Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poodle Puppies for sale.

I have 5 miniature Poodle Puppies for sale,
anyone interested?
contact me.
You can email me,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back To College Life

Hola people! It's been sometimes didn't update my blog again.
My Streamyx bill is here, RM660, wow...
Kinda shocking, but have to pay though...
Thanks to the stupid company, Switchbox, my salary is not here yet.
My plans can't move on, debts killing.

Found out something in my college.
and I guess I'll bring this issue to the Federation of Malaysian Consumers' Association(FOMCA) soon.
College should not charge students extra.
And we got the rights to know what are we paying for.
Extra charges without informing us and without any black & white is not applicable.
For those who know which college I am studying in, please behave =)

If they wanna hold my cert, it is fine, I don't even care.
I am fighting for consumers' rights, not only for me, but for all the students in my college.
For those who support me, I might need your signature and your cooperation.
We'll see how. =)

Signing off, JJ

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kobukuro - Tsubomi

A very nice japanese song to share with you guys today.
1st, watch this video of a touching true story.

They are so cruel, just left them behind like that, very sad case.

Then, the official MV of this song.
If you want to download this song, please click at the link below.

Hope u guys love it, Happy Sunday =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inconsiderate Old Bastard

Hey Penang people!
Bad driver alert here.

The owner of car plate number PGJ 8021.
An old man which is bald and toothless, blocking the traffic.

As most of the Penang people know, there is this Beach Street, where most of the banks are here, busy traffic all the times and hardly can find a parking lot.
So there's this old bastard who is inconsiderate, stubborn, and selfish idiot.
He parked his car for quite some while in a parking lot. Those meter parking lot.
After that, when he came back, and the meter expired.

I parked at a lot which the meter is spoilt.
Then he saw me went into the car and waited for him to swift his car.
He went into his car, sat there, open up his newspaper.

Normally, I don't even care if you are reading you newspaper, fucking with your newspaper, sucking your newspaper or whatsoever, but please do it at home.
You're fucking wasting other people's time cause it is very difficult to find parking lot in this area. So many people go rounds and rounds looking for a parking lot, and yet you just sat in your car and fucking with your newspaper while the meter expired.

People, please be considerate, there's no point blocking the traffic, it shows that you are uneducated and immature.
If you were to say that I am using vulgarity is uneducated too, then go fuck yourself.

If it happens to this old bastard if one of your relatives, grandpa or whatsoever.
I don't fucking care! Ask him to go to hell!

Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 The Movie

Many people have been waiting for this movie.
The trailer was out since don't know how many years and months ago,
and finally, it is now showing in the cinema!
Tickets fully booked, GSC website cannot access, too many users and site crushed.
Long queue in the cinema ticketing counters.
Everybody is crazy for this movie!

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!
I am waiting!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Creative & Funny Porn Which Can Make You Feel Horny

This is a funny, or I can say, creative porn video.
Maybe this can make you feel horny?

Sex that involved all the musical instruments.

Enjoy it

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small update.

Hello! I am back again, thanks to Xherlyn, who keep on asking me to update update update.
Well, Halloween is over, here are some pictures of it.
Me and Xherlyn went to Gurney for the party and some fun,
of course we did face painting, but due to lack of make up accessories,
we only did some simple one.
Make up half way
Me & Xher
The cute kid @ Alfresco Area

That's all for this post, come back for more next time!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Work Life [Digi Broadband]

Hello peeps!
Have been busy working around.
Trying hard to push sales to the customers are killing!
I don't understand why there are so many people reject here and there for Digi Broadband?
Too bad then.

Well, these are some pictures with my colleagues.
Working with them is extremely fun!
I & Xher
Too bad Charles left.

Bear with my retarded face! muahahhaa!!!
Basically that's all about this post,
I'll come back and update more.
Find me and sign up Digi Broadband with me if you're interested!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Holiday and Work!

Hello people!
It's been sometime since I last update my blog here.
Sorry for that, but I still don't have my connection, I couldn't get online at home.

I'm in holiday now, and it feels so so so good!
Got a new job over here and now work for Digi Broadband,
Anyone wanna sign up for this?
You are welcome to.

Contact me or email me if you are interested ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Random Post

Random pictures posting!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello World

Hello people, and all the readers.
I've received a lot of complains that why I didn't update my blog.
Thousand apologizes for that.

First, my house got no connection, due to Streamyx cut my line because I didn't pay my bill for 8months, sorry to say that.

Second, I get to online when I am in college, but most of the time I busy checking my mails, Facebook, etc.

Third, I've been busy with all my assignments and hardly go out and take pictures here and there, but it is ok, I am now assignments-free.

Still, I got no internet connection at home, but I will still update my blog when I am free.

To my readers and followers, catch me up later.
And sorry again for not updating my blog for so long.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 x 4 Rubik's Cube

This is what driving me crazy these days. = ="

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Missing Dog. Shiba

The sexy Vingie has lost her dog.
Please help her to find her dog please.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prebirthday Celebration @ Tao Cuisine

Last night went to Tao Cuisine @ E-gate with my sister, cousin sister and my colleague.
We had our dinner there and the food was awesome!
Tao Cuisine is a Eat All You Can concept Japanese restaurant.
Let's look at the some of the pictures.
Wasabi Abalone
Grilled Lamb
Sashimi Mix Plate
Unagi Don
Baked Scallop

For the whole set of pictures, please refer to my facebook album
If you can't view this, please add me in facebook.
But please tell me where you add me from =)

P.S: Sorry for the bad quality pictures, it is all took using my camera phone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Just An Emo Day.

Song today : You're Not Alone - MJ

I have been feeling so so down for few days, since I got the x-ray check up on my leg.
Last Saturday, I went to Hospital Pantai Mutiara for my leg check up.
The doctor examined my leg, my scar, and done x-ray on my leg.

The x-ray came out, and submitted to the doctor.
When I thought that the doctor was about to say the same thing as General Hospital's doctors said, the doctor surprised me.
I got a shocked for few seconds, and I became speechless.
The doctor's sentences are simple.
"You cannot squad down like a normal person, permanently"

"Certain limited movements on your leg that the screws caused, it will be permanent"

"The screws wont be taking out, unless you're gonna change your whole bone to a metal one."

"Those screws will be in your leg for the rest of your life, and you are gonna suffer pain when you are old"
Simple sentences that hurt deeply into my feeling.
Which destroy all my hopes and dreams, causing me troubles for the rest of my life.

All these while, all the information from GH's doctors are wrong!!!
They never look into my x-rays, they just briefly read about my medical reports and when i asked questions, they are just answering me based on their stupid knowledge!!!
They didn't know that those screws are screwed into my hip, not femur!

All these while, I've been positive thinking.
I told myself not to give up, I told myself to be strong.
I don't need anybody to support me, i can walk by myself.
I must not make anyone worry about me.
I told myself, the screws will be taking out in the future, and someday, I will walk like a normal person again, as how I walk last time.
I told myself, don't force myself too hard, I will be active in sports again in the future, but not now.

All these while, my family and friends are supporting me.
I know they care about me, so I never tell them when my leg is extremely pain.
I don't wanna make anyone worry about me, and also not to gain sympathy.
I've been telling myself that one day, I will be fine.
I've been giving myself all the hopes that I will be fine in the future, my leg will fully recover.

I'm afraid.
Afraid of people don't wanna hang out with me anymore if they think that I cannot join for certain activities.
Afraid of people think that I am a burden to them.
Afraid of no one cares about me.
Afraid of being left behind.

Then, i stood up again.
Even though i can ease the pain for every step i take, I will not complain.
I must never show the weaker side about myself.
I will never let anyone worry about me, I don't wanna be a burden to anyone.
I can take the pain, I will not let anyone leave me behind...

At 1st, I don't even want to tell anyone about my current condition, not even my family.
All these while, everyone thought that those screws will be remove from my leg one day.
That's what I told everyone, and what I heard from GH's doctors.
I've been putting the smile on my face, laugh like nobody business, to cover up my emotional feeling.

But now, I will have to bear with the pain, until the rest of my life.
I cannot squad down like a normal human, forever.

I cannot shift my leg up, forever.

The screws will be remain in my hip, for the rest of my life.

Everything is permanent, no more hopes.
I have to go through another types of life.
Which I will feel pain when I wake up, until I go to sleep, and sometimes, sleepless night.
I am a weather forecast, I can tell the whole state of people that when is it going to rain.
But no matter what, I should feel thankful that I can still walk, and I am still alive.
I am only 20 years old, or I should say, 19years and 10months old, and I have to go through all these.
I am a tough guy, I will not give up, I will continue my journey, until the end, the rest of my life...

I am writing this post to express my own feeling.
Not to gain any attention or sympathy from anyone.
Thanks to everyone who care about me all these while.
Thousand appreciate.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Hate This!

I hate it, when you said that you got some feeling towards me when i tell you that we are friends.

I hate it, when I have start to contribute, and you start avoiding me.

I hate it, when I sms you daily as usual, you start replying me with only few words.

I hate it, when I start showing my care about you, you start ignoring me.

I hate it, when you are the one who said you got some feeling towards me at the beginning, and now, you are saying that we're friends.

I Absolutely HATE THIS!

Done my bullshit =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

College Life

It's been sometimes since i last update about my college life.
Let's get update with some pictures!

Below are some pictures with my classmates! XD
Xher & I
Haz & Xher
A crazy picture of myself = ="

Don't give me bad comments, i beg you guys = ="

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drink F&N and Win Yourself A PSP or Sony MP3!

You know what is F&N?
There are Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Ginger Beer, and etc.

This promotion is called "Dance You Win"

What you have to do is:
1. Get yourself a can of F&N drinks.
2. Pull the tab.
3. If the can is dancing instead of the providing the drinks to you, then CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! Call this number 03-8023 8311 ( Monday - Friday 10a.m. - 5p.m, except public holidays)

Prizes available:
1. 750 x Sony PSP(Play Station Portable)
2. 750 x Sony Video MP3 Player

Promotion Period:
1st of June - 31 of August 2009

For more info, please visit this page.

What are you waiting for?
Go and find your dancing can now!
Good luck to all of you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

If You Think That Your Life Sucks, Then What About Their Life?

Read this article and you will completely understand what my title means.
= ="

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ice Age 3

I wanna watch this movie!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have You Watch Transformers 2: The Revenge of The Fallen yet?

This movie Transformers 2 have been out for like 2 weeks and i am pretty sure a lot of you have watched it.
Very cool movie, a lot of fighting scenes, and it is also about luv~~~

Let me introduce to you all for some characters in the movie.
He is cool, very cool, but only during the beginning scenes
Skid & Mudflap
The twins, always fight with each other, not much involve in fighting scenes, and don't know where they gone in the end.
The bike, she is cute and kinda fast moving, not much of her fighting scenes too.
There is another bike, no one knows the name, and died in the end.
Ok, let's proceed to the Decepticons, those bad machines
A huge machine monster that transformed by around 6 decepticons.
Only appeared during the last fighting scene, fought with Skid & Mudflap,
P.S : He is a male and have 2 HUGE Balls.
The big and huge guy, which looks strong and cool, but die easily.
Optimus Prime killed him.
The Fallen
The Mage, master of Megatron, which hid when Optimus Prime is alive, and appear when he is dead. Only involved in the last fighting scenes.
[Unknown Name]
The tiger creature, who saves the cube and the Decepticons.

Thanks to GoodBoyGoneBad who reminded me that I should not miss this hot babe.
Isabel Lucas, who play as one of the Decepticons
She's HOT! Go and see her pink undies! XD
There are actually a lot more which I couldn't find their pictures.
Go watch it at yourself, it is a very nice movie andI've watched it twice and going to be my thrice tonight.
Some people said that it is not nice, why?
Because of the transforming parts are too little?
The what's your review during the 1st movie? fighting scenes too little, transforming scenes too much, blah blah blah.

I guess the director made this movie by reviewing the opinions of the 1st movie.
So when can we satisfy?

Just get along and watch it larrrrr!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cute Pussy [Cat]

This cat is so hyperactive!
I went to this Farlim Petshop and met this cute pussy!
See how we had fun!

Cute little pussy, i am gonna miss u,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

So today, another legend left us.
Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.
You dancing skills and your songs are totally awesome!
You will always on our mind.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Day Trip [Lost World of Tambun - Ipoh]

Me, Charles, Haz, Sherlyn and Hui Zhen went to Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh today.
It is an one day trip and we enjoyed ourselves.
A Group Photo

More photos?
Please visit my facebook album!

Now i need to get some rest, few hours of driving is killing me. =.="

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Before & After

This is me and Baby's haircut.

How big different? XD

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello and I'm Back!!!!!!

Sorry for didn't update for quite some time.
Have been busy with a new temporary job. XD

For your information, i am on a short holiday now!
And I am now working in that Chill Soya Pudding which located at Prangin Mall, 2nd floor, central atrium, same row with Body Glove. 
Find me there.
I'll make you a very delicious, colourful and nice sweet soya pudding.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kayak Kayak (Canoe) Waaahhh!!!! Very The Fun!!!!!

A day out with the Shouters!
Me, Lasker, Thily, Wendy, Hugo & Hugo's brother woke up early in the morning and went to this Penang Water Sports Club for some kayak-kayak-ing!

So we've met at MCD Sunrise at around 8.30a.m. 
We had our breakfast and we just head there!
We reached, discussed and paid RM24 for 3hours of kayak-ing. 
Then we keep all our belonging nicely. 
Put on our life jacket, and we just go ahead! 

There are all 6 of us, so 2 person will share one canoe. 
These are our canoes (Red, Yellow & Orange)

We are ready! (Lasker was the photographer)

We were having fun and it is really fun but not when we reach the "Pulau Tikus" and get down.
It was a near death experiences helping each other to get up and pick back our slippers because we were surrounded by the rocks. 
But then, we survived =) 
We pulled up the ship when we reached the island. 

So i prayed there, and we took a family photo. =)
LaskerThily, Me, WendyHugo, Wei Quan
[Green, White, Black, Black, White, Green]
I snapped at myself too[vainpot]

When we were about to leave that island, my slipper broke.
So i bared my foot until we reach the beach again. 
And when we reached the beach, Thily's turn to break her slipper =.="
Bare foot walk around

After that we were so hot and we went to bath, the feeling of the cold water splash on you from your head to your toe is AWESOME! It really cool down you mind, your soul, your body, and maybe your screws too! 

Then we went to Midlands Plaza and i bared foot walk around looking for slippers =___="
So me and Thily bought our slippers and we had lunch at Sam Hui Cafe.
It was so fun and exciting!
Perhaps, we can organize it again next time by gathering more people?

I came home, bath again, and i found 9cuts in total on my both hands, and 6 scratches on my legs.
This part of my injuries. Right knee

Tomorrow Koay Zhiap! XD

Friday, May 22, 2009

下雨天 - 南拳妈妈

This song damn nice.

下雨天了怎么办 我好想你 
不敢打给你 我找不到原因 
沉默的场景 做你的代替 

一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪 

怎样的雨 怎样的夜 
天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴 

其实 没有我你分不清那些 
彻别 接近还能多一些 

一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪 

怎样的雨 怎样的夜 
天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴 

其实 没有我你分不清那些 
彻别 接近还能多一些 

怎样的雨 怎样的夜 
天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴 

其实 没有我你分不清那些 
彻别 接近还能多一些 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Specs Fever

Yesterday, me and my college gang went to Prangin Mall, then straight to Komtar and we found a shop which selling all the cheap goods.
We had a lot of fun there.
Me & Xher

Me, Charles & Xher

Me & Haz

A group picture then. Thanks Aida =)

And we are welcoming Aida that just joined our gang recently. =)
Hope you will get along with our craziness. XD