Friday, October 28, 2016

Specialty Coffee at Mellowcup Cafe @ Gottlieb Road, Penang

Located at a busy road in Penang, Mellowcup Cafe been opened since last year and still running its great business featuring all the good coffees from all around the globe. The baristas here are well trained and furnished with coffee knowledges. They know how to handle all sorts of coffee beans and many brewing methods. Preparing a good cup of coffee is like a piece of cake to them. When we talk about coffee specialist, Mellowcup Cafe will definitely be the one.

Mellowcup Cafe is located at Gottlieb Road, a road with very busy traffic especially during school days as the famous Penang Chinese Girls' High School(PCGHS) is just right opposite the road. It is best to come here in the afternoon to enjoy some hi-tea session or in the evening for some catch up with friends, this place is kinda cozy I would say.

The cafe is decorated with some pretty simple but awesome stuff. It is kinda like a family tree filled with memories of the cafe. I can also spot some celebrities visited this cafe before. Also on all the past events they held here, kinda warm and memorable.

Who's up for some coffee with me?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Omakase Dining @ 绊 Kizuna, Penang Times Square

Little do we all know that 绊 Kizuna Japanese restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Penang. Comparing its quality of food, ambience, services and price, 绊 Kizuna definitely worth every ringgit you spend at the restaurant.