Monday, June 30, 2008

Funny Youtube Clips!

You guys must watch this!
Watch Henry Chow singing Toxic by Britney Spear!
This is damn crazy!

If you cant load,
you can also go to the link below.

Besides that,
watch this also!

Have you watch KungFu Panda yet?
If you are not,
go and watch it now before it go out from the cinema!
It is damn nice!


A stupid thief?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks To ShoutOut

This is a very special post that just wanna appreciate to ShoutOut.
I think i never blog about ShoutOut before if i am not mistaken.
i always put some link in my blog.
But do anyone really know what is ShoutOut?
I still remember my first met with Shouters!
It is during Angeline's farewell!
This my very first "Family Picture" with Shouters!

My very first paintball experience!

The biggest ever BBQ party in my house!

And also not forgetting my birthday as well!
ShoutOut gave me a lot of unforgetful memories!
This post is special delicate to Elise and Lasker!
They are the one who operate ShoutOut all the way!
The one who let me get to know all the bloggers!
We love you!
ShoutOut is the best ever!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stupid Water Park!

Got home from a very stupid trip!
Found something funny when we are on the way.
You are asking us to appreciate water?
and yet beside your banner is about the water park?!

How can you posted the operation hours but yet you are closed?!
The Carnival, you are totally sucks!
U let few of us gather so early and travel all the way from Prai, Kulim & Penang.
And then just to see you closed your water park?!
Ok, we are all so lost and yet so exciting when we reached The Carnival.

Minny : Welcome to The Carnival!
Cedric : Whoooohooooo!!!!!
Me : Yeah!!!! Teeeeheeee!!!!
And when we found out that the water park is closed.
Everyone : ......... [silent for 1 minute]
Last night was planning where should we go?
After i check out the websites, we decided to go to The Carnival
This stupid water park!
Next time please inform in your website that you are closed!

Then we got pissed and disappointed.
So we changed our plan and head to Bukit Merah.
Once again, we are so HAPPY! and EXCITED!

We are welcomed!
Of course, we are customer what.
And, surprisingly!
Once again!

but this one we are not blaming anyone, cause we don't know that the Water Park is closed on every Tuesday for cleaning.

So, we do not get wet, we cant play water.
We ended up riding boat.
Playing with those ducks!

Then we had our seafood dinner before we go home.
This is a very unforgettable trip!
Funny do you think?!
Now read MINNY'S and CEDRIC'S

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Sexy!

Ding Dong!
It is sexy's birthday!
Our Vingie a.k.a Princess Diaries
Wishing you Happy Birthday!
U are alone in KL there, don't cry because you are lonely!
U still got all of us here waiting for you!
This is the 1st ever sexiest picture that i shoot on you!
It is during my birthday!

Stand also like aunty, lol!
Not forgetting your sia char bor look too!
It is during Cedric's Birthday!

Last picture of you!
Porn star look!

Don't forget that we still care about you.
No matter where you are, no matter u care or not!


Looking For More Freedom?

We are all hoping for freedom.
No one likes to control by someone or family.
unless you got some kind of fetish
Even those animals too.
They want freedom, they don't wanna be lock in a cage.
They don't wanna be someone's pet forever.
They are hoping that some day, they can get their freedom back.

Some day, they might be successful.
They might just free!
Who knows?
They got another problems when they are out there?
Where are the foods comes from?
Where are the warm house waiting for?
How are you going to survive?
When you are used to just stay at home and enjoy?

Life Isn't That Simple

You are what you are by what you believe.
A sentence that i found very meaningfull.
Certain people they like to ask:
"How do i looks like today? pretty? handsome?"
"Am i ugly today? Am i messy today?"
There are a lot of problems in human.
We are choosy, we are greedy, this is a fact.
We care about our own image, care about how other people look at you.
We also care about how other people think about us.
When you get too sensitive, you might just think that.
"That person like me, she/he keep on looking at me just now"
"She/he hate me, cause he/she just ignore me when i smile at he/she"
We are emotional, of course we do, who doesn't?
So, no matter who you are.
And for people who are still confusing.
Now i am telling you.
You are what you are by what you believe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Holiday Ending.....

The time passed so fast and my holiday if going to end.
Luckily it extended for one more week now!
Class will start on 23th June, which means next next week.
My new timetable will be like this.
8.30a.m - 10.30a.m Introduction To Economics
11.00a.m - 1.00p.m Introduction To Quantitative Methods
2.00p.m - 4.00p.m Principles Of Finance
11.00a.m - 1.00p.m Introduction To Multimedia
2.00p.m - 3.00p.m Malaysian Studies
11.00a.m - 12.00p.m Introduction To Quantitative Methods
2.00p.m - 3.00p.m Introduction To Economics
11.00a.m - 1.00p.m Introduction To Multimedia
2.00p.m - 3.00p.m Introduction To Quantitative Methods
3.00p.m - 4.00p.m Principles Of Finance

Anybody wanna date me?
Please don't crash with my timetable.
My timetable for this semester is kinda good for me also.
At least i got time to work and also study at the same time.

After i watched The Happening and The Incredible Hulk
My review on both shows is:
The Happening
This is not bad although the movie is kinda weird.
Kinda creative that human can just lost control and commit suicide when they breathe in some kind of toxic or gases.
Rating 7/10

The Incredible Hulk
I am a Marvel Heroes lover, all the shows like Spiderman, Ironman, X-Men all that can make me get crazy, of course The Hulk too.
You shouldn't miss this show, it is nice!
Rating 8/10

None of you should miss any of these 2 shows!
Go and watch it now!

Actually this time my PC back with some new "things"
Let's have a look.
Sony DVD Burner

Logitech S100 Speaker

Cheap and nice!
Wheeeehaaaa!!! XD

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movie Marathon!

Brighten up your day with 2 packs of Indomee~
My favorite!

While waiting for the water boil up.
Let's prepare the ingredients!
Chiang Chiang Chiang!

Boiling~ and boiling~

Oh~ Yum!

Excuse me!!!

Since i am working at 5 today.
So i planned to catch up with 2 new movies today!
It is......
The Happening

*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
*scrool down*
The Incredible Hulk!
I am watching the 1st show!

Hope that both of the movie wont disappoint me!
I am ready for both of it!
Other than this,
i still got a lot of new movies that i don't wanna miss!

This post not end yet!
I need to promote something to you guys!
As you guys know, there is a sexy blogger named Vingie right?
This is how she looks like!
The Sexy Blogger! [Porn Star Look]

She is getting popular now until someone need to copy here!
U wanna know who?
Let's see!
The GoodBoyGoneBad!
[the innocent kah or the porn star look?]

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sugar Is Back In Action!

After a while,
Sugar is back to normal and happy as usual.
But she just got a little bit problems now.
Previously Sugar looks like this!

Now Sugar looks like this!

Yes! Sugar is "botak" now!
Funny isn't it?
But sometimes we will wear some shirts on her of course.
A dog that used to have a lot of fur and suddenly became bald will can really feel cold!

Besides that, i got something new.
Yoyo keep on complaining that he is lonely and sad.
So i got him a new partner!
Guess what?


Previously Little Yoyo is lonely and nobody accompany him.
But now he got a big brother and bald creature!


Sorry for didn't update at all!
I am in holiday but i am still working everyday.
Actually i am very free when i don't have to work.
Too bad my PC break down!
I cannot online for the whole week!
But don't worry, it is back now!
Although it is not so stable, but i will be back blogging now!
I need more time to install back all the software before i can get back to blogging.
Stay tuned for more interesting post!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

RM2.70 per Liter of Petrol

Yesterday was having a terrible jam in everywhere!
The petrol price raised to RM2.70 per liter today.
Last night all the people were rushed out grab as much petrol as they can.
I didn't, cause the queue is so terrible that when i am on my way home.
The distance not even 1km, i took almost 1 hour to reach my home!
Can you imagine how terrible the jam is?
It is even worse than Public Holiday!

Recently edited one picture.
Here it is!
Emo YoYo!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Job Vacancies In Government Department!

Minat dalam bidang PERTAHANAN? Bantu skuad negara dalam membanteras jenayah.


1. Bumiputra shj
2. Tidak Rabun Warna
3. Kelayakan Minimum SP
4. Berumur diantara 18-40 tahun


1. Kerja di bawah kerajaan
2. Gaji pokok : RM1800
3. Elaun bulanan
(Kola) : RM300 4. Elaun penginapan RM300
5. Uniform: RM150
Dobi RM60
7. Percuma kursus mempertahankan diri
8. Kenaikan pangkat secara lantikan dari ketua unit jawatan dan mengambil ujian khas

Sekiranya berminat sila hadir pada sesi temuduga dan dikehendaki membawa kad pengenalan diri serta gambar berukuran passport pada
23 April 2008 di Jabatan Pertahanan Awam
Bagi yang berkelayakan uniform akan diberikan 3 pasang setiap seorang dan kelengkapan lain (lengkap) serta perlu melaporkan diri 60 hari surat tawaran jawatan.


1. Power Rangers

2. Kamen Riders

3. Ultraman

4. Sailormoon (wanita shj) [PONDAN DIKECUALIKAN!]

Sunday, June 1, 2008

无与伦比的美丽 - 苏打绿


Hey~ Hey~
Hey~ Hey~
Hey~ Hey~
Hey~ Hey~
Hey~ Hey~
Hey~ Hey~
Hey~ Hey~


Hey~ Hey~