Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Poodle Puppies For Sale

Hello People!
If you are in my facebook circle, you will notice that this recently I have update a lot of pictures and videos of my dogs right?
Now's it is time.
My puppies are on sale!
They are all poodle without certificate.

This is Toy Poodle selling at RM800 ( only one) [female]

She is super cute!

Those are Miniature poodle selling at RM600 each (5 puppies) [3males, 2females]
( light brown, dark brown, white, khaki, and brown dots white base)

They are sweet and cute!

Contact me if you are interested.
You can have them by another 2 weeks.
I am from Penang Island, Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

toy poodle still available?

Anonymous said...

hi, is the miniature poodles still available...

May i know if the price is negotiable

alokseow said...

Too cute Puppies,they would be a great choice.Nowadays dogs are best friend of human, they makes us happy and safe.