Friday, May 3, 2013

Kurtos Spiroll, Inspirolling You! @ Queen Street, Queensbay Mall

Kurtos, have you ever heard about it?
You know what is it?
Well, it is actually known as Kürtőskalács or kürtős kalács is a type of Hungarian pastry.
It is also known as chimney cake or stove cake.
Traditionally, it is baked with charcoal in Hungary, but now it has came to Queensbay Mall Penang!
Something special that which is just nice for a tea break, light lunch, light dinner or it can ease your craving of pastry.

 It is located at 3rd floor of Queesbay Mall, which is at Queen Street area. 

OMG! Look at the sugar coated Kurtos!
I can't hold my saliva anymore!

 Price is stated at the menu, you can get it cheaper with dipping sauce and beverages though.

Look at those Kurtos ready to go for bake!

Baking! Baking! Baking!
So many people are waiting!

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Peanut Butter & Choc Chips
Yums! Definitely a great taste for peanut butter lover!

Nutella Walnut
This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Something you would die for!

Sunflower Seeds
You want something healthier?
This will be perfect for you!

Sesame Seeds
You will love it if you're a sesame lover, guess it will be better if they can mix with black sesame too.

Cinnamon Sugar
You love Aunty Anne's Pretzel on Cinnamon Sugar?
Well, you will love this even more!

Chocolate Rice
Yum! One of my favourite!
Highly Recommended!

Hawaiian Coconut
Another healthy option, just some fresh coconut!

Premium Chicken Floos
This is a salty type of Kurtos, must try too!

Original Hungarian
One of my personal favourites, the sugar coating just made the kurtos crispy and yummy!
Must try!
Aren't they beautiful when they put together?
Well I get hungry again now, maybe I should visit this stall again tomorrow!

So people, remember to drop by their stall today!
The shop keeper told me that they might have new special flavors, who knows if it is your favorite?
So visit them to find out more!
Kurtos Spiroll Queensbay Mall
Address  : 3F-01B, Quees Street, Level 3, North Zone, Penang Queensbay Mall
Operating hours: 11am - 10pm

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