Friday, April 12, 2024

Komorebi Dining Penang @ Ropewalk Piazza, Penang

If you are a fan of Omakase dining and always bored of the same old place you had in Penang, check out this few months old Omakase restaurant in Penang called Komorebi Dining and it is also one of the latest addition to Ropewalk Piazza, a place that almost forgotten by many. 

Komorebi Dining sourced most of their raw ingredients from Japan. With freshly flown seasonal ingredients from Japan twice a week, their menu will feature seasonal dishes available depending on the seasons of Japan. 

All the menu will be crafted based on what are the fresh ingredients available on the day. As what Omakase means - I leave the details up to you, you don't have to worry about what the menu is, just let the chef knows what to avoid or any food allergies you have and then the rest is up to them. However if you are someone who is not comfortable with sashimi then Omakase is definitely not suitable for you. 

Along Ropewalk Piazza you can find this humble restaurant hiding in the center among all other shops. The restaurant was designed by the owner from scratch, a very challenging process as they were away in Singapore for over 10 years and wasn't familiar with local suppliers and vendor, hence taking a lot of time to perfect the renovation. 

When you step into the restaurant, you will be welcomed to your seat arranged for you, and then you will be presented with menu of the day and your name printed to address you personally. Making you feel respected even though it is just a dining. 

向付 Sakizuke
Monaka | Nara Zuke | Myoga | Ankimo | Kinome Leaf

We were welcomed with something unique and nothing I've ever had before. Ankimo, a Japanese dish made with liver of Monkfish. Unlike pate, this one is much smoother and soft, taste not as strong as pate too, even people who don't take intestine also able to accept the taste of it, and the way they served it in Monaka paired with Nara Zuke, Myoga and Kinome Leaf making it much more acceptable and refreshing too. 

前菜 Zensai
 Hotate | Uni | Yaki Nasu | Urui | Irizake Jelly
As one of the closely related with Japan suppliers. The chef is able to import giant sized Hotato directly from Japan so that they are able to satisfy diner's craving for fresh scallops. They are also very generous with the Uni serving on the plate. This dish is an appetiser that features fresh ingredients together with seasonal vegetable that is available, adding Urui that gives us the taste of Spring and Irizake Jelly which made the dish refreshing.

御碗 Owan
Awabi | Takenoko
On the soup dish we were served with Awabi & Takenoko(abalone and bamboo shoot) soup with seaweed. As we all know, Sakura is the symbol of Spring season, however when it comes to taste of spring, it will definitely be Takenoko(freshly harvested bamboo shoot) that is tender and crisp able to represent the season. This soup is thick and flavorful, perfect to warm our stomach before we go for more raw sashimi.

八寸 Seasonal Gift's
Buri | Aori Ika | Yari Ika | Tako & Komochi Kumbu
Perhaps you can consider this dish a mix & match of all greatness. Instead of serving each of them slowly, Komorebi prepared all of them Sashimi course and serve everything in one shot so you don't have to waste time waiting for serving. Also, you will be taught with which one to start first and usually it is the mild flavours and to stronger flavour dishes.
In this case we started with raw Aori Ika(bigfin reef squid) and Uni that is lightly flavoured with soy sauce and wasabi, then to Buri, Tako and Komochi Kumbu. There's a unique dish hiding in there which is the 玉子 Gyoku(Sweet Omelette) that has to slowly cooked for 3 hours to get the perfect soft and fluffy omelette.

煮物 Mountain & Sea
Kegani | Uni | Maitake Mushroom
Next we have a generous bite of Uni served on top of Kegani(Horsehair crab) where they have already removed all the meat to create this special dish. It is a good combination of the land and sea where the flavourful broth complements the dish so well. It is not just the crab that is delicious but the creamy Uni is also the one that perfected this dish.

烧物 Yaki
Unagi | Cauliflower
I'm always a fan for grilled unagi(eel) and what surprised me here is the size of the Unagi they served. The chef told me they supplied directly from Japan and the supplier have a special network with them hence they always get the best and biggest supply of fresh Eel from Japan.
The freshly grilled Unagi was one of the best I've ever had, where they maintain teh soft meat while the outer layer is totally crispy. It was so juicy and thick, paired with Cauliflower puree and baked cauliflower. 

土锅 Donabe
Chirime | Ikura | Nanohana | Sakura Ebi
Every spoonful is a fantasy with the Ikura(salmon roe) and some crispiness from Sakura Ebi. This rice dish served in pot will make sure you are really full from the omakase meal after savouring so many courses. You can enjoy more of it if one bowl is not enough. 
The rice is freshly cooked and the chef will mix all the ingredients infront of diners so you can watch the process of making this dish. The light seasoning made this rice dish more flavourful too.

甘味 Sweet
Warabi Mochi | Seasonal Fruits
For dessert we had some freshly made Warabi Mochi, a softer version of Mochi which melts directly in our mouth and covered in kinako. Kuromitsu syrup was also added to put a little sweet ending to this mochi.

For a sweet ending, we were served with this premium orange called Setoka Orange, which is the Japanese Mandarin known as Mikan. If we know the Japanese culture, we would know that fruits are consider very premium products in Japan. Some could be up to hundreds to thousands. 
This premium orange served was so sweet and unlike any oranges I've ever had, it was totally different from the mandarin oranges we had during Chinese New Year. This one is juicy and really sweet and fragrant. 

Omakase dining is no longer something rare in Penang but it is great to try more options available especially this one that flew premium ingredients from Japan every week. Making only the best cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients from Japan, Komorebi Dining is one of its kind. The personalised menu is also to make sure they recognise all their customers and also making sure that they can always give you something new to try if you are a repeat customer. 
Nevertheless, Komorebi Dining did surprised me with great food and comfortable dining experience. Will definitely be back.

Komorebi Dining Penang @ Ropewalk Piazza
138, Jalan Pintal Tali, 10100 George Town, Penang.
Contact no: 6012-858 1138
Tuesday - Thursday: 6:30pm - 10:00pm
Friday - Sunday: 12:30pm - 2:30pm | 6:30pm - 10:00pm
(Closed on Monday)
GPS: 5.4155095,100.3324666

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Kampung Nights Ramadan Buffet @ Sarkies, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Break fast doesn't have to be so traditional all the time. With sumptuous buffets available at so many hotels, you can enjoy big feast with so many choices available at the buffet spread. 
This year at Sarkies, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, it is still one of the widest buffet spreads you can find in Penang. Offering traditional Malay cuisine, international favourites as well as vast varieties of local delights, there will be something for everybody for sure.

You can always start your feast with some pasembur or kerabu available on the spread. Making your own pasembur is just as easy as making salads here where you can choose all your favourite ingredients to go with your meal.

Choices of cheese & assorted sushi, freshly prepared by chef.
Here you can savour as much Unagi as you want.

For starters, you can also have some of the cold platters available like mixed salads and all. 
However, the most attractive to me are still these delicious and juicy seafood cold cuts, oysters and all the seafood on ice.

If you think that raw food or cold food are not your thing. Then you will definitely enjoy some hot soup available on the spread. Be it western or Chinese or Malay, you can enjoy the creamy mushroom soup, fish maw soup or Malay chicken soup.

At the grilling station, you can enjoy some grilled lamb, beef and others that cook on the spot.

At the hot dish section, you can expect many traditional Malay dishes available as this is Malay themed buffet but also mix & match with some international delights. 
Feast on some tender beef rendang or Kurma Kambing available on the feast, best paired with some nasi kunyit available too.
What surprised me was they have a unique dish which was Sambal Sotong cooked with Petai, unique and definitely Petai lover's heaven.

Ayam Masak Kicap, Acar Buah, Nasi Goreng Kampung, or even Oxtail Masak Merah are all available on the spread.

Fan of barbeque food? Try some of the popular grilled items from the hot wok station. 
They have grilled prawns, salmon, and many more. Served with over 10 types of sauces.

Roast Beef and Roast Lamb is a must in the E&O Buffet spread, they are always tender and juicy.
you can always ask for more if you are not having enough of it.

Some fried food available and Nyonya Steamed Fish.

One of the highlights of the night must be these delicious Curry Salmon Head. Totally something that you cant find elsewhere. They are specialised in this dish and really something that will make you miss it. You will never thought that Salmon could go so well with curry because we always thought that it is only Salmon sashimi or grilled salmon or smoked salmon.

Roast Duck of E&O, definitely a must.

"Pak Lah Pasembur"
Pick whatever you want and let them mix it for you, top it up with chopped cucumber, turnips, crushed peanuts and pasembur sauce, then mix it all together and enjoy it. 

What's buka puasa without a nicely perfectly grilled lamb? 
You can enjyo their tender grilled lamb and choose which part you want. Let the chef know and he will cut it down for you on the spot. Best go with some black pepper sauce and mint sauce.

All kind of cakes and desserts available

Not forget to blend in with varieties of kuih-muih, and popular desserts like kunafa, kurma, baklava and many more. They also have ice kacang, chendol, ice cream and many more on the dessert section.

If you are a fan of Ramadan buffet. You definitely need to put Sarkies @ E&O into one of your considerations. The spread here is amazingly wide selections and sumptuous. 
On the first and second day of Hari Raya, Selera Kampung Buffet Lunch is also available for you to enjoy or have gathering with your family and friends.

If you are looking for some gifts to present to your Muslim friends, you can also consider their Ramadhan Goodies for takeaway so you can order and grab them for your friends.

For buffet bookings, you may contact +604-2222151 or email to make bookings or order the Raya Goodies.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Beach St Bistrot by David Chin & Brian Chin @ Beach Street, Penang

People who know me know I'm not really into fancy restaurants. I'm all about those laid-back hawker food around in Penang because that's why Penang food is about.
However, with the recent discover about this dining place Beach Street Bistrot which has been operating for a while in Penang and known for its good food and kind pocket friendly as compared to other fancy dining places, I decided to give it a try celebrating friends' birthday there and check out the food available. 

(Photo by Beach St Bistrot by David & Brian Chin)

So it is strategically located at the heart of George Town, where more tourists gathered and extremely busy during day time. Beach St Bistrot can be found in Beach Street Penang (opposite the famous China House). There are 2 floors and the place can host up to 60-80pax if it is full house.

The one page menu is pretty simple ranging from appetisers to mains to dessert. There are wines and cocktails also available on another drinks menu.
For meat lovers, seafood lovers or even vegetarians can also dine here because there are plenty of options for everybody.

For Entrees we ordered the Charred Honey Corn Ribs and Truffle Fries.
The Corn Ribs is really something and all of us really enjoyed it. It was charred to perfection and pretty crunchy and sweet salty in taste making it perfect snacks before some heavy mains. As for the Truffle Fries, the fries was specially coated before they deep fried it making it extra crispy. Topped with sliced truffle and served with Truffle Mayo. Both dishes will make you unstoppable.

There is also a list of "Today's Special" depending on what's available on that day.
When we were there, we ordered this "Grilled Hamachi Collar" which was really a unique dish. 
I believe only people who really enjoy fish knows that every part of fish is a gem. For me who will usually go for the flesh especially the belly part only, this is like a new discovery for me.
The outer layer of the collar was grilled till a little bit crispy while the meat in there is still tender. The seasoning and sauce also went perfectly well with the fish.

Chargrilled Chicken (deboned) with Sauce Bordelaise

Squid Ink with Shrimp & Baby Octopus Paella
If you are in for seafood paella, try this Squid Ink Paella which has Baby Octopus, Shrimp and Scallops.
The portion is good for sharing, serves 2 to 3 people if you are not ordering any other mains. 
Seafood were fresh and the paella rice was cooked to perfection. The squid ink is not extremely fishy too. Next time I'm gonna thy other 2 on the menu.

Tagliatelle Truffle Cream Sauce
This is a rich creamy version of pasta where the al dente pasta noodle evenly coated with rich and thick truffle cream sauce and topped with sliced truffle, hokkaido scallops, prawns and crab meat. 
Had to say that this pasta is so good and I seriously think that one plate is not enough for sharing. 

The BSB Wagyu Beef Burger - highly recommended!

For sweet tooth like you can also try some of their desserts too.
The day we were were unfortunately there weren't any desserts except their Tarte Au Chocolat (French Chocolate Tart) due to some issues. There Crepes Suzette was really good as I tried it during me other visit though.

If you are planning for a gathering or celebration, do consider dining at Beach St Bistrot and I'm sure you won't regret. 

Beach St Bistrot by David & Brian Chin @ Beach Street, Penang
240, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 George Town, Penang.
Business hour:
12:00pm - 4:00pm | 6:00pm - 11:00pm
(Closed on Tuesday and only available for dinner on Wednesday)
Contact no: 018-208 8171

Monday, January 8, 2024

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2024 @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel


Chinese New Year is all about being together, sharing goodness and being grateful. That togetherness will definitely need a feast to celebrate the event and bring everyone together.
This year at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, you can bring your friends and family over for a steamboat and BBQ feast during Chinese New Year ensuring fresh seafood, juicy meats and many more mouthwatering desserts and CNY cookies. 

The hotpot provided is the dual pot version where there's a divider in between so you can have 2 different types of broth in one pot. There are Chicken broth and Tomyum broth available.

Here you can enjoy a wide range of ingredients ranging 
from seafood, meats, vegetables, fishballs and many more.

Tong Hao, Chinese Spinach, Choy Sum, Pea Sprout, Iceberg Lettuce, Carrot, Leek, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Snow Pea, Young Corn, Long Cabbage, Nai Pak, Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, White Radish, Button Mushroom, Wood Ear Mushroom, Shimeji Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, and Abalone Mushroom

White Prawn, Sea Cucumber, Salmon Fillet, Clam, Sea Asparagus, Squid, Green Mussel, Crab Claw, White Fish Ball, Wanton Dumpling, Tiger Prawn, Red Snapper Fillet, Seabass Fillet, Top Shell, Cuttlefish, Mud Crab, Crab Stick, Teochew Fish Dumpling, and Sui Kaw.

Sliced Beef, Chicken, Chicken Meatball, Sliced Lamb, Sliced Smoked Duck

Soft Bean Curd, Bean Curd Skin, Hard Bean Curd, Japanese Bean Curd

Chicken Egg, Duck Egg, Century Egg, Yellow Noodle, Bee Hoon, Udon, Koay Teow, Glass Noodle, Yee Mee.

Also, if you think that it is too boring to just cook everything in a hotpot,
the BBQ grill is also ready to cook your protein of choice.
The chef is always ready to serve you and will grill anything for you on the spot.

Minute Steak, Sliced Lamb, Chicken Wing.

Seabass Fillet, Salmon Fillet, Tiger Prawn

Chicken Bratwurst Sausage, Slipper Lobster.
Chicken Satay is also available.

For mains you can try their Lotus Fried Rice, Wok Fried Longevity Noodles
or Wok Fried Vegetables with Garlic & Oyster Sauce.

For people with sweet tooth definitely wouldn't want to miss some specially crafted desserts for the Chinese New Year feast. 
There are Egg Tarts, Mango Pudding, Sago Gula Melaka, Shanghai Pancake, Bubur Cha-Cha, Lychee Kang, and Glutinous Rice Ball Soup.

Of course there are all kinds of assorted Chinese New Year Cookies, and also Peanut Butter Cake, Mandarin Orange Panna Cotta, Orange Chiffon Cake, and Matcha Creme Brulee available on the dessert spread. 

For Chinese New Year packages, it is available on the eve of CNY and also during CNY.
Priced at RM228(adult) and RM138(Child & Senior Citizen) on eve of CNY
Cheaper on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY. 
For reservations,  call or Whatsapp: +016 419 8094 / +016 419 8438
Call: +604 222 2151 or Email:

If you are into buffet feast at Sarkies @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel, you may also consider the below:
For reservations, call/Whatsapp: +016 419 8094 / +016 419 8438
Call: +604 222 2151 or Email:

For those who are into ordering some Chinese New Year goodies, the chefs at Eastern & Oriental Hotel also got you covered!
Be it for yourself or your family or as a gift, you can look at the below list for their goodies and pre-order now.

Assorted Chinese New Year Cookies

Longan Flan Cake - RM188(1kg)

Mandarin Orange Butter Cake - RM218(1kg)

Lychee Rose Cake - RM188(1kg)

Mandarin Orange Macaroon - 5pcs(box)

If you have been to E&O for the buffet before, you will definitely know that their Roast Duck is one of the best in Penang and they also sell them on their Chinese New Year Goodies menu.
Here you can pre-order and grab them at RM168 per duck.

Whole Herbal Chicken is also available at RM138, perfect for a family reunion dinner.

For choices of Prosperity Yee Sang, there are 3 options available and each of them are for 10pax
Vegetarian Yee Sang - RM98
Fresh Salmon Sashimi Yee Sang - RM168
Sliced Abalone Yee Sang - RM228

It is time to pre-order or prebook all the CNY goodies or CNY meals before seats or stock runs out. 
It is not too late not to make your decision yet, book now to avoid any regrets!