Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gold Choice Lifestyle Cafe @ One Precint Penang, Bayan Lepas

New cafe in Penang!
I'm pretty sure that most of you have heard and knew what is Gold Choice Coffee.
As you can see, Gold Choice Coffee are available in most of the supermarket around the whole Malaysia.
But now, they are diverting their business to cafe so that people can taste their freshly brew coffee.
Gold Choice Lifestyle Cafe is now available in Penang.
It is located at One Precint Penang, Bayan Lepas. Somewhere near Sunshine Square.

One Precint is a new building, where the new Citibank and Airasia branch will be located soon.

Gold Choice Lifestyle Cafe is located on the ground floor, just right in front of One Precint

This cafe is newly open, and they also sells their signature instant packaging coffee

Limited indoor seats

Open kitchen

This is the front
Let's skip all the talk and come back to the review of this cafe.
They have hired Barista from Thailand who won the Barista champion and modified their coffee recipes on their freshly brew coffee, so coffee that you drink here may be differ from what you have tasted from their instant 3 in 1 coffee.
You just have to come here and try it yourself.

There are so many variety from their menus, ramen, coffee, sandwiches and etc.
It made me so undecided on what to order, luckily their person in charge came to help!

The aroma of the freshly brew coffee smells so good when it arrived in our table, yum!

Gold Choice White Coffee
The smoothness of coffee just captured my taste bud!

Extra Caution: Extremely hot! and nice too.  

Caffe Mocha
 The taste of coffee is nice, but it would be nicer if they will practice some latte art on their freshly brew coffee

 Iced Premium Coffee Extra Rich
I would highly recommend this one to all of my readers!
The thickness of coffee has totally make me can't stop drinking it!

Snowy Blended Green Tea
For a green tea lover like me, this has totally gotten me so addicted!
Highly Recommended!

 Mango Sweeties Milk Konnyaku
Loving this sweet mango ice blended!
Which is so perfect for the hot weather this recently!
Must Try!

 Blueberry Sweeties Milk Konnyaku
What a great "cure" for such a hot day! Yum!
Must try!

Iced Latte
It tasted really different from the instant coffee, u just have to try it yourself to find out. 

Enough for drinks, here comes the food of the cafe, which is something that they have diverted from their regular business.
This cafe encourages people to hang out here, sit down and chit chat, at the same time you can have your meal with your friends together.
 Chicken Nasi Lemak
The taste of the curry chicken is so nice, and the chicken is just perfectly cooked, and the crispiness of the ikan bilis is yum!
Highly recommended!

 Chicken Soup Spring Ramen
Their homemade ramen is so special!
This green colour "Spring Ramen" is made of Spinach, which is quite healthy and yummy.
This ramen would be perfect for someone who prefer a lighter food

Mushroom Chicken Soup with Spring Ramen
The chicken clear soup is thicker than I've expected, went well with the mushroom and simply yummy

Mushroom Chicken Sauce with Spring Ramen
This is the dried version of the soup ramen, you may choose this to enjoy the tastiness of the spring ramen, yummy!

Prawn Soup with Summer Ramen
So this "Summer Ramen" is made of pumpkin, which is kinda special and nice, it goes well with the fresh prawn soup, simply delicious.
Highly Recommended

Tom Yam Soup With Autumn Ramen
This "Autumn Ramen" is made of Red Yeast, which made the ramen in red colour.
According to the person in charge, their ramen do not add any msg and colouring, all the colours of their ramen is from the nature of ingredients.
This tom yam soup is just nice, not too spicy and not too sour, my favourite!
Highly recommended!

Minced Chicken Sauce With Autumn Ramen
Everything is perfect except the minced meat is slightly too dry and hard.
It would be nicer if they were to make it more juicy.

Curry Soup With Winter Ramen
Their "Winter Ramen" is made of egg, which is the same as most of the other ramen.
This curry soup is not so lemak, suits the taste of people who prefer curry noodle with less lemak soup.

Four Seasons Sandwich - Sausage (Spring Bread)
This Spring Bread is made of green tea, which does not add in any msg or colouring, adapting the natural colour of green tea only.
Healthier choice!

Four Seasons Sandwich - Ikan Bilis
Sandwich with chili ikan bilis topped with an egg, which is quite filling and yet balanced diet.
The ikan bilis is quite nice too!
Must Try!

Four Seasons Sandwich - Ham (Autumn Bread)
This Autumn Bread is made of red yeast also, which adapted the natural red colour.
The bread tasted so nice!
Highly recommended on Autumn Bread!

Four Seasons Sandwich - Tuna
Tuna mixing is not as easy task, but this tuna went very well with the autumn bread!
Highly recommended!

Peanut Butter Toast (Single)
RM1.70 / (Double) RM3.40
Their homemade toast is crispy but I personally think that the bread is too thin.

Kaya Butter Toast (Single)
RM1.70/ (Double) RM3.40
Kaya and butter toast is my all time favourite, not bad!

Egg Toast
This thing is just simply yummy!
Must try!

The ingredients of four seasons ramen are as below:

  • Spring Ramen: Spinach
  • Summer Ramen: Pumpkin
  • Autumn Ramen: Red Yeast Rice
  • Winter Ramen: Egg Noodle
The ingredients of four seasons bread are as below:

  • Spring Bread: Green Tea
  • Summer Bread: Pumpkin
  • Autumn Bread: Red Yeast Rice
  • Winter Bread: Wholemeal 
Their breads and ramen were not added any msg or colouring, all the colours of their bread and ramen were natural colours from the ingredients.
I think the location will be perfect for all the workers at industrial area, now you have a new place for lunch!
What's more? 
To award their customers, the first five readers who commented on this post will be awarded with a voucher that entitled for a free drink at Gold Choice Lifestyle Cafe.
All you need to do is to leave a comment here with your email and I will email you the voucher myself.
Quick! Only 5 vouchers will be given out!

Gold Choice Lifestyle Cafe
Address: One Pricinct,Lengkok Mayang Pasir,11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
Business hours: 8.00a.m. - 10.00p.m.(daily)
GPS: 5.325568, 100.285151


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