Saturday, November 25, 2017

Legoland Malaysia @ Johor Bahru

One of the world-class theme parks, Legoland Malaysia was established and opened in the year 2012 at Johor Bahru welcoming more than visitors from all over the world with numerous exciting rides, games, and entertainments in the park. Legoland Malaysia in Johor is the first Legoland in Asia and also the 1st international park in Malaysia.

The whole Legoland Hotel was designed with Lego concept, it was really cute and beautiful.
It is a very ideal travel destination for families especially families with kids. Even better if you can complete your trip with at least 2 nights stay at the beautiful Lego-themed hotel! My last visit to Johor with my family was really a lovely one. Not only we did enjoy the trip very much, but we also booked our flight at a very cheap rate with AirAsia, one of the cheapest flights in the world which made our trip a perfect one! Air Asia ticket price is always the best when you are traveling around domestic or Asia.

The are several room types available at the Legoland Hotel.
I went with my family hence we picked 2 of the 4 themes and we really enjoyed the rooms.
The rooms are quite large and it can accommodate 4 persons with breakfast. Furthermore, you will get rebates in theme park tickets when you stay with Legoland Hotel.

Pirate theme.

Apart from all that, there's a little surprise awaits you in every room. You can find treasure box with password locks in every room, there's a quiz puzzle where you have to solve it and then you can claim prizes from the treasure box. So cute and exciting!

The breakfast came with plenty of choices, there were too many choices that we can't really finish trying them all and the restaurant was really spacious that it can accommodate hundreds of people there.

Legoland Malaysia has 9 theme parks in there including the Ninjago Park, Star Wars and there is also a water park inside there. You can spot Lego figurines everywhere around the park and take pictures with them.

There was this part of the park that features signature buildings from all around the world.
From there we can also spot also signature buildings in KL, all being very detailed and beautiful.

The rides in Legoland are exciting and very family oriented. You can really enjoy your family bonding activities here, and I'm sure the kids will love it!

Apart from kids' ride, the adults can also enjoy some exciting rides that will let you shout your lungs out too. There are certain rides with minimum height limits to protect the kids from injuring or any incidents.

As you walk around the theme park, you will spot more Lego figurines that are cute and interesting where they purposely set them up for photography opportunities. Here are some silly things we did around the park and trust me, there are a lot more that I can't upload them all in this post.

Other than that, there are many eateries and beautiful cafes around Johor too!
I particularly love this one my friend brought me to located at Bandar Johor Bahru, the EHHE Art Cafe.

EHHE Art Cafe is located at the old town of Johor and the building was really nostalgic. It looks almost like some heritage houses in Penang and really great to see how well they have maintained the building. 

Something you must try is the signature coffee specially created and it is something that you couldn't find it in anywhere else. They are famous for their hand brew coffee and this one will be paired with their homemade air-dried citrus, making your coffee smooth yet refreshing and I would say it is really interesting.

EHHE Art Cafe
Address: 1, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Business hours: Daily 7am - 5pm
Contact no: 012-727 1681

Johor is a very interesting place and I will definitely be back again with friends and family! 
I have yet to explore so much about Johor and as I only spent 2 days and one night at the state.

What surprised me more was the AirAsia flight that we took home was with Line cartoon design. I was really excited to see that and I'm glad that I flew with AirAsia, one of the cheapest budget airlines in the world.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Street Sushi @ Penang Chulia Lane[Food Truck]

A chef that recently came back from Singapore just started his own F&B journey by running his own food truck business all around Penang Island.
Sashimi, handroll, handmade sushi are now available with a more economic price in Penang with Street Sushi food truck that is parked at the corner of Chulia Lane, the corner that houses a few food trucks and made their permanent location.

Street Sushi food truck runs by chef Paul Alan and his sister. He is specialized in Japanese Omakase dining back in Singapore when he worked in a Japanese restaurant, and he totally wins it with his passion towards Japanese sushi!

Not only he focuses on his food quality, but also how he insisted that his customers should eat their sushi while it is "fresh from the oven". He will prepare every piece of sushi with his own hands, just to make sure all the sushi are served with the right method and fresh. According to him, the texture and the taste of sushi will deteriorate after being left for quite a while, hence all sushi will be prepared fresh upon order.

They have a simple fixed menu normally, but if you are looking for something extra or special, ask Chef Alan to surprise you! You will never know what you might get from him!

If you are someone who prefers more varieties, you can go for their platter, the Vegetarian Temari or Seafood Temari that is available in 6 pieces or 12 pieces.
The thing is, if you have no idea what to choose, you can go for their temari set and let the chef decide it for you. If you are a vegetarian, they can also make something up just to fit your preference. But do let the chef know if you have any special diet, just like how an Omakase dining works!

All the sushi were freshly prepared upon ordering. The chef did not want to make any sushi and left it there for customers to choose because he did not want any customers to taste some bad sushi, hence QC is very important to him. As we taste every pieces of the sushi, we enjoyed the texture, the rice and also the ingredients in the temaki.

Maguro, Salmon, Unagi, you name it. All the common sushi that you can find in Japanese restaurants are also available here with a more economical price. We tried all our sushi and really satisfied with the quality of the sushi, not only the sashimi is fresh but some sushi created by Chef Alan were creative and really delicious. Not forget to mention that the sushi rice is good too!

Do you really know how to eat sushi? The best way to eat sushi is to hold your sushi with fingers and not chopsticks. By doing so not only your sushi is nicer, but you can also tell how good a piece of sushi can be by holding on to it. Rice is the most important part of a good sushi. If the sushi rice will fall off easily that means the sushi rice could be overcooked, the picture below shows how great the sushi is from Street Sushi food truck.

There were too many types of sushi available but Chef Alan only managed to display some of the commonly popular items on the menu. We have personally tried some unique sushi that I've never tasted before and it was good. You totally don't have to worry even if you are someone who dont take red meat / raw sashimi/vegetarian or any special diets. You will be pleased by Chef Alan and he will surprise you with his creations. 

If you think that sushi or hand rolls are not enough, do give their Sharwama a try!
Their Sharwama is available in chicken or beef, and we tried the one with cheese with the homemade tortilla and it was really good. We enjoyed the moisture in this Sharwama and how juicy and cheesy it was. The sauce, vegetables, meat and cheese, everything was just perfectly blended together.

Street Sushi[Food Truck] @ Chulia Lane
Address:  1, Lorong Chulia, George Town, 10200, Penang, Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 5:00pm - 11:00pm[Closed on Tuesdays]
Contact no: +6012-4759529 / +6012-9166387
GPS: 5.4180701,100.3369914


Google Street Earth

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Waffle Buddies | Penang Food Truck

Food Truck is now a trend in Penang!
Brace yourself! Because Waffle Buddies is coming your way to serve you some delicious waffle burgers!
Waffle Buddies is one of the newly operated food trucks that just started their business last month, currently touring around the island to serve more hungry Penangites. 

Spot Waffle Buddies with very cute pixelated animations printed on the truck!

The old menu of Waffle Buddies was simple and straight to the point.
Either you go for the Pork Waffle Burger or Chicken Waffle Burger, you can either go with just the burger or complete it with a set meal consist of drinks and fries.
Also, you get to choose choices of sauce from Homemade Dark Sauce(recommended), Korean Chilli Sauce or Cheese Sauce.
*Dark sauce is only available during special events*

Pork Waffle Burger(Combo B with fries & drinks) RM15.00
I've ordered the pork waffle burger and picked the cheese sauce since I am a cheese lover. 

Not only the burger was quite huge, but I really like the thick and juicy homemade pork patty that was just perfect with a balance of lean meat and fats in it. It was grilled to perfection so it is best to eat while it is hot and juicy.
In between waffle, there are also lettuce, sliced tomatoes, fried onions and also a slice of cheddar cheese. If it is not cheesy enough for you, you can always choose to add-on more sides to your waffle burgers!
Every bite was a tasting pleasure though it was a sin to my diet, not forget to mention that the waffles were crispy, just perfect to my liking.

Chicken Waffle Burger(a la carte) RM13.00
Fret not if you are not into pork patties!
Waffle Buddies serve an even greater evil waffle burger! 

The Chicken Waffle Burger shocked me when it came to me, look at the size of the patty that was bigger than the waffles! We picked the Homemade Dark Sauce to go with the Chicken Waffle Burger as recommended.
The patty was really big, juicy and crispy. The recommended sauce really surprised me as I can taste ginger, onion and the whole feeling made me feel like I'm having a Nyonya inspired dish. I would recommend you to share this burger with your friend if you are not a big eater.

I've met Waffle Buddies during the recent Food Truck Festival that was held in conjunction with Coffee & Dessert Festival 2017.
Waffle Buddies is very active in participating food truck events, other that you can always find them around Bayan Baru area.
To follow Waffle Buddies and try their waffle burgers, follow their Facebook page as they always update their locations to everyone.

Waffle burgers are not very common in Penang yet. Though I know some places are serving but I would really recommend this to my friends if you have not tried it yet.
The next time I would go back for their pork waffle burger with the Korean Chilli Sauce as I also saw some recommendations by other customers.