Friday, August 31, 2007

31 August Merdeka Fun Wheee~~~

10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! *skipped!
Why skipped? Cause dissapointed, i countdown at home alone while everyone is out.
Why? no reason, clear?

Lets talk about something else!
Slept at morning 5something , woke up at 10, straight away went to my dad's shop and help him.

Received a pair of new slipper.
Went back @ 1something.
Feel so hot!
What to do? Shouting with shouters, sure suggest something to them!
I suggested all of us go to eat chendol.
Planned from 3something until 4something then only Willazz wanna go joined with me.

When i reached there.
Time given

Before he reach, I have read through Cedric's post about Extreme Parking Style,now i got some too.
Lets take a look.

Tak ada otak punya driver, simply park.

Then i continue wait until this time.

Suddenly Willazz stands beside me, shocked.
But i look around and i saw his car. Take a look.

Swt... =.=" *speechless
But i didn't say anything to him.
and then, one more car follow.

Willazz, next time no more ok? =__="

After that we went home.
When i am home, my mother ask me wanna go Sunshine Supermarket or not.
So i just follow her to there.
It is so pack there, hard to get a park lot, hard to get a trolley.
Picture to prove.

Pack, crowded and noisy too.
This is what i bought.

Shouters!!!! when u see me what will you all say? Cheap!

This is our trolley.

After that? what else? go home lahz! wait for police come and catch mehz?
I still underage cannot drink beer ok?

Before ending this blog today.
Happy Merdeka to everyone! Happy Happy Always~ ^^

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gurney Plaza Outing

Today was out with Emily, Wendy, aL, Cedric, Chee Hsien Willazz and Brenda

This morning my lecturer sent me some photos through email.
Because i requested from him.

This is the hokkien opera.

This is the cantoanese opera
As he told me, Cantoanese opera is much more better than the Hokkien opera.
Why? u compare the suits, background, and how they present the show.

After the class, aL and Emily came to my college and fetch me to Gurney Plaza
At 1st, we was hang around with Wendy, and then we went to Kim Gary and have our lunch.
On the halfway, Chee Hsien reached and snaps a lot on us.
Besides that, i think all the Kim Gary waiter will try to avoid from us.
Reason??? We are so noisy and full of kacau-ness!

After the lunch, we hang around and shopping.
aL bought a pair of shoes, Adidas some more, rich-nye!!!!
In between this period, i was away for toilet, and pass my bag to them and ask them to take for a while.
wanna know what happened? Keep reading until the end!

After the shopping, we went to buy tickets for the movie Evan Almighty @4.50pm
And it is still early, so we went for arcade.
Cedric is so easy to make friends, he met a girl there.
But then all of the thought that he know her, but it is not.
He doesn't know her but they can chat like very close friend. swt....

After that we met up with Brenda, and Wendy went to college for class.
Besides that, we met Vingie and Michie too.
They are going to watch the same show with us.

Inside the cinema, only our roll is laughing, we wonder why the rest are so quite while the movie is so funny and silly!
By the way, not all of us laughing.
Why i say so? Cause Willazz is sleeping! and we can hear the sounds also!

After that, we went to Coffee Bean and met up with Wendy again.
Suddenly i got a sms from my relative. So i went back.
Sorry aL for bothering you to fetch me back to college.

At night, when i wanna do my assignment, i found out something.
Guess what? Emily, Wendy, and Chee Hsien wrote something in my diary.

This is Wendy's
She wrote, JJ! study hard & be good alright, and she sign.
and added with Cheap One!

This is Chee Hsien's and Emily's
According to the date,
Emily wrote, i am out with Emily, with her signature and time, 3.35p.m.
Chee Hsien wrote: Don't study when you feel like wanna camwhore!
swt... i didn't feel like camwhore also!

That's all for today.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Baked Frozen Oreo Cheese Cake

*Before reading, click on all the pictures to enlarge them if it is too tiny for all of u.
1 packet of Tiger Biscuit
1 packet of Oreo Cookies
1 piece butter
300g Cream Cheese
3 eggs
50g sugar

Part 1, Biscuit layer

1. Blend your biscuit with blender.
2. Put all your biscuit and 1/4 of the butter *melt it before using* into the mixer.
3. Mix the 2 ingredients until all stick together.
4. Preheat your Microwave Oven with 180c for 10-15minutes.
5. Put in your biscuit layer and baked for 20minutes.
6. Took it out and left it for cold.

Part 2, Oreo Cheese Layer

1. Separate the Oreo cookies to cookies and cream.
2. Make the Oreo cookies layer onto very small pieces.
3. Put in the cream cheese, Oreo cream layer and 50g sugar and start to mix them.
4. When all the ingredients are stick together, add in the 3 eggs and mix until the colour become yellowish.
5. Add in the Oreo cookies and make sure all the ingredients are totally mixed up!
6. Preheat the oven with 180c for 10-15minutes too
7. Bake the cake with 180c for 35minutes.

*Camwhore with my cakes!

Besides that, there is one good news.
Sugar is recovered!!!! wheee~~~
the Panadol works!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chocolate Sponge Cake

***Before Reading, I am using another website to upload all the pictures cause it is too many, to enlarge the pictures, please click on it.***

250g Sponge Mix Flour
4 cold eggs
4 tbsp cold water
1 tbsp melted butter
1 tbsp melted chocolate flavor

First step, prepare all your ingredients and stuffs

Second step, add in the sponge mix flour and 4 cold eggs.
And start to mix it with mixer.

Third step, add in the 1tbsp of cold water,
and start mix it with low power, until it become sticky,
and start to mix it with high power until it become sticky and the colour become light yellow.
*While waiting, sure thirsty lahz, drink some 1st!

Fourth step,
Add in the 1 tbsp of melted butter and melted chacolate flavor.
Mix until it expand, then stop everything.
*forget to take pictures about this step, soli~~~~

Last step,
Switch on your microwave owen with 180c and left it for 10minutes.
And then you can put in your cake into the oven, and bake it for 35minutes with 180c.

*While waiting, camwhore a bit~

I found bird nest in the fridge, so???
drink it!!!! camwhore again, =P

*After 35minutes, *ringggggzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!
cake done!!!!!
took it out,
wait until it cold down, potong!!!! wheeee!!!!

What is Next?
Don't tell me you don't know,
Surely is makan lahz!!!!!!!!!!!