Monday, December 14, 2009

Back To College Life

Hola people! It's been sometimes didn't update my blog again.
My Streamyx bill is here, RM660, wow...
Kinda shocking, but have to pay though...
Thanks to the stupid company, Switchbox, my salary is not here yet.
My plans can't move on, debts killing.

Found out something in my college.
and I guess I'll bring this issue to the Federation of Malaysian Consumers' Association(FOMCA) soon.
College should not charge students extra.
And we got the rights to know what are we paying for.
Extra charges without informing us and without any black & white is not applicable.
For those who know which college I am studying in, please behave =)

If they wanna hold my cert, it is fine, I don't even care.
I am fighting for consumers' rights, not only for me, but for all the students in my college.
For those who support me, I might need your signature and your cooperation.
We'll see how. =)

Signing off, JJ

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Weird Dan said...

Aiyoyo, consumer rights. Later college go bankrupt