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Khidthung Thai Seafood Tomyam Restoran @ HsinChu Garden, Perak Road, Penang

Thai food has became rather popular in Penang due to the taste of sourness and spiciness that is so perfect to us Penangnites.
Recently I was invited by Chloe from Applefish.net to try out a new place that serves pretty nice Thai Food.

Khidthung Thai Seafood Tomyam Restaurant (想你泰海鲜大排档)is located inside HsinChu Garden, which is a small kopitiam hidden in a corner of Perak Road. If you were to know where was Pos Office Cafe previously located, HsinChu Garden is on the same row. 

Khidthung Thai Seafood Tomyam Restaurant is one of the stall in HsinChu Garden, but also the biggest stall that serves Thai Food. 

In Khidthung, the boss have hired 3 Thai chefs from Bangkok in the kitchen, which is why their Thai food are rather authentic even though they have changed a bit of their recipes to suit the local's taste buds. 

Khidthung is also served fresh seafood, where you can choose from their available seafood and they will cook for you on the spot. 

We started our meal with a very appetizing Thai appetizer. Chicken Leg Kerabu is one of the very common and also a signature Thai appetizers. It is selling at RM13.00 for a small plate and RM18.00 for the big one. It is consider rather reasonable for the portion served on our table. The kerabu was rather delicious with the right sourness and spiciness. Only the chicken feet skin was a bit too big, it would be good if they were to cut it into a smaller pieces.

When we talk about Thai Food, Pandan Chicken is something that we shouldn't miss. Pricing at RM13.00 for a small one and RM18.00 for a big one. The size of the Pandan Chicken really surprised me. The chicken was really good as it is properly seasoned and rather crispy when it is served hot. Definitely one of my favourite because it wasn't oily like what usually served out there.

One of the dishes that I definitely want to highlight would be this Thai Lemon Steamed Seafood, and we were served with Clam & Squid as shown on the photos below; and the portion is so big that I would say it is really cheap selling at only RM23.00. This dish is real good and appetizing that I had to take rice with it. That sour from fresh lemon and spicy from the Thai chili has matched perfectly and just nice to stir your taste bud. Making you craving for rice get you ready for more food. Highly recommended!

Not forget to mention that the seafood were fresh, and the soup is rather sweet from the juice of fresh seafood. Making this dish tasted real good and amazing!

Fried Prawns with Sunquick Sauce is priced at RM22.00. This is one of their signature dishes and tasted rather unique and delicious. The boss told us that it is cooked with Sunquick Orange where it was previously cooked in a restaurant owned by the boss in Kuala Lumpur. The springy fresh prawns are rather delicious absorbed with Sunquick Sauce, tasted rather refreshing and good.

Green Curry Clam with this big portion is only priced at RM18.00 per plate. The size for every clams are rather big. It was cooked with ladyfingers, winged beans and long beans. The taste of Thai basil is simply appetizing, which is also essential in Thai Green Curry. The Thai Green Curry here tasted quite sweet probably because sweetness came from the fresh clams that they used to cook in this dish. Highly recommended!

Another signature dishes of KhidThung would be this Thai Kerabu Whole Fish. The price is vary from the size of the fish, but picture below is priced at RM48.00
The ways of eating this fish is rather simply. Just remove a cube of fish meat which have pre-cut before they fry the fish, then don't forget to top it with the kerabu sauce provided. Which is just great to go with the crispy fish meat. This dish was rather unique all the way from cooking to eating. Every steps has taken into their considerations and chefs being so caring in preparing this dish.

Seafood White Tomyum is very appetizing like how it should be, but it is slightly too spicy to me as I cant really take spicy food. But I like the sourness of this soup that makes it rather good to go with rice. There are fish meats, squids and prawns in it, pricing at only RM22.00 for a small pot and RM32.00 for a medium pot.

Phad Phed Chicken is a combination of Thai spicy and flavorful herbs to cook with Chicken. Price at only RM14.00 per plate with a generous portion. I realized that every dishes in this restaurant are rather big portions so we have asked the boss about it. The boss told us that he doesn't want people to pay and they are not satisfy with the portion or the taste, which is why the boss priced their dishes slightly higher and giving more to the customers.

Deep Fried BBQ Pork with Thai Pha Pi Pau Sauce is one of my favourite dishes of the night. Probably because I'm a big fan of BBQ Pork especially when it is served crispy. This dish was rather delicious as it is slightly spicy but rather flavorful with the unique Thai sauce used in this dish. It is priced at RM15.00 per plate. 

Thai Seafood Otak-Otak is priced at RM22.00 each and portion is seriously big with generous amount of seafood in it. There are fish meats, squids and prawns used in this dish and all of them are reasonably fresh and delicious. As Otak-Otak is my all time favourite, I can really consider this dish is averagely good with the amount of ingredients used in this dish and herbs to cook this. 

That sums up our dinner of the night. Which are so delicious and incredible. 
We were all so amazed and agreed that we will definitely come back again for its food, the portion of the food and also the price that is so reasonably cheap.

Khidthung Thai Seafood Tomyam Restoran @ HsinChu Garden
Address: 380A Perak Road, 11600 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours: Daily 5:30pm-10.30pm
Contact No: 04-2823603
Service charge: No / GST: No
GPS: 5.394834,100.3144927

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