Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Emotional? Maybe?

What u feel on this picture? Emotional? Lonely? Sad? Depress?

Someone viewed this picture and they asked me, why u so lonely?
I answered, Am I? Why i don't know then?

But after I consider, I feel that my mood swinging around.
I don't know why, Just feel moody.

This is another, Can give me some comments?

What Do U Feel About This Picture?
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Camwhore Session @ Gurney Plaza

So yesterday me, Wendy, ChefKhuen, Dexter, Chee Hsien, Benjipapa, Minny, Cedric, Stephanie
And Willaz.
Parts of the Penang shouters went to gurney plaza for Camwhore and Cam-gigolo!!!! xD

Pictures? Alot lahz!!! go to their blogs and see!
What we do??? See the pictures. What we gossip??? already said gossip, how can let u know? >_<


Wendy pose, Minny pose, ChefKhuen helps, Others snaps on her pose, Cedric snaps on her butt, =.="

Next? we decided to have lunch @ A&W after discussion
Pictures? dont have, everyone is busy eating and listening to Cedric crapping,
Eat also boh eng lahz.

Finally, Stephanie and Willaz reached.
So we went to Amusement Park and have fun with some arcade games.
My leg was almost break when dance with Wendy, she choosed the hard mode for me while i choosed the beginner mode for her, swt.....
Pictures? also dont have, who ask all of us having fun and enjoy there lehz?
but I only know Cedric dance like octopus, lolz!!!!

After that stephanie complained that she is hungry, cause she havent eat yet.
So we took a break at Breeks Cafe!
Another Camwhore Session!

Last Camwhore and Cam-gigolo Period before i left, but.... =_="

Besides that, me and Wendy created a ALL NEW POEM FOR OUR SHOUTERS! MAKE SURE U READ!
Curang Here, Curang There, Curang Everywhere!!!!!!!
Weeee~~~~ *I know i am childlish, =_="

Monday, July 23, 2007

1st Lesson At IPG

8.23a.m Woke up but feel that still early, then went back pig pig.
8.52a.m Woke up again, but still that early, so went back pig pig again.
9.32a.m Errr... tired lehz... but still have to wake up lahz.
*woke up, wash, brush, bath.

10.18a.m Went to have breakfast~
10.30a.m IPG! Here i come!!!!
10.40a.m Reach IPG and start waiting, *wait wait wait
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*wait wait wait*
*curse curse curse, why the lecturer not yet come har?
already 11something!!!! while the class should start at 11!!!!

11.23a.m The lecturer goyang mari liao.
11.25a.m - 12.50p.m Listening to the story telling session from lecturer, zzzz!!!!!

1.00p.m Class dismiss!!!! Lunch time!!!!
*went to my aunty's house, stop there, had lunch,
and so so so sigh that i didnt go for about one month and my little baby could not recognize me, treat me as stranger, T_T

1.45p.m Went back to IPG for Library Researche Skills class.

U know what is this class about?
1. No one coming to guide us for what to do
2. Sat in the library there, doing nothing but finding some books and magazine start reading.
3. Left earlier, about 3p.m no one hiu also.

ADUH!!!! free classes no need to be like that also lahz,
No one teaching then why they ask us to come?? better let the student stay at home and rest lahz!
Celaka IPG!
but still have to go on wednesday.

A Free Day At Gurney Plaza

Yesterday i was so bored at home, and then hang to Gurney Plaza.
There was a photo fair, alot of stalls having promotion and selling the cameras for last day.

Besides that, i think they can have a chance to grab cash from the cash box if they buy the cameras.
This guy grabbed nothing, so cool him.

After that went up to GSC, and then hang around amusement park there, my favourite destination.

When my friends reached, and after some discussion, we finally decided to watch "Vacancy"

If i am not mistaken,
The story is about a wife and her husband but ready to divorce,
and before they divorce because the death of their son, they planned to go somewhere else.
But unluckily, their car broke down on the halfway along the journey,
and then they reach a small town, and get a emergency repair for their broken down car.
They will never expect that the small town is running the business of recording the case of murdering and then sell to the others, and they fall into the trap.
wanna know more about this movie? Go and watch it!
A bit horror but really nice!
80 out of 100 for this movie.