Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Kampung Nights Ramadan Buffet @ Sarkies, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Break fast doesn't have to be so traditional all the time. With sumptuous buffets available at so many hotels, you can enjoy big feast with so many choices available at the buffet spread. 
This year at Sarkies, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, it is still one of the widest buffet spreads you can find in Penang. Offering traditional Malay cuisine, international favourites as well as vast varieties of local delights, there will be something for everybody for sure.

You can always start your feast with some pasembur or kerabu available on the spread. Making your own pasembur is just as easy as making salads here where you can choose all your favourite ingredients to go with your meal.

Choices of cheese & assorted sushi, freshly prepared by chef.
Here you can savour as much Unagi as you want.

For starters, you can also have some of the cold platters available like mixed salads and all. 
However, the most attractive to me are still these delicious and juicy seafood cold cuts, oysters and all the seafood on ice.

If you think that raw food or cold food are not your thing. Then you will definitely enjoy some hot soup available on the spread. Be it western or Chinese or Malay, you can enjoy the creamy mushroom soup, fish maw soup or Malay chicken soup.

At the grilling station, you can enjoy some grilled lamb, beef and others that cook on the spot.

At the hot dish section, you can expect many traditional Malay dishes available as this is Malay themed buffet but also mix & match with some international delights. 
Feast on some tender beef rendang or Kurma Kambing available on the feast, best paired with some nasi kunyit available too.
What surprised me was they have a unique dish which was Sambal Sotong cooked with Petai, unique and definitely Petai lover's heaven.

Ayam Masak Kicap, Acar Buah, Nasi Goreng Kampung, or even Oxtail Masak Merah are all available on the spread.

Fan of barbeque food? Try some of the popular grilled items from the hot wok station. 
They have grilled prawns, salmon, and many more. Served with over 10 types of sauces.

Roast Beef and Roast Lamb is a must in the E&O Buffet spread, they are always tender and juicy.
you can always ask for more if you are not having enough of it.

Some fried food available and Nyonya Steamed Fish.

One of the highlights of the night must be these delicious Curry Salmon Head. Totally something that you cant find elsewhere. They are specialised in this dish and really something that will make you miss it. You will never thought that Salmon could go so well with curry because we always thought that it is only Salmon sashimi or grilled salmon or smoked salmon.

Roast Duck of E&O, definitely a must.

"Pak Lah Pasembur"
Pick whatever you want and let them mix it for you, top it up with chopped cucumber, turnips, crushed peanuts and pasembur sauce, then mix it all together and enjoy it. 

What's buka puasa without a nicely perfectly grilled lamb? 
You can enjyo their tender grilled lamb and choose which part you want. Let the chef know and he will cut it down for you on the spot. Best go with some black pepper sauce and mint sauce.

All kind of cakes and desserts available

Not forget to blend in with varieties of kuih-muih, and popular desserts like kunafa, kurma, baklava and many more. They also have ice kacang, chendol, ice cream and many more on the dessert section.

If you are a fan of Ramadan buffet. You definitely need to put Sarkies @ E&O into one of your considerations. The spread here is amazingly wide selections and sumptuous. 
On the first and second day of Hari Raya, Selera Kampung Buffet Lunch is also available for you to enjoy or have gathering with your family and friends.

If you are looking for some gifts to present to your Muslim friends, you can also consider their Ramadhan Goodies for takeaway so you can order and grab them for your friends.

For buffet bookings, you may contact +604-2222151 or email fbcentral.resv@eohotels.com to make bookings or order the Raya Goodies.