Friday, February 29, 2008

Exam Stress

This Fucking exam is killing me and freak me out.
Short update for all.
A little laughter.
Watch this.
Come see me eat nipple

And please visit this.
Click Here!
It is something like Sim City.
Do visit so that i can earn more population.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Manage Your Debt

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Debts that are troubling you?
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Something That I Need

Sometimes i feel that i have to change or do to improve myself.
Things that i have to change:
  • Not to be TOO friendly
  • Not to be TOO kind
  • Not to be TOO busy body
  • Not to be TOO easy going
  • Not to be TOO lazy
Things that i have to do:
  • Find a job
  • Hardworking on studies
  • Spend wisely for everything
  • Save more MONEY!!!!!
  • Get more SLIM!!!!!
I got no choice, i am almost bankrupt!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't Bully Cute Animals @ Part 2

Let's cut off those crap and straight to the point.
Continue with some cute animals' pictures.
Snail move faster with this?
Animals always help each other
Snail can cam whore
The new skill that this fella use
He is so greedy!
Cute Puppy!
New Born PuppySome animals have to do this for living too
For those owner who don't care about their pets
For those lazy pets
This 2 weeks is my final examination.
I might seldom update my blog.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but remember to check for my update.
P.S: Wish me luck!

Don't Bully Cute Animals @ Part 1

This post is all about animals and pictures.
They are cute and you better don't bully them.
I can play with myself
This fight is not going to end so soon
Sleepy rabbit?

Little smart
Happy Family~

Kids' Fight

Sleep Tight~

Life Doll?! @.@

Say: "Cheese!!!"

Latest hair style

Stay tuned for Part 2,
I don't wanna make a long post.
Tomorrow i will update about it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Drive While U Are Drunk

Last night was out for supper.
Then i saw a 3 Bengali sitting there chatting and having some alcohol drinks.
Then they dismissed and one of them went off, left another two they chatting.
After that, they wanted to go home.
2 of them looks drunk and cannot stand still.
It is funny when i see them trying to start they bike.
Especially the white shirt one.
1st, his key chain only got 2 keys, but he took around 5minutes just to get the right key.
2nd, puke the key into the keyhole is a very tough mission.
3rd, to start the engine took him around 10minutes.
4th, after he start the engine, he fell.
I was laughing but still went to help him, and his friend too.
Funny is, he ask himself: "How could I fall down?"
But then, his friend also got angry and finally left him alone there.
At the end, he himself scolding there and acting.Just like what my uncle said: "this is better than watching Mr. Bean"
After that that fella drove off, but not far away, he bang at someone's car.
I didn't manage to take pictures of that.
But it is so funny that make me laugh the whole night and today.
This is my advice:
Do Not Drive While You Are Drunk!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Steamboat @ Seoul Garden Gurney Plaza

Went to Gurney Plaza and had lunch @ Seoul Garden there.
With Zeon and Sherlyn
While waitingSherlyn's weird faceZeon's siao-nessSherlyn also taking picturesMasak-masak
My foodsMy Superlicious Tomyam Tang HunMy dessertHam greet youAnd themAfter 3 hours

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To Hooi Imm

We are friends for so many years.
From secondary school to tuition classes, i still remember the moment that we enjoy our life.
But nothing is forever, we are now fighting for another better life.
Thing that i am still remember is your birthday.
Happy Birthday To You Hooi Imm!!!Your party was kinda fun.
This is a part of the pictures. >Click Here<
The rest please enjoy here.
Our PicturesAnd other pretty girls too.
Friendship Forever!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lydia Sum Is Dead

This is hard to believe but we have to believe it.
After suffer from about 1 year in hospital,
Our Beloved Madam Lydia Sum left this world.
News report says that she died at 8.38a.m. this morning.
For Chinese news, >click here<
For English news, >click here<

She is a legend, most of us grew up by watching her movies.
I still remember the movie about Chef that she act.
May Lydia Sum Rest In Peace
Let's mourn for her.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Get Crazy

I like to blog with pictures.
This is just to show people that what am i doing.
But sometimes,
I purposely wanna let people laugh.
This is the original Davy Jones
This is the cheap & pirated one

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funny Pictures

Just a short update for today, rushing my assignment.
Some funny pictures that i found in internet.
Sorry if you guys saw those pictures before.
The Best Advertisement of The Year from Google.comSecond Best Advertisement Of The Year
The Award! *giggles*
Guys! Better Don't Step InMonalisa went to Plastic Surgery? @.@You want this kind of brother or not?The result of being a StubbornWorry about the effect of smoking instead, =__=To the left~ to the left~ look to the left~
This one you call bomb technician? You tell you customer after they finish their foods?Think properly before you steal foods from this familyThis is the ultimate cam whore skill!
Laugh all you can!