Sunday, May 9, 2010

A New Blog Shop by Me!

Hi there everyone!
It's been quite some time again since I last update.
Today here, I'm gonna introduce you guys a new blogshop that run by me and my partner, Xherlyn.

Please visit our blogshop for more!
We sell various products there, maybe you can get your favourite one!
Temporary, we have contact lens and magnet stick!
Take a sneak peek!

If you would like to order, please email us at


Student Accommodation said...

I think you and Xherlyn is now introducing with something interesting.Isn't it!! Surely I'll visit blogshop and get my favourite product from there.Good job..

Market Research said...

Really a nice start dude. Currently i dont need those items. But please keep the list updated. I will let you know if ever i need anything.
Best of luck!!

Vicoprofen said...

That sounds interesting.I always look for best deals.Tell me about the offers.


wedding photography Melbourne said...

nice post. I am waiting for ur next post