Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Waffle Buddies | Penang Food Truck

Food Truck is now a trend in Penang!
Brace yourself! Because Waffle Buddies is coming your way to serve you some delicious waffle burgers!
Waffle Buddies is one of the newly operated food trucks that just started their business last month, currently touring around the island to serve more hungry Penangites. 

Spot Waffle Buddies with very cute pixelated animations printed on the truck!

The old menu of Waffle Buddies was simple and straight to the point.
Either you go for the Pork Waffle Burger or Chicken Waffle Burger, you can either go with just the burger or complete it with a set meal consist of drinks and fries.
Also, you get to choose choices of sauce from Homemade Dark Sauce(recommended), Korean Chilli Sauce or Cheese Sauce.
*Dark sauce is only available during special events*

Pork Waffle Burger(Combo B with fries & drinks) RM15.00
I've ordered the pork waffle burger and picked the cheese sauce since I am a cheese lover. 

Not only the burger was quite huge, but I really like the thick and juicy homemade pork patty that was just perfect with a balance of lean meat and fats in it. It was grilled to perfection so it is best to eat while it is hot and juicy.
In between waffle, there are also lettuce, sliced tomatoes, fried onions and also a slice of cheddar cheese. If it is not cheesy enough for you, you can always choose to add-on more sides to your waffle burgers!
Every bite was a tasting pleasure though it was a sin to my diet, not forget to mention that the waffles were crispy, just perfect to my liking.

Chicken Waffle Burger(a la carte) RM13.00
Fret not if you are not into pork patties!
Waffle Buddies serve an even greater evil waffle burger! 

The Chicken Waffle Burger shocked me when it came to me, look at the size of the patty that was bigger than the waffles! We picked the Homemade Dark Sauce to go with the Chicken Waffle Burger as recommended.
The patty was really big, juicy and crispy. The recommended sauce really surprised me as I can taste ginger, onion and the whole feeling made me feel like I'm having a Nyonya inspired dish. I would recommend you to share this burger with your friend if you are not a big eater.

I've met Waffle Buddies during the recent Food Truck Festival that was held in conjunction with Coffee & Dessert Festival 2017.
Waffle Buddies is very active in participating food truck events, other that you can always find them around Bayan Baru area.
To follow Waffle Buddies and try their waffle burgers, follow their Facebook page as they always update their locations to everyone.

Waffle burgers are not very common in Penang yet. Though I know some places are serving but I would really recommend this to my friends if you have not tried it yet.
The next time I would go back for their pork waffle burger with the Korean Chilli Sauce as I also saw some recommendations by other customers. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Introducing Apple Fox Cider | Real Apples, Real Attitude

Apple Fox?


A new cider has invaded Malaysia! Introducing the new Apple Fox Cider. This New Zealand-inspired apple cider ripples your senses with a crisp refreshing taste, made from only good, fresh orchard apples. Now there's one more cider for you to choose whenever you think of any parties! 

By going into the heart of natural freshness – the orchard – Apple Fox Cider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown. Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this alcoholic cider will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge.
New Zealand is all about growing fresh and delicious orchard apples. This is what was captured by Apple Fox to bring you the best cider inspired from New Zealand made from the finest apples harvested in the world. When you are tired from work or looking for happy hour places to chillax, I believe Apple Fox would serve the purpose to give you a refreshing taste and freshen you a little from your tiredness.

Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best-kept secrets of cider making in creating a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience, served over ice. Stealthy by nature, the fox has been known to sneak into orchards to hunt for delicious, juicy apples. Apple Fox is stepping in using our wily friends' favourite fruit to craft great tasting apple cider. 
They also did a launching event in Kuala Lumpur recently to introduce Apple Fox to Malaysia market. Apple Fox Cider contains 4.5% ABV and delivers an instant refreshing taste. Only the freshest apples sourced from orchards all over the world are picked to make the cider, ensuring a naturally crisp texture and intense flavour that makes the best tasting cider. I'm sure this is going to be the locals' favourite when it comes to all sorts of beach parties or outdoor parties especially to counter the Malaysia's hot weather.

Apple Fox is available from August 2017 and available in 320ml cans and 325ml bottles from hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, also in bars, pubs and restaurants. A special introductory price from RM5.80 per can will be offered for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia. Grab this offer while stocks available! 

Apple Fox Cider can be bought from most of the hypermarkets, supermarkets, or also convenience stores in Penang from August onwards! From time to time you would be able to find Apple Fox Cider in most bars and restaurants too! So don't forget to grab a bottle or a can to freshen up yourself now! 

Keep updated by following Apple Fox Cider’s social media accounts below:

Don’t forget to #WhatTheFox and #AppleFoxCider while enjoying a Fox with your friends! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reopening of Tapaz Langkawi @ Telaga Harbour, Langkawi[Kedah]

Telaga Harbour is one of the most happening places in Langkawi, especially when you are there to take yacht tour, or you might stop your yacht there. You can say that this area is more to an "Atas" area in Langkawi because this is where you can all the million dollar luxury parked here for holiday. 
In Telaga Harbour, there's a top notch Spanish concept tapas restaurant that has been serving all the travellers for years in Langkawi. Tapaz Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Telaga Harbour not only for the tourists but also a favourite restaurant among the locals. 

Tapaz Restaurant was first opened in December 2004, then recently underwent a renovation and reopened in June 2017. They serve a very wide Spanish Mediterranean dining menu that features over 40 types of tapas that allows you to taste the delicious small plates of goodies cooked in different combination and methods. Mainly to bring the best out of the ingredients available.
We like the table set up that we joined with a group of guests from Tapaz Restaurant to enjoy the dinner together. We were served with their homemade bread to go with some starter tapas before we dig in. The bread came with their homemade Chicken Liver Pate and Kalamata Olives and we really like how we apply a thick layer of the chicken liver pate to go with the bread.

The dish that we really like was this Garlic Prawns with Dried Chilli, Parsley & Olive Oil. It was so delicious that even the oil was really a good dip for the bread. We didn't waste a single drop of the olive oil and we just dip our bread to finish all the oil. Not forget to mention the shrimps was really fresh and the portion was big, guess you may need to get a few more friends so you can order more dishes from the menu.

Chicken Kebab with Pimiento Sauce was another delicious dish that we enjoyed. We loved the cubed chicken well seasoned and grilled to perfection with the combination of some vegetables in between. It was juicy and the chicken was nicely cooked, perfect to finish it with a glass of wine!

We also tried the refreshing Lime Calamari with coriander & garlic. The squid served to us was fresh and comes with roe inside. Not much seasoning was added into this dish but we enjoyed the natural sweetness and saltiness from the squid itself. Chewy and delicious, though I might personally prefer it to be more flavourful.

Fresh catch of the day!
We were quite lucky that the boss went out to the sea and bring back some live fishes! Hence we got this pot of Grilled Snapper Tapas with tomato onion salsa. Need not further explanation the snapper was really fresh and bare in mind this snapper was from the sea and not from the farm. Every piece of meat was smooth and sweet. We like how it was cooked with the salsa sauce, I even took a lot of the salsa and enjoyed it alone!

Not enough of shrimp?
You can also try the Grilled Tiger Prawns with Garlic Butter!!!

The prawn was grilled separately so you just have to squeeze the lemon juice and pour the melted garlic butter. The lemon made the prawns so refreshing and further enhanced the taste from tiger prawn. IF you know me well, you would know that I will love this dish very much because I'm a garlic obsessed person very much!
If you are not full from the Tapas, you can anytime order Paella from the menu!
A bowl of hearty paella was served to our table and we dug in immediately. This is the original paella we had but you can also try their seafood paella, the one usually available in most tapas restaurants.

It will never be perfect without a sweet ending!
We also tried the Creme Brulee to end the wonderful night! The first "crack" I heard from breaking the top layer of the creme brulee was a blessing! That is how the creme brulee should be and how I would really enjoy it with the burnt crispy sugar!

We had an enjoyable evening at the Tapaz Langkawi with delicious food, some great wines, a lovely company filled with lots of laughter. Special thanks to Tapaz Langkawi for the wonderful evening.

Tapaz Langkawi @ Telaga Harbour
Address: Perdana Quay Telaga Harbour, A1 & A2,
Pantai Kok, Kedah, 07000 Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
Contact no: 017-582 2889
Business hours: Daily 11:00am - 3:00pm | 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Facebook page:
GPS: 6.3679617,99.6821291


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Friday, August 18, 2017

Upsidow Langkawi @ Kuah[Langkawi]

Secretly hidden in the middle of the Langkawi Island hosted a pretty awesome place that serves nice food and creative arts. Not only the place was cozy and beautiful, but it also comes with a pretty lovely view of Langkawi Island.

Upsidow Langkawi is not only an art gallery, it is a gallery that exhibits recycled items that turned into art pieces. There's also a very cute food truck that place right next to the art space and serves a variety of food on the menu.

During my trip to Langkawi recently, I've visited Upsidow Langkawi and find it quite amusing. First the dining space was also made with mostly recycled materials and they don't look old, only colourful and very picturesque. They have turned an abandoned mini bus carcass into a fine food truck, though it will not move but still very creative to be in there.

You can see the chairs and tables were made with abandoned oil tanks, woods and much more.
They are all painted in different colours and made the place looks lively and cute.

Even the lamp located in front of the gallery was also made of used bottles. 
Simple, creative yet beautiful.

The menu ranges from appetizers to desserts. They are serving western kind of menu where you can find quite a number of pizza, breads, pasta, salad and so much more. 

Garlic Bread RM5.00
The garlic bread was yummy to be honest. I'm not a fan of bread but yet I'm a bit fan of garlic hence I cannot resist garlic bread all the time. It was thin, crispy and filled with! 

Salad, pizzas and much more options are also available on the menu.
You just gotta head over and dig in all the delicious dishes on menu.

There are several pastas on the menu too, you can go for tomato base, cream base or even aglio-olio.

Pizza Hawaii RM19.00
We enjoyed the handmade pizza. They made their own dough and baked this pizza from scratch.
We like the thin later pizza dough that baked until crispy topped with some cheese, ham, pineapple make every bite worthwhile.

Look at that big juicy patty! That's the Australian Beef Burger we had at only RM15 each! It is served with their homemade pickles and salad.

Sausages, taco, and burrito are also available on the menu, the variety of choices is what you will be looking forward to when you dine here.

We were really full after a big meal at Bas Burger. Look at how many dishes we had!

Before you enter the art installation gallery, I would strongly recommend you to charge your phone/ camera/ DSLR/ GoPRO to the full battery! I can guarantee you that it will never be enough if you are someone who loves taking photos with all the tricky arts!

You can basically do anything in there or pose as much as you like, you only have to pay for the entrance tickets and you can spend as much time as you want in there.

Flying car?

The superwoman Ling Tze

a cute pose may be better?

or the sexy pose maybe?

Just another day relax at the kitchen.

You can also do creepy pose to make yourself look scary in there. Just like what we did down there.

Overall it was really a good hunt in Langkawi, we not only enjoyed the food and the art installation gallery, but we really like the whole experience in there and not forget the view from this place is something so unforgettable.
It was fun travelling with your buddies and take pictures for memories, this is sure the one that will be carved in my heart forever. <3 p="">

Upsidow Langkawi - Art Installation Gallery
Address: Jalan Padang Matsirat 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.
Contact no: +6012 - 3294094
Business hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm daily
Facebook page:
GPS: 6.330039,99.7497077