Friday, November 30, 2007

Pizza Hut Anyone?

Was quite some time never had Pizza.
Just now went to fetch my sister from cousins' house.
They knew that i am hungry so they ordered Pizza from Pizza Hut as dinner.
Free for me, so nice =)
Ordered 2 Pizzas
My cousin snap me
Yum~ Yum~
Excuse me~

I Love Donuts Cause I Am Nuts!

Usually you will heard this when the adults act as Santa Claus to make the children happy.
Christmas is coming soon but not yet.
This Post is to make you DROOL!
Yesterday, if you went to Gurney Plaza, you will see a lot of people gather around Manila Place there.
Look at these pictures.
Missy Donuts are available in Gurney Plaza now!
Reach Gurney about 1something, and bang into Benjipapa and chit chat a bit.
Chee Hsien was there for donuts too.
Then he told me:"ci lehz! the donuts only available after Eric Tsang cut the ribbons in the open ceremony at 2.30p.m
He got class at 2p.m to 3p.m and i didn't bring any cameras cause i never thought that celebrity will be there.
Then, i borrowed his DSLR and play around. He went to college for classes.
Before that, it was kinda early, so i went to Secret Recipe, and this time, i got my Chocolate Indulgence! Wheeee!!!!!
My light meal and CH's DSLR
Then i met up with Hung Wei, a funny and siao siao guy.
So we went to Missy Donuts and saw Joan & Cleo, they are with their friends.
The MenuThe yummy donuts is ready
Was waiting and waiting, until the main character of the day is there.
There he is, Eric Tsang
Have to pose 1st ok?Then....Celebrities always got benefits
Group Picture
It is time to enjoy free donuts!
When things come to be free.Before Eric Tsang Leave
I am just standing in front of him, HO! HO! HO!

The business start, so i queue for it.
When things come to you have to pay
This is my Glazed & Chocolate Power
Hung Wei choosed Glazed, both is nice.
Kinda sweet but I like it very much, had been carving for donuts long time ago.
This is my first time having this kind of donuts.
Then we bang into Benjipapa & Chee Hsien again, and i returned him the DSLR, T_T
After that, we went to Kim Gary Hong Kong restaurant and enjoy our Tea Time.
Thanks Hung Wei for the Tea Milk.
Then he went off.
I met up with Wendy, Abigail, Dexter and Willazz.
Chit chat a while, then I went off too.
Was a Happy Day =-)

Some Changes In My Blog

There are some changes that i made in my blog.
1st, New Header From Sae Wei
Thank you so much! Love It!

2nd, New links, My Friendster & My Facebook added, another one is to vote me and rate me.
Click them to view my Friendster or Facebook profile, and vote for me if you are willing.

3rd, Some weird pictures of my addedBeware of the next post! It is to make you DROOL!

Do You Vote?

I saw this from someone's profile.
I just joined it.
Some kind of voting, and there are 28.888 Taiwan Dolar to win.
I am not really believe it.
Just try my luck,
Would you vote me?
If you did, please >>>click here<<<
For those who don't read chinese,
After you click the link, there will be a new page appear,
Beside my picture, there are number 1 to 10.
How many points do you think i should have?
Just honestly vote on it.
Thanks everyone.

What is next?
Remember what is in my post last night?
I said i am going to Gurney Plaza again after exams.
Yes i did, Missy Donuts started their business.
Stay Tuned for more.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bad Movie But Nice Foods

Went to Gurney Plaza and watched The Last Breathe, Korean horror movie.
Sorry, but that movie really makes me catch no ball.
I totally blur about what are they acting about.
At the end of the movie, 2 words to describe how i feel. "BLUR BLUR"
After that, planned to find Benjipapa for dinner, too bad he went home earlier.
At night, went to Night Market @ Farlim.
Gosh, let me tell you guys what i have eaten.
Tako Ball, Fried Chicken, Pan Cake, Lok Lok.
Drank Herbal Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Sugar Cane.
It is so so so FULL!!!!! After few months i never been to there.
Wednesday was suppose to have night class.
Because of exam week, all the class was canceled.
All the delicious foods, i will miss you all. T_T
By the way, I am waiting for something to appear in Gurney Plaza.
It is on 29th of November, Don't know?
Let's see this post from Imin
Guess i will be there after tomorrow's exam, maybe.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sugar's Enemy

Last week, my dad's friend came to my house with his wife and his doggie, Wei Wei.
Wei Wei grew up and became bigger in size.
She is so so so cute! but too bad, Sugar don't like her, she annoy her and they wants to fight.
Let's look at some pictures of them.
Sugar getting jealous
She looks like those Stone Lion infront of those temples, isn't she?

Stupid Car Broken Down

Yesterday was out with mom, went to recycle center to clear all our rubbish.
We go for 2 rounds.
But... when we are doing home, I start the car.
*CHIAK* nothing happen, then i do it again. *CHIAK* nothing happen too.
That stupid car broken down!!!!!!!!! Therefore, me and my mom got stuck at the recycle center.
For almost one hour time, the mechanical finally reached.
While waiting, my hand kinda itchy, snaps few picture of there.
When you give a good price, people will come to u.
Can you manage to get out from the *mountain*?
My stupid car, that is it.
Don't know what is wrong with it
Have to re-sit for IT and English paper this Thursday and Friday.
Wish me luck.
P.S : some stories coming soon.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tagged by Kimberly

Kimberly tagged me, let's do it.

The Rules:
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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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This is eight (8) random facts about me:

1. Have instant noodle almost 7 times per week.
2. I like to cook, create my own recipe.
3. I hate cockroaches, many people knew about this. ~_~
4. I love Cheese!!!! especially Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe.
5. I am someone romantic. [anyone think so?] *vomit
6. Harry Potter super fan.
7. I am a dog lover! [SUGAR!!!!!]
8. I don't like irritating, annoying and sensitive people.

This is 8 person that I tag:
1. Benjipapa
2. aL
3. Minny
4. Vingie
5. Michie
6. Michelle <--- big day tomorrow
7. Gillian <--- big day tomorrow
8. Mich

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Short Post For Something

Let's blog about my yesterday.
woke up at 7 something, straight away to my breakfast.
8.30a.m. Went to college for Revision of English class.
Too bad that next week i have to re-sit for the previous subject examination again.
It was IT and English paper. The class is until 10.30a.m then we dismiss.

11a.m. Principles of Marketing.
Another class by Huang Choo, Emily said so.
But his class is kinda nice, got jokes at least.
Was having Quiz, 20 objectives question, I think i did it badly.
Class was until 1p.m

Then went home for lunch, wanted to online and blog at home.
Too bad, no electric city.
End up watching DVD with my mini DVD player.

Went to class again at 4.p.m.
Practices of Management.
New lecturer, a malay girl. Good and funny.
Enjoyable class. Until 5p.m

Then 6.30p.m. Basic Entrepreneurship.
Same as the Practices of Management lecturer.
Was another enjoyable class.
The class ended at 8p.m and continue with Elementary Class.
Finally i finish my accounts assignment and passed up.
9.30p.m. Drove home.
Then walk like a crab, I was super duper tired.
That's all for this post.
Maybe some of you know why i do this short post.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Want My Chocolate Indulgence!

A SUPER DUPER HOT Monday Afternoon.
I am melting in da house.
got class at 4.30p.m. but it is so early now.
Where did i went?
Penangnites, know where is it?
Which restaurant is this?
If you don't, then I think you guys should know what cake is this right?

Chocolate Banana!
Yes, i went to Secret Recipe.
Wanna do my account assignment there, and at the same time.
I am looking for my favorite Chocolate Indulgence!!!
But too bad it is all sold out.
After staring all the cakes for few minutes, i choosed Chocolate Banana.
Although the cake is not bad, I prefer Chocolate Indulgence.

Long time never cam whore, and i did it again.
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
And the last one
After that off to my college.

You can just ignore this post if you don't like to see my face.
And i will say thank you.