Saturday, September 21, 2013

arTHURSDAY Celebration @ Soho Free House

Arthur’s Day™ 2013 is just around the corner!
There will be another wave of party coming up in September!
In Arthur's Day Celebration this year, they will be bringing Five for Fighting, All American Rejects and The Wanted over for the party!
There's a pre-heat mini Arthur's Day happened in Soho Free House last Saturday.

Like what happened everytime, we bloggers are invited over to the party as media.

We were given a set of limited bottles of Guinness Stout

A few pints of Guinness Stout are waiting for us!

The people who attended that night were also given a chance to vote for their favourite artist for the official Arthur's Day Party. And we might have a chance to see them in Penang!

We were also thought on how to make a perfect pump of Guinness Stout
This is Chris Chee from

First make a 3/4 pump, let it flow through the side of the glass.

Leave it on the table and watch the magic happens!

After 1 minute, make the final pump and let it down for a while again, there goes a perfect Pint of Guinness!

Sam and Chris

(From left to right): Julie Kuan, Team Guinness Malaysia, Leslie Liang, Area Sales Manager, Guinness Anchor Berhad, Dave Chin, Owner of Soho Free House Penang and Thompson Chuah, Team Guinness Malaysia, gracing the event.

There are more mini parties around, so you don't want to miss them!

19 September 2013
The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza
Malones, Sooka Sentral

21 September 2013
History Bistroz, Ipoh
Phat Barrels, Kuantan

26 September 2013
Backyard, Sri Hartamas
Sid’s Pub, Bangsar South

Here are some quotes from the artists that going to perform on Arthur's Day.

ALL AMERICAN REJECTS (Mike Kennerty, Tyson Ritter, Chris Gaylor & Nick Wheeler): “Arthur’s Day is going to be one hell of ride and we have an exciting gig prepared especially for you, our Malaysian fans. We really appreciate the Arthur’s Day message on social entrepreneurship and how the Arthur Guinness fund has made an impact on thousands of people around the world. We are glad to be part of the celebrations this year in tribute to his unbelievable legacy.”

FIVE FOR FIGHTING (John Ondrasik): “I am very excited to be a part of the Arthur’s Day celebrations in Malaysia! Join me and millions around the world as we toast to one of the boldest man in history, Arthur Guinness and to those like him, the Arthur Guinness fund awardees, my comrades that will be rocking the Arthur’s Day stage this year and all of you fans out there! To Arthur!”

THE WANTED (Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes, Max George & Tom Parker): “We’re excited to be part of the Malaysian celebrations happening at Sepang International Circuit on the 27th of September 2013! We’re ready along with our comrades Five for Fighting and All American Rejects to rock the Arthur’s day stage this year as we pay tribute to Arthur Guinness and his legacy of goodness. To Arthur!”

What are you waiting for? Get the tickets now!
NORMAL (RM 118 from 9 September 2013 onward);
AT THE DOOR (RM 138 at the entrance to concert on 27 September 2013)
Just go to and make your purchase!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ninetology, The Next Trend In Malaysia!

Ninetology Malaysia had officially launched its Flagship Touch Point at Plaza Low Yat on 30th of August. Plaza Low Yat is Malaysia’s Largest IT Lifestyle Mall.
In this Ninetology Flagship Touch Point, you will be able to see all Ninetology products, and at the same time, you will be able to learn how to use a smartphone to enhance your life to make your life easier. Thus, have more interactions with your friends and family without paying more with smart phones.

This Flagship Touch Point looks so nice isn't it?
And it is just near the entrance, can be easily seen.
The red ribbons are also ready for the opening ceremony. 

There were artistes, founders and other related people attended the launching event and ribbon cutting ceremony. 
Sean Ng (Chief Executive Officer), Marco Beh (Chief Operations Officer), Shian (Chief Finance Officer), Vijian Chan (Chief Marketing Officer), and Eddy Tay (Head of Channel); Michael Lee (General Manager, Property Management and Operations of Plaza Low Yat), and celebrities such as Z-Chen, Iqwal Hafiz, and Sasi the Don.

Mr. Arthur Wang, Senior Director, Head of EMSM, Mediatek Inc. receiving the Certificate of Appreciation from Mr. Sean Ng, CEO of Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Vijian Chan, CMO of Ninetology, & Joseph Germani was there too!!!

Well, events nowadays are full with photoshoot opportunities, I would pose and snap together with the bicycle though. 

When you purchase Ninetology smartphones, it will come with M-Warranty to protect your smartphones

One of our Ninetology's model posing with Mr. Micheal Lee - GM of Low Yat Plaza

Say cheese!

On the other hand, Ninetology Malaysia had also launched their U9 series at KL Hilton Hotel, Malaysia, earlier last month. The “Unite-as-One” power-infused technology with the urbanite profile was presented in three models: The X1, Z1, and Z1+, they are stylist, modern and very elegant!

Ninetology U9 will be the next new trend of Ninetology and Malaysia's smartphone industries, you just gotta try it to know how it is compare with other smartphones.

Below are a few videos introducing Ninetology to you!
Let's Z-Chen introduce you to Ninetology U9!
You will be impress!
Introducing Ninetology U9 Series Z1+

Introducing Ninetology U9 Series Z1

Introducing Ninetology U9 Series - X1

Mr. Leslie Loh, Chief Digital Officer of Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (2nd from right) introducing a gadget review program targeting all Malaysian bloggers – Tech Kaiju Arena. Along side from left is Kevin Chong TraxxFM Radio Presenter, Quah of, and Mark O’Dea from The London Boys.

For those bloggers who are interested to review the U9 series smart phones, you can check out more on the Tech Kaiju Arena Program by submitting your name, blog link, email and contact number to early to avoid disappointment. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Terms and conditions apply. This program will be ongoing until December 2013.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Features of iPhone 5S

10 個 iPhone 5S 獨有功能全面看!
不少人對 iPhone 5S 的感覺就是很像 iPhone 5,沒有太大分別。不過其實細心地看,iPhone 5S 有很多功能是 iPhone 5 沒有的。


早在數年前已在手提電腦出現的東西,原本是沒有什麼特別。不過 Apple 加入的 Touch ID 整合 iOS 的功能,除了能解用在解鎖外,更能夠在 App Store 省下手動輸入長長的密碼,實在太方便吧?

2. 笑容/眼睛偵測功能

不少相機也有笑容/眼睛偵測功能,iOS 7 也引進這項功能,但用法完全不同!當發現環境會有變化時,它會自動拍下 4 幅圖,再為你找出拍得最好的一幅,而決定哪一幅是好,其中用上的技術就是笑容/眼睛偵測功能,不過此功能只限 iPhone 5S!

3.雙 LED 閃燈

雙 LED 閃燈看似普通,但原來一點也不簡單!這個名為 Ture Tone 閃燈是由 2 個 LED 組成,一個白色一個黃色,它的作用不止串聯打燈增加光度,而是當你啟動了閃光燈來拍照時,iSight 鏡頭會利用軟件演算法,分析現場色溫。這讓 iPhone 5s 可透過逾千個獨一無二的組合,決定最合適的白光與黃光比例及強度,達致色彩更真實的動人照片。色溫冷暖適中、立體感更強、膚色更自然。

4. 智能連拍模式

A7 晶片配備全新影像訊號處理器,連環快拍模式每秒可拍 10 張照片,智能軟件演算法會於背景實時分析所有照片,比較銳利度和清晰度,甚至偵測是否有人合上了眼睛,然後聰明地建議你可能感到最滿意的一張選出來!

5. 自動聰明的防震功能


6. 動態自動曝光全景照

全景照 iPhone 舊版也有吧?不過 iPhone 5S 做到比 iPhone 5 還要好!它的動態自動曝光功能,可以在你橫掃取景時,一邊移動鏡頭時,一邊自動調整光暗位的曝光!效果明顯更出色!

7. 慢動作

iPhone 5s 的慢動作功能讓你以 720p 拍攝每秒 120 影格的影片。拍攝後只要挑選想要加入慢動作效果的段落,影片中的那一段就會以四分一的速度播放。

8. 邊拍片邊變焦

iPhone 5S 可以在拍片時一邊拍一邊以手勢來實現變焦!非常方便!最高可以做到 3 倍即時變焦!

9. 更快的 LTE

4G 是 iPhone 重點,香港的 iPhone 用戶以往不能用 2600MHz 的頻譜,現在可以用了!理論上在戶外上網將會較以往的 1800 頻譜快。

10. iWorks 免費送!

iWorks 是 iOS 上的 Office 工具,要付錢買才有 Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, iPhoto,售價向來也不便宜!現在免費隨 iPhone 5S 送了(正確來說是讓你免費下載)!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

32 at The Mansion Anniversary Promotion on September @ Georgetown, Penang

The previous post was about food review at 32 at The Mansion.
If you missed that post, you can read it again at

In this September month, 32 at The Mansion is celebrating their anniversary
They have come out with some special promotions only for September!
In my previous post I reviewed about their Angus Beef set and it is now on promotion too!

The September promotions are listed out at the below poster

Now you have more excuse to dine at 32 at The Mansion.
The promotion is only for month of September only, don't be late!
It is time to give you love ones a romantic dinner!
Reminder: Make reservations earlier to make sure that they have tables available for your chosen night.

32 at The Mansion
Address: 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact number: 04-262 2232
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.42353, 100.33273

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

32 at The Mansion @ Georgetown, Penang

This is my very first time having food review for fine dining restaurant.
This experience was very extraordinary and impressive.
Even from the exterior of the building was already looks kinda grand and spectacular.

They have also obtained good ratings at Tripadvisor. ThreeSixty Sky Bar is also part of their business.

This place is so beautiful that when you walk into the mansion, you will feel like you are entering some high class places.

Catering or private party and events are also available in 32 at The Mansion, this place can caters up to 200 people.

Actually you can choose to dine in the mansion, or you may also dine at Beach Blanket Babylon, if you prefer outdoor and some nice seaview.

The outdoor seats were also perfect for some events or party

This is what they have in their bar, I wish I could have this at home.

We were served with some delicious food, inclusive of appetizer and main course, ended with some perfect desserts. 
Piquant Salad with Spicy Lemongrass Vinaigrette
RM 18.00
This salad was really appetizing! The salad was very fresh and the dressing has totally conquered my taste bud! The taste of lemongrass wasn't too heavy and the whole dressing was rather unique, it was slightly spicy and sour which is a great appetizer to kick start your dinner.
Highly recommended!

Crab Laksa Lemak
RM 24.00
Laksa lemak is not so common in Penang as majority of Penang people prefer Asam Laksa than Laksa Lemak. I'm someone who love Laska Lemak and therefore this dish has made my night quite perfect! Though I didn't see any crab meat, but the taste of the soup was really filled with fresh crab taste and it wasn't too spicy or sour. The soup wasn't really watery, just like drinking curry soup. Everything was just perfect when lime and prawn sauce added!
Must try!

Fish Laksa Lemak
RM 14.00
This is the fish version of Laksa Lemak, the soup of Fish Laksa Lemak was more watery compared to Crab Laksa Lemak. Not forgot to mention that the laksa noodles was really chewy. Unlike some laksa noodle which can be too soft or too hard. The taste of the whole laksa was really perfect if you squeeze all the lime and add their special made prawn sauce into the soup.
Highly recommended!

Vietnam Pho
RM 18.00
This beef noodle was served with raw bean sprouts, so do remember to add those bean sprouts when the soup is still hot. There are juicy beef meatballs and beef slices in this dish. Their special made chilli sauce was really delicious and appetizing as it is not too spicy plus it was a bit sour.

6 Spice Marinated BBQ Chicken served with Buttered Rice Timbale
RM 38.00
Chicken thigh was used in this dish, it was rather tender and juicy. It may looks a bit over grilled but I can tell you that it is not. It was really grilled to perfection that the whole piece of chicken was really tasty. The buttered rice was also quite unique and delicious, especially when you can have it together with baby carrots.
Highly recommended!

BBQ Beef Rib
RM 56.00
From the look of the dish was really making people hungry. The beef rib was really soft and tender. The slow cooked potato was also one of the plus point in this dish. It also went perfectly with ginger bud puree because the puree was really unique and delicious!
Must try!

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks
RM 58.00
If you are a lamb lover, you will definitely fall in love with this dish!
The lamb was really soft, you don't have to chew and chew and chew before you can swallow the lamb. It was really good when it topped with the sauce. The side dishes was sweet potato and roasted garlic puree is also one of the plus point in this dish as it was really smooth that I would want to order a whole bowl of only the puree! There were also braised portobello mushroom with goat feta cheese, preserved zucchini and torch ginger which made this dish rather perfect and complete.
Highly recommended!

Angus Beef Ribeye with Perigeaux Sauce
RM 128.00
There are Angus Beef promotion which running currently in 32 at The Mansion. You can select from Sirloin, Ribeye or Tenderloin, pricing start from RM85 ++ There are also 3 choices of sauce which are Black Pepper Sauce, Perigeaux Sauce or Mushroom Sauce. The Angus Beef is served with served with potato and thyme puree, together with mixed vegetables.

This is the manager and the chef, Mathijs Nanne that came from Holland, who prepared all our food. We had a little bit of chit chat with them and get to know more about all the dishes that they prepared.

Lastly, something that you must not miss when you come to 32 at The Mansion!
The nice desserts!

Gula Melaka Coconut Ice Cream
RM 6.00 per scoop, two scoops at RM 11.00
It was one of the best ice cream I have ever had in my life!
It tasted like chendol, just without the green chendol jelly. Not forget to mention that all their ice cream were prepared by the chef himself.
Highly recommended!

Sticky Toffee Pudding
RM 22.00
The whole toffee pudding will melt inside your mouth. It is served with macerated strawberries served and vanilla bean ice cream, which was also prepared by the chef himself. This is also one of the best dessert I have ever had. This is something that will make you come back for it!
Highly recommended!

Cake Trolley (Chocolate Swiss Almond Torte)
RM 14.00
This dessert was a piece of cake of the day, and it served with caramelized apple and guava, marinated raspberry and sour cream ice cream. It may be too sweet if it is just the cake, but it was perfect when you have it together with sour cream ice cream. Not forget to mention that the other side desserts was really unique and tasty.
Must try!

Sour Cream Ice Cream
RM 6.00 per scoop, two scoops for RM 11.00
This ice cream was also prepared by the chef himself. Sour cream ice cream is not so common in Penang too, this was my first time trying this flavour of ice cream too. It was sour but creamy, tasted rather special and it will be good if you don't really like your desserts to be too sweet.
Must try!

This is one of the best food reviews so far.
I will definitely go back to this 32 at The Mansion again for their food.
I really wish to try other desserts and main course as well. 
Do remember to bring your love ones with you.
Reminder: make early reservations before you go there

32 at The Mansion
Address: 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia. 
Contact number: 04-262 2232
GPS: 5.42353, 100.33273