Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am always wrong, They are always right.

Parents are always a big issue that will influence you.
They are the one who feed you, taking care of you, love you. 
Or another thing that i can say, they invest on you.
You are an investement, and in the future, you will benefit them.

What they said is always right!
Do you agree? Or you have your own opinions?
So when you are trying to correct their mistakes and telling them that they are in the wrong,
A slap is what they give to you and ask you to be quiet.

When outsiders come to your house, use up things and doesn't even bother to take or put back things of how it was placed, we get the blame on doing so.
Does it mean that guests are always right for doing it?
So when you are trying to correct them and to be polite,
our parents will scold you for correcting these mistakes.

And again, they will say that you disgrace them by doing so and insulting them infront of your guests.
Lastly, to be blamed again and again for all these mistakes

When you are hanging out with your friends and coming back home in the middle of the night and waking up late the next day,
The blasts of 'radio' turns on the moment when they see you.
Scolding you for returning home late at night,
Scolding you for waking up late the next day while your brothers could do so and not getting all the naggings and so on.

During your semester breaks, your 1st day of your holidays,
You wanted to get more rest in bed after all the hardwork that you did for revising your books and notes in college for the exams,
The next thing that will occur again to you is to get the scolding for waking up late and not helping them for house chores.
This continue with wasting the electricity for switching on the tv,computer and so on...
And again, your brother doesn't get the blames.

I don't understand.
Sometimes, I wish that I was not born into this world at all.
My existant seems to be nothing at all.


Chuckie Cotton said...

Typical problem tht everyone faces.

JJ Jason said...

Yup, never ending...

Anonymous said...

awts.. can relate also.. that's why i wanna earn much, work hard and go out of the country so that I can be independent and can do what i want.. but freedom is more expensive nia.. sigh

JJ Jason said...

Hannah, it depends on how are you getting independent.

Chuckie Cotton said...

American's leave home when they're 18, because they fight for wht they wan. People who wans something, but never fight for it...hmmm

9PEK9BO said...

JJ, It's all because of LOVE!
But unlike the ROMANTIC love (Inamorata /Inamorato) feeling of intense desire and attraction, PARENTAL love is more committed to protection and guidance(even in the animal kingdom).The two enormous responsibilities that many of us, parents are finding hard to cope without being often unfortunately misinterpreted by the young 'adults' as restriction of their freedom of choice and decision.

As such, even though parents CANNOT be always right, it's quite a herculean task for the young to be able to convince their parents to take the risk of the unknown, unproven or untested zones..they rather die than to risk harm befalling their very loved ones!

Btw, all those harsh words and threats by angry parents are actually our Asian parents way of saying,"Son/daughter, I LOVE YOU VERY DEARLY but I'm confused.. please HELP!"

P/s Print this comment out and keep it safely...believe me, you'll need it someday when you become one of US!

JJ Jason said...

CK and Mr.Ernest.
Walao -,-

Chee Hsien said...

Wise words from the daddy of family.

You will never know until the day you become dad to your son. Who know you will do the same?

You know you hate them, but you cannot hate but to love them.

I tried every thing I could to make my parents believe in what I do in my life. I success and also failed at the same time. I success when my dad allow me to go for part time job to earn my first cent in my life. I made them believe that I'm not a toy to be blame when things got worst.

I failed at the same time too. What I failed? I didn't spend enough time to be with them when they needed me. There are actually a lot of thing happens around when I was out there having fun with my own friends. In my parents heart, they are worrying how am I doing? Am I having drugs? Will I be home safely and so on. All I can think of is just one thing, "FUN", while they were thinking more than me.

I realize this when my mom pass away. I couldn't even see her for the last time. It is all because I was out there having the FUN I wanted to have all this life while she was suffering at home waiting, wanting me to come back. God didn't want her to wait for me because I was a bad child.

This is the lesson that change my life.

You are born to this world for some reason. It is you to find out what is the reason. And I already found mine. Is to give love to the one I love.

I hope you be fine soon. Love them, no regrets.

aL said...

im sure all of us been through this stage at least once in our lifetime.

but if you think yours is a lil different from others, you have to accept it. its not easy i know but this is how it is.

be patient for now and work your ways through to get what you want :) leave home when you earn enuf later on but bear in mind, leaving home to live on your own is not quitting to be their filial son :)

good luck and all the best.

SaeWei said...

Parents nag and scold their children because they love them. Imagine you coming home late and waking up late the next morning and no one in the house give a damn about it. Imagine something happened to you and no one give a damn about it too.

I agreed with Chee Hsien, when you are out and about outside, parents are worried about your safety. They are worry about who are the friends you are hanging out with. Are they good people? Are they giving you bad influences? etc etc. Their worries never ends. It's not because they don't trust you though. It's just that, no matter how old are you, you'll forever be a baby in their heart.

It's common for (boh nao) guests to do so. Eating and left things there or some worst, dirtied up people's house and never apologize. But there's really nothing we can do about it. Just be patient and clean after them. By telling them in their face in front of your parents is really disrespectful.

And you said that your parents only scold and nag you but not your brother. How would you know? Maybe they scold you him when you were at school etc. Even if they really scold you alone of all siblings, itupun because they love you the most of all siblings ;)

Being a parents is not easy. Small time, they worry about your health and growth, as you grow older they worry about your safety and future. The worries never ends.

And as much as I sayang you, I think it's kinda unfair for you to say that you are your parents' investment and you will benefit them in the future. Even if we really benefit them in the future, it's because we really owed them a lot.

But i know that you are just venting your frustration and you still love your parents very much no matte what aite? :)

SaeWei Jie

Hugo Lim said...

hmmmmm.. thats part of the reason I chose to study outside penang last time hahaha...

but thinking back, is it because of us not being "mature" enough that resulting in getting more "attention" from parents.. hmmm think think..