Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Black Circuit Lounge Penang 2012

Hi people!
It was just another weekend and I'm so glad that I can attend to Black Circuit Lounge Penang 2012 this time!
It was held at Penang Turf Club Main Tote Hall starts from 8pm - 2am.
A lot of public figures were invited! Some pictures are from Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook Page.

JJ Lin, the singer and Mika Häkkinen, the racer
Leng Yein, the Malaysia Hot Model

There is also Reshmonu and others as well.
I arrived at 9pm plus and the party started for quite a while. 

One of the DJs of the night! DJ Ray Ray!
Hosts of the night: Oli Pettigrew, the British actor and Hannah Tan
This is Minny Chan and Iyvonne Lo, two hot models from Penang
Reminding people that not to drink and drive
Winners Always Stay In Control
The walkway, full with posters of races and also broadcast!

We are being vain at the photo booth! It is fun! 
Us, again!
Met some other friend during the party as well, weeee happy!

 Imin Chan! The energizer bunny!
 Tannie Tan! The ketiak a.k.a Armpit
 Shermaine Chen! My facebook friend!
 Gui Ling! The BlackBall dessert boss!
 Vincent Grayson, facebook friend as well, came all the way from KL.
Kenny, my facebook friend, came from KL as well!
Black Label!
 Met Kenny Sia, The Malaysia Top Blogger!
Jessica Tan, you can see her face in KDU ads when you watch movie at the cinema

We are having fun! Just drink!
I was so glad and happy that I get to take pictures of some of these public figures!
They are super friendly! Treating everybody like friends and have fun at the party!
Thanks for allowing me to take pictures with you guys!
I was very sad that I don't get to take picture with JJ Lin and Mika because they left early. =(((
 Leng Yein and I
Reshmonu and I

Last but not least, a photo of myself at the photo booth!

Would like to thank Minny for helping me to get the pass into the party!
Thanks to Johnnie Walker for such a great party as well. 
I was a little bit tipsy after the party and walked home since I'm staying 5minutes walk away from Penang Turf Club.
It was a great event though, I don't mind if there are more!

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