Thursday, July 27, 2017

Patio De Tapas @ Penang Weld Quay

A place where you can find tapas is considered very rare in Penang.
Not many Penangites know how to appreciate a Spanish tapas kind of food but the Patio De Tapas did introduce us to varieties of Tapas and now you can happily enjoy all sorts of Spanish dishes in this enjoyable bar.

Patio De Tapas is not only a bar, but it is also a restaurant that you get to dine and enjoy the ambience with your family or loved one. The place is rather cozy could be a perfect place for gathering, only it may be a bit warm sometimes depending on the weather. It is located right opposite the famous Chew Jetty along Weld Quay and the streeet gets quite busy day and night. You don't have to worry about parking cause customers of Patio will get free parking just a stone throw away from the restaurant.

It has outdoor and indoor sections where you can choose to sit by the bar or enjoy the big yard beside the bar. Whichever one is also quite comfortable and they even have live bands playing during the weekends.

Salmon rebozado aderezado con pure de manzana
The crispy beer battered salmon with apple puree is priced at RM24. It was fried to perfection and went well with the apple puree that made me thought it was our local kaya. The nice crunch from the beer battered fish gives you a good start to tapas and I think I would prefer more of the refreshing puree to go with the fish, just can't get enough. 

Arroz paella de mariscos con gambas
A eafood paella rice with jumbo prawns, claims and squid freshly baked from the over was presented to us hot from the oven. This big portion of paella is priced at RM58 and it is definitely a portion for sharing.

I would say that the seafood used in this dish were big and fresh. From the picture itself you can tell that this dish is quite appetizing. I really love how well Spanish could play with their seafood and created so many different types of dishes with only seafood and sauces. Remember not to squeeze too much of lemon into your rice as it will make the whole dish too sour to taste. It was such a great flavours blended together in this dish, definitely must order this for sharing!

Costillas de cerdo
A big plate of charbroiled tangy pork ribs were presented to us and we were really shocked to see this big portion priced at only RM58. The pork ribs were well seasoned, you can taste the juicy and tender meats that is filled with flavours in it. Adding chilli powder is a great move to suit our local's taste too.

Marisco pasta de tinta de calamar
Tinta negro seafood black pasta is one of the signature dishes in Patio De Tapas. This plate of pasta that served with generous amount of seafood is priced at RM32 for a plate. I like how spicy it was and this dish would be perfect for the locals, this is unlike other squid ink pasta you will get from other restaurants. The only thing I would prefer is the portion for the pasta to be bigger. 

Open tortilla horneada con champiñones, tocino y queso mozzarella.
Open baked tortilla with mushroom, bacon & mozarella cheese was one of the highlights of the night. We really enjoy this tortilla pizza to the max. The pizza is quite huge and filled with generous amount of meats and cheeses. It was worth for RM32 for a big pizza like this.

Other than good food, Patio De Tapas is also specialized in making cocktails, mocktails and many more refreshing beverages. We did enjoyed some of the specially crafted cocktails by the in-house bartenders. They can also create something out of the menu according to your requirements. Do hit them up and see what they can offer!

Absinthe cocktail anyone?

Patio De Tapas
Address: 49, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Business hours: 5:00pm-1:30pm(Sunday - Thursday), 5:00pm - 3:00am(Fridays & Saturdays)
Contact no: +6012-311 0442
Facebook page:
GPS Coordinate: 5.4129103,100.339205


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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Regain Confidence with Enlighten PICO Genesis Laser Treatment @ Clique Clinic [Petaling Jaya]

To improve and revitalize your skin, rectify your physique and skin problems, Clique Clinic is here now to solve all your problems. 
Established in 2012, Clique Clinic is one of the top medial aesthetic clinics in Malaysia with latest technology to solve all your skin and physique issues. They are experienced in this industry and also constantly stay updated with the latest technology and skills that can help to improve your appearance and make you look young and energized again. 

Recently I've went to KL and visited Clique Clinic that is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya. They are specialized in medical aesthetic and will help you solve your hair, skin and body issues and improve your physique and appearance.
Women are not the only gender that focus on their appearance in the latest trend, maintaining good skin and body shape is now concerning most men as well.
Men tends to look elder than their actual age. This topic has been concerning more and more men that mainly caused by lifestyle, food, habits and many more.

The comfy waiting area.

There are quite a number of treatment rooms to accommodate the high volume customers, for those who came with different problems can all be treated by the professional doctors and aestheticians.
Clique Clinic is not only focusing on skin treatment and body treatment, treatments from head to toe are now available to cure all your skin, body, and also hair problems.

Especially to people who are very busy and stressful life due to work tend to look older and all skin problems or aging signs will appear at early age. Some people are also having obese or overweight issue due to unhealthy food intake, imbalanced body hormone and many more possible causes that may trouble you and make you lose confidence towards yourself.
Today I'm going to share about one of the latest laser treatment technology, the PICO Genesis Laser Treatment. I went to Clique Clinic for a quick consultant and ran through a quick scan to see how is my skin condition and it turns out to be quite bad though it is not very obvious visually. I have a very serious dark spot issues underneath my skin and could develop into pigmentary disorder if I didn't take good care of it.
This is what I can see from the mirror

Compare to what showed under the 3D Face Scanner

Who could have thought that under the face scanner my skin could be this bad! And I was told by my doctor, Dr MC Goh that many people did not realize the problems in their face. There are many issues that we face everyday and will cause our skin to lose its moisture, firm and speed up the aging process.
Most of these are actually caused by our own lifestyle that can be unhealthy and most of us stay up late at night that could cause our skin to dry, restless and dark circles will also pop out on your face.
I was recommended to experience Enlighten PICO Genesis Laser Treatment, the latest technology that is highly effective to solve my skin problems.

Advantages of PICO Genesis Laser Treatment
1. Suitable for Asians
PICO Genesis laser treatment suits Asian skin tones best. It is basically suitable for all skin types and can eliminate a few major skin issues such as pigmentation problem, skin tone uneven, and many more.

2. Solve Pigmentation Problems
It helps to cure most of the common pigmentation issues faced by young and old age people such as deep/epidermis/ Benign pigmented lesions.

3. Tattoo removal
PICO Genesis laser treatments can help to remove your unwanted scars or tattoos effectively.

4. Skin rejuvenation
It helps in collagen remodeling, improves skin tone and reduces pores.

5. Short recovery period
Compared to other laser treatments, this latest technology PICO Genesis treatment takes shorter time to recover so you don't have to worry about redness and swollen face for one or two weeks, you only need few days to recover!

6. More effective
PICO Genesis is the latest technology that is more effective compare to other laser treatments, it helps to solve your skin issues with lesser treatments compare to others. Depending on the condition of the patients.

7. Less risk
Lower risk of Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

First the staff will help you to clean and wash your face before the laser treatment begin. All you gotta do is just lay down and relax yourself and let them do the job.

Then, they will take some photos to compare the before and after treatment, this is not only for their records but also for you to know how big the difference is after you have recovered from the treatment. 

From the camera, I can clearly see the dark spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tones and many more skin problems I'm having. I have some serious dark spot issues because I didn't use any sunblock since young and I was always exposed under hot sun that caused these serious issues. Not only that, I also have enlarged pores that have been troubling me all these years.I do regret that I was not taught with skin care knowledge since young and I didn't use the right products to protect my own skin.
(Scroll up for the first video that shows the terrible condition of my skin)

After cleansing and consultation, Dr.Goh started with the laser treatment, maintain to eliminate the dark spots and also my enlarged pores. All you gotta do is just lie down and experience the treatment for about 15minutes.

I would say that the pain is really minimal and you just gotta relax while the doctor do his job. It takes you only about 15minutes. It was my first time hence I was a bit nervous but I did really enjoyed myself for the whole treatment as the pain was minimal, and your face is not burn with the cold air provided.

Apart from some mild redness and minor swelling on the face, there's no other side effects that appear on my skin. You can see the comparison of before and right after the treatment.
(Individual results may be vary)


I was really happy to see my face recovering well and the redness and swelling disappeared in 2 days time. Of course there are some steps that you need to be caution of such as not directly expose under the hot sun(wear face mask and put on sunblock) and also keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturizer and drink more water.
I can only see my skin getting better and better as time goes by. My pores and dark spot are obviously reduced, my pigmentations problems got better in just one treatment.
But as I mentioned, my dark spot condition was too severe hence I will have to go back for a few more treatments before I get it completely eliminated. Now I'm looking forward to go back to Clique Clinic for another photoshoot to do comparisons and see the results.

Other benefits of PICO Genesis Laser Treatment:
1. Melasma
2. Sun damage
3. Freckles
4. Acne scars
5. Uneven skin tone
6. Dark patches and spots
7. Age spots
8. Liver spots
9. Poor skin texture
10. Tattoo removal

Enlighten PICO Genesis Laser Treatment is one of the latest technologies and it is only available in Clique Clinic within Malaysia at this moment. The other old technologies are not as effective and versatile as Enlighten PICO Genesis Laser Treatment yet. You can also watch some of the reviews done by local Malaysians and artists on Youtube channel.

More info about Enlighten PICO Genesis can be found at

Some motivational words from Clique Clinic's ambassadors

Clique Clinic also sells their own facial products and supplements to further help you in your skin problems. You should really consult a doctor if you are not sure how is your skin doing and what's your skin type before you start using any other products.

Clique Clinic also offers stemcell theraphy and have their own stemcell storage. The fees are not cheap but I believe the cost to maintain it is even higher. I was surprised when I found out that they have such service as well.

Many thanks to my mate Doctor MC Goh for the treatment, I will be back for sure!
Look him up and follow his Facebook page for more updates about his professional services:

Enlighten PICO Genesis Laser Treatment @ Clique Clinic
Address: 4, Jalan 19/36, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 9am to 7pm (Lunch Break: 1pm to 2pm) [Closed on Public Holidays]
Contact no: +603-7960 1211(Appointment is recommended)
Facebook page:
GPS: 3.118278,101.626485


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Richard Rivalee @ M Mall, Penang.

How often do you get to taste cooking by a famous fashion designer? 
But if you are in Penang, you must be very lucky to get to taste a traditional Nyonya cooking by a renown fashion designer Richard Rivalee.
Richard Rivalee is a well known fashion designer who won several awards in fashion industry, his profile is also available on Wikipedia:
The former Richard Rivalee restaurant was located at his couture shop which was at Bangkok Lane Penang. Recently Richard Rivalee has moved into M Mall and became one of the most popular restaurants serving all sorts of Nyonya dishes to the diners. 
The restaurant also comes with a mini seminar place on the second floor that you can book for a private event. 

The place is beautifully decorated with many antiques, decorative items and also furnitures.
Though the place is much bigger, but I still prefer the previous place that was packed but very nostalgic surrounded by all the Nyonya clothes and stuff. 

The "Hall Of Fame" of the famous fashion designer Richard Rivalee

We were served with a plate of their pea flower rice. The pickles served along with the rice was refreshing and works perfectly as a palate cleaner to get you ready for your meal.

Five Spiced Loh Bak is one of the Nyonya's signature dish. You can taste how well the Nyonya cuisine played with spices to make their dish great. The loh bak served was pretty thick and filled with layers of meat, even better when you eat with their homemade chili sauce. 

The famous Nyonya dish Babi Pongteh is also a must. The lean pork was slowly braised to perfection and it was soft and tender. The thick gravy absorbed into the meat and simply hearty, perfect to go with a plate of plain rice.

Jicama Fried with Cuttlefish(Jiu Hu Char) is also one of the most popular dishes among Nyonya cuisine. It is expected to be fragrant, soft and it has to be wrapped with a leaf of lettuce and a little big of sambal to make it taste even better. We like the amount of cuttlefish that were added into this dish that made it more fragrant and tasted better than what we usually get outside.

Acar Fish is one of the best dishes among our dinner. I'm not a fish person but I like the stuffed pickles that give a good refreshing chill in the mid of your meal. It was really appetizing and addictive as it was stuffed with crunchy sliced papaya hence making it slightly sour and refreshing.

One of our 4 main soups in Nyonya cuisine would be none other than Asam Pedas. The asam pedas here is cooked with ikan kembung to give the soup a more fishy but greater taste. The soup was a little bit too spicy and sour to my liking, but nevertheless it is a great soup just that it has to be richer and thicker.

Asam Prawn is my favourite dish among all. Prolly because this is also my favourite dish at home and mom don't always cook this dish. I like the taste of thick asam gravy coated around the prawn and shell. I wouldn't waste any drop of the sauce and will swallow it all even though it could be really salty and sweet. That's how you should enjoy your asam prawn, especially when the prawn is really fresh.

As Richard is a Chinese-Thai mixed, there's also quite a big Thai influence in his family's Nyonya cuisine hence we can also find Green Curry Chicken on his menu. If you were to ask me how different is his Green Curry Chicken compare to Thai restaurant, I would say that the gravy is thicker and more herbs were used to make it fragrant and delicious.

Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce(Tau Yiu Bak) is also my favourite dish. These are all the home dishes that all moms will usually cook. The thick pork belly was sliced into cubes and slowly braised until they are soft and tender, together with fried tofu, mushrooms and hard boiled egg. This dish is simply hearty and perfect to go with a plate of rice!

Pig Stomach Soup(Tu Tor Thng) is a very addictive soup that you can't stop once you have started. The more pepper the better is what we would expect from this boiled soup. The spiciness from the soup is what made it so addictive and not forget the chewy pig stomach too!

How could a meal be completed without some nicely crafted dessert?
We had the Bubur Cha Cha that was cooked with very thick and creamy coconut milk, though it was sweet but it was really classic and delicious. I like the bananas, potatoes, yam and all the other ingredients that was perfectly cooked and soft that made this dessert one of the best Bubur Cha Cha I've ever tasted before.

There are also some traditional Nyonya kuih available on the menu. There are Kuih Talam, Ang Ku Kuih, Thousand Layered Kuih and among them all I like the Sago & Gula Melaka the most.

The sage was soft and sticky and best to dip it into the Gula Melaka that served together, also with the grated coconut made it more fragrant and tasty.

A hearty meal full with surprise.

Richard Rivalee Designer Chef @ M Mall Penang
Address: 79-G-45 , Ivory Tower (M Mall) Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours: Daily 12:00pm - 3:00pm & 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Contact no: +604-370 7140
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4115033,100.3235905


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