Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drink F&N and Win Yourself A PSP or Sony MP3!

You know what is F&N?
There are Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Ginger Beer, and etc.

This promotion is called "Dance You Win"

What you have to do is:
1. Get yourself a can of F&N drinks.
2. Pull the tab.
3. If the can is dancing instead of the providing the drinks to you, then CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! Call this number 03-8023 8311 ( Monday - Friday 10a.m. - 5p.m, except public holidays)

Prizes available:
1. 750 x Sony PSP(Play Station Portable)
2. 750 x Sony Video MP3 Player

Promotion Period:
1st of June - 31 of August 2009

For more info, please visit this page.

What are you waiting for?
Go and find your dancing can now!
Good luck to all of you!

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