Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheese Cake!!!!!

I baked another cheese cake today and brought to college to share with my lecturer and my classmates.
Sherlyn and Ralph is a part of them.
Baking is in da process!
Cake is done!
Now 2 of you better leave me some comments and tell me what is the taste!!!!!
The rest of my classmates looks so unwilling to eat.

After that i went to night market @ Farlim.
I found this.
It is Ah Ralph's T-shirt!
Very very cheap!
They are there lelong-lelong-ing.
i think it is only RM10 per shirt if i am not mistaken.
Better head to night market for more!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Learn Everything You Can

Do you gamble?
Do you play mahjung?
Do you know what are those "Ang Moh" learning nowadays?
The picture will tell you everything.
Honestly, i don't really know how to play mahjung also,
but in other country they are teaching this to their kids.

By the way,
i helped my sister to straighten her hair.
Let's take a look.
Any comments?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year Shopping?

Chinese New Year is coming very soon.
Most of the Chinese in Malaysia will shopping like crazy every year.

1st, the new year decoration is a must!

People usually will buy lantern, colourful light, stickers, etc...

2nd, new year cookies, can foods, seafoods, steamboat.

That is why hypermarket are doing promotion and sales this recently, and i am going there for few times every week.

3rd, new clothes, new bed sheets, new hairstyle, new undies!

Everywhere are doing promotions, discounts, and even some hair salon raised up the price.

4th, clean up your untidy houses, rooms, private hairs.
Everything is untidy means you have to clean up!

5th, ready to take / give out "ang pow"
Let's get ready for some pocket money!

I've done few task.
1. new shirts
2. new pants
3. new undies
4. clean up untidy room
5. new year decoration
6. new shoes
Now, how about you?

Friday, January 25, 2008

It Is All About Festival

I went to the Thaipusam celebration last 2 days.
Nothing special about my words, let's just enjoy the pictures.
Warning! Please leave if you scare of blood and scary scenes!
Thaipusam is not wonderful without some colourful KavadiThis is scaryThis is so cool! carry the whole table, can you imagine the weight?
You can see people are helping him to hold the Kavadi while he is restingI spot a "Cool" fellaThis is cool!Ouch!This is huge!!!!!!!By The Way, I am not alone of course, Surprise!
From the left, My Brother's Friend, My Brother, My SisterDigi doing their promotionThen we reached the top
I cam whore with my brotherThen they slowly taking off those "needles"Other people tooThis guy cant stop bleedingThen we walk off and back to our home.
The rest are some random pictures
They do these for free!
This is what people always doWhile the Trash Can is kinda empty
If you are not enough of the pictures, please click on these videos too.
This is to show you how they dance.

Coming up next:
We play with coconuts at night.

Superlicious English

Sorry for not updating my blog these few days.
But please don't blame me.
I guess a lot of you having these problems too.
I cant sign in to my blogger account and update blog.
What i can do for these few days is playing online game and finish my assignment to full fill my time.
Now i am back online and hope that the stupid Streamyx will not going crazy anymore.
Have you seen these types of banner?
What is this mean?
And this?
Lol, how about this?And this?And also this!

"Laugh die me"
If you guys wanna laugh more, please visit this post by GoodBoyGoneBad
He will show you the best monster.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Went To Hair Salon Again

This is my another hair cut on this month.
This time, i cut it short, and feel that it is very comfortable and looks nice.
Went to Theatre Hair Dressing with my sister this afternoon.
Let's just look at some new pictures.
My sister doing something with the machine
Then some of my "SS' pictures

If you think i am ugly, please just ignore this post.
And i tell u!
Give me some comments about my hair!!!!!

How Malaysian Are You?

Yeah, some of you might see this before.
i saw it from Kenn's blog, so i went there for the test too.
And i got this result.

Congratulations JJ, you are 53% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Why don't you take a test too?
Click on the link below the picture there.
Surprisingly i am as Malaysian as Guy Sebastian.
One word to say.
SWEAT! His hair!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Be Considerate Please

Aiyor, if you are horny or sexcited, please go home and do whatever you want.
But please don't disturb other kids having fun in playground please.
Some more you are making them thinking a lot.
How is their parents going to answer them when they ask some question like these?
Mom, why the guy just now kissing the girl and the girl hug him back?
Dad, why the guy just now touched the girl's breast and the girl touched him back?

What do you think the parents will answer?
I am too late to take the picture, but that is what i got.
So, please behave yourself when you are out in public,
Whatever silly things you wanna do, go home and do it.
or maybe you can say i am just jealous

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What The Hell Is Happening To You?

You guys know what am i talking about?
Maybe or most of you guys having this problems within these few days.
  • Cannot log in to Window Live / MSN Messenger
  • Facing the lagging problems in your connection, games, surfing.
  • Take a freaking long time just to load a blog.
  • Lagging while shouting @ ShoutOut
  • Slow down on company's work.
So who should we blame?
I guess nothing else than the stupid Streamyx.
Yeah, the stupid Streamyx is making everyone's life miserable.
When can Streamyx stable? I think this is a sensitive issue.

Streamyx, let me tell you something.
  • 1st, i would like to congratulations to you, because you are getting successful of becoming Stimyx and Slowmyx. No one else can beat u with the 2 awards
  • 2nd, for my opinion, i guess most or the people will rather choose Maxis/ Digi/ Celcom Broadband rather than YOU! Although their speed is slow, i think it would be better compare to the Streamyx now.
  • 3rd, DON'T STUPID CUT OFF MY LINE!!! This is so stupid!!!!! i paid the bills and what you mean by cutting off my connection! Damn You!
Ok, now let my readers comment about Streamyx.
You may leave some comments if you wanna scold about Streamyx/Slowmyx/Stimyx.
Or you can scold me too if you Super Hate Me Scolding Streamyx

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Bloody Hate Accounts!

I hate accounts a lot!
Stupid account just killing me and make my life miserable for this semester!
I was about to go crazy inside the class.
Class & My lecturer
My classmateSpot Sherlyn In this picture!
Ralph deleted his picture!!!!
Anyway, he is so boring just like me!
Accounts is killing me!!!!