Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inconsiderate Old Bastard

Hey Penang people!
Bad driver alert here.

The owner of car plate number PGJ 8021.
An old man which is bald and toothless, blocking the traffic.

As most of the Penang people know, there is this Beach Street, where most of the banks are here, busy traffic all the times and hardly can find a parking lot.
So there's this old bastard who is inconsiderate, stubborn, and selfish idiot.
He parked his car for quite some while in a parking lot. Those meter parking lot.
After that, when he came back, and the meter expired.

I parked at a lot which the meter is spoilt.
Then he saw me went into the car and waited for him to swift his car.
He went into his car, sat there, open up his newspaper.

Normally, I don't even care if you are reading you newspaper, fucking with your newspaper, sucking your newspaper or whatsoever, but please do it at home.
You're fucking wasting other people's time cause it is very difficult to find parking lot in this area. So many people go rounds and rounds looking for a parking lot, and yet you just sat in your car and fucking with your newspaper while the meter expired.

People, please be considerate, there's no point blocking the traffic, it shows that you are uneducated and immature.
If you were to say that I am using vulgarity is uneducated too, then go fuck yourself.

If it happens to this old bastard if one of your relatives, grandpa or whatsoever.
I don't fucking care! Ask him to go to hell!


Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read the article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Hugo Lim said...

go behind his car, reverse your car abit horrr, then step down your clutch, switch to first gear, rev your engine to 5000rpm. let go clutch.

wuuhahahaha... in heaven.

JJ Jason said...

Anonymous, hahahahahaa, thanks for liking it, yea i will update more and complain about those inconsiderate people again soon.

Hugo, your brain mia wires sot tiok tyre again is it?