Friday, December 30, 2011

Lolipot Shabu Shabu : What A "GREAT" Service & Experience!

Hi guys, it's been a while since I last blog. I wouldn't want to make complain if I could, but I couldn't take it for this restaurant seriously! Me and my group of friends were so pissed with the services and the system! 

2days ago, we made the reservation with Lolipot for around 8person, we have PARTICULARLY MENTIONED that we want a ROUND TABLE because this is a birthday dinner. Great thing is that, they have confirmed with our reservation. All of us were so excited and looking forward for this dinner but till then, things happened.

Yesterday, which is 29/12/2011. We reach the restaurant and expecting a ROUND TABLE for the dinner as per requested.
Surprisingly, the staffs told us that there's no more ROUND TABLE for us due to another reservation of 20++ people and your internal staffs mixed up with all the reservation.
This is your internal problem, not my problem! not our problem!

What do you expect? All 8 of us sitting separately to celebrate birthday?
How is it gonna be? Or how would you think if you face this kind of situation?
YOUR STAFFS have already CONFIRMED with our reservation earlier! and now you tell us that ur table have booked for another group and we have to sit separately?!

This is the main reason that we are PISSED! You guys expect us to celebrate a birthday dinner in separated table! Aren't you suppose to inform us earlier that there's no table for us so that we can change venue? Or this is your marketing strategy just to earn profit?!
Few of my friends were actually came all the way from BM and Butterworth just to attend this dinner and we are quite some regular customers here! But this is what we got from you!

Fine, not to talk about the reservation issue. Your staffs should be trained properly with manner and attitude, SERIOUSLY! 
Here are the 2 issues that we had:
1st, I asked for soup refill, and the staff raised her voice and asked WHICH SOUP IS IT?! If you're not happy or not satisfy with the job, GO HOME AND DON'T WORK HERE!
2nd, my friend asked for a ice cream spoon because there's no more left in the box, and guess what? the staffs heard her, saw her in the eyes, BUT JUST WALKED TO THE KITCHEN while my friend expecting her to come back with ice cream spoon.
10minutes have passed and the ice cream is already melting but THAT STAFF IS NOT BACK YET! Then my friend asked another staff to get the spoon for her, and the spoon is actually placed NEAR OUR TABLE! NOT INSIDE THE KITCHEN! So your staffs were trained to ignore customers?

This is the restaurant that I'm talking about: Lolipot Shabu Shabu
It is located at Bay Avenue, somewhere near Queensbay Mall.
And this is the address:
Golden Spices (M) Sdn Bhd B-16-1,
Lorong Bayan Indah 3,
Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

This restaurant has already increased the price since November 2011, and stated that there's extra stuffs in your menu.
The previous price was RM30++ per person, but now the price is RM36++ per person! As you stated, now u have flower crab, mantis prawn, bamboo clam, fresh scallop, and etc. We were expecting something different and something better while paying more, but hell no! What I want to tell here is that, ALL THOSE FOOD ARE NOT FRESH! Imagine that the bamboo clam and squid is salty and a bit smelly, while the mantis prawn just melted in the soup while we were trying to cook it. This is what you called "FRESH" ? All of those were FROZEN FOOD, NOT FRESH AT ALL! WHAT A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! 

The food is not worth the price we pay for now and together with the bad service!
Me and my friend will not go back anymore after this bad experience!

To Lolipot Shabu Shabu: U just lost a group of your loyal customers and in the future, u lose more businesses when we spread the news. Good luck to your staffs and your restaurant!
Share this post out if you have any bad experience in this restaurant before, and u're welcome to copy and paste this post into ur blog by linking me.


Ryudiculous said...

*pat pat*

Bad service is everywhere. Hard to blame them also la, low pay, overworked and deal with some very arsehole customers. Waitressing is not a career where ppl need qualifications to get hired.

Make a complaint to the manager lo, if manager also the same then boycott! It's Msia, so many other places to eat sure chap lap soon wan la hahaha

JJ Jason said...

Chap lap sooner the better!
I'm damn evil, LOL!

Unknown said...

Hi JJ,

Sad to hear that you have such bad experience. I do hope Lolipot will improve after they saw your post... mm..

did you ever go back there afterward?