Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello World

Hello people, and all the readers.
I've received a lot of complains that why I didn't update my blog.
Thousand apologizes for that.

First, my house got no connection, due to Streamyx cut my line because I didn't pay my bill for 8months, sorry to say that.

Second, I get to online when I am in college, but most of the time I busy checking my mails, Facebook, etc.

Third, I've been busy with all my assignments and hardly go out and take pictures here and there, but it is ok, I am now assignments-free.

Still, I got no internet connection at home, but I will still update my blog when I am free.

To my readers and followers, catch me up later.
And sorry again for not updating my blog for so long.

1 comment:

Lasker said...

Got mail, got Facebook, got Shout or not? :shifty: