocolate scones would be sweet if you compare it to another 2 which one was salty, and another one was a bit sour due to the raisins added. 
Must try too!

Green Tea Mousse & Lychee Panna Cotta 
1 for RM 5.50
3 for RM 14.90
6 for RM 27.90
We also got the try out the Green Tea Mousse and Lychee Panna Cotta.
Let's talk about the Green Tea Mousse first, it was really smooth and soft. It tasted just like Haagen Dazs's Green Tea Ice Cream, but not as sweet as the one. Definitely worth the price you paid for. 
As for the Lychee Panna Cotta, it was a bit watery. The lady boss told us that it was freshly made on that day and it isn't cooling enough yet. But it tasted really fresh and nice. On top of the mousse, there are crushed peanuts to make it tasted even nicer. What surprised me was there are fresh lychee inside the mousse. Highly recommended!

Their best seller!
Frozen Yogurt!

Below are the available toppings

Kiddie Cup
RM 7.90
(Comes with 1 topping, each extra topping charge at RM 1.50)
This is the kiddie size, the small size with gummy bears and sprinkles.

Regular Size
RM 11.00
(Comes with 1 topping, each extra topping charge at RM 1.50)
The regular size, with peanut flakes and home made green tea mochi!
Their home made green tea mochi is a must try!
It is chewy and soft, very nice!

Large Size
RM 12.90 
(Comes with 2 topping, each extra topping charge at RM 1.50)
Large size of Frozen Yogurt with Mini Meringue, Chocolate Brownie and House Crumbs!
The Mini Meringue and House Crumbs is definitely a must try!
Their house crumbs tasted a little bit of cinnamon, peanut and it wasn't too sweet! Just nice!
The mini meringue tasted exactly like that I had when I was a kid, on the biscuit that we usually used to pray.

For every customer that like Crumbs' Facebook page, you can get a free voucher that will entitle you for a complimentary homemade topping, view the below image.
They also provide free drinking water for their customers, do ask from their friendly staffs.

I will definitely go back again for their scones, mousse and frozen yogurt, especially for their homemade toppings!

Crumbs @ Penang Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: Gurney Paragon Mall, Level LG P1( A ) & P1( B ) Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10.00am - 10.00pm
Facebook Page:
GPS: 5.43644, 100.31160