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World Burger Tour 2016 @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang | Juicy & Tender Legendary Burgers From The Globe

Fancy some tender and juicy burgers?
Wanna try some other taste from around the world?
Here we are at Hard Rock Hotel for the World Burger Tour 2016 featuring all the delicious and juicy burgers from all around the world.
This June and July, Hard Rock Hotel is having this World Burger Tour 2016 promotions and they have brought 4 burgers each month to Hard Rock Cafe!
And also to celebrate this special promotion,

Hard Rock is one of the International Brand that has made it to 69 countries with their different businesses including 165 cafes, 23 hotels and 11 casinos. In Penang there's a Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe that is located at the Batu Ferringhi area, which is facing the sea and has direct access to the sea too.

*Many thanks to Hard Rock Hotel for hosting us that evening*

Hard Rock Cafe is rather spacious and the setting is the best to throw a party or any celebrations. This place is also amazing with countless music memorabilia. They are all priceless and they are real antiques. All of them could worth thousands to millions

A suit and pant of Tom Petersson, an American musician who is best known for being the bass guitar player for the rock band Cheap Trick.

All the whiskeys and liquor beautifully displayed.

They have plenty of priceless collections. All of them being displayed at all around Hard Rock Cafe.

If you are a fan of all these famous artists, you will feel very familiar with all these lovely collections, because most of them appeared in those MTVs or even concerts and were worn or used by all those artists.

Before we start with the burgers, we had a chance to also try their 5 new cocktails that specially prepared for World Burger Tour 2016.
First we had this lovely cocktail named "Sweet & Fiery"(RM58.00nett / RM130.00nett with pint glass). Just like how it was name, this cocktail was rather strong with a hint of spiciness in taste. It has got Absolut Pepper Vodka in it that made it tasted slightly hot but at the same time rather refreshing and great.

All these 5 special cocktails that are specially prepared for World Burger Tour 2016 comes with a special promotions of with or without pint glass. Hard Rock Cafe would encourage you to choose that option of bringing home the pint glass when you taste those cocktails as they are quite a limited edition piece.
Then we tried "Melonpalooza" (RM58.00nett / RM130.00nett with pint glass) that was quite some kick in it and rather fruity. It features a mix of Midori Melon Liqueur, Malibu Rum, and Hard Rock's house-made sour mix and PJ. Specially designed to complement the fresh flavors of Greek Burger.

And then we tried "All Jacked Up" (RM58.00nett / RM130.00nett with pint glass) that features a mix of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, whiskey, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, PJ, orgeat and lime juice. The taste of the cocktail was rather playful and with a hint of sourness from the lime juice in it, best recommended to pair it with Jamaican Jerk Burger.

"Crisp Sipper" (RM58.00nett / RM130.00nett with pint glass) was rather unique with the mixture of herbs and fruits. It uses Hendrick's gin, Monin cucumber juice, lemon, orange and raspberry, then topped with tonic too. It was a unique cocktail as they combined fruit, herbs and also liquor to a perfect glass of cocktail to complement with the burger.

Last but not least, a mocktail for people who are not taking alcohol. You can try their "Black Cherry Melonade" (RM29.00nett / RM85.00nett with pint glass) that features a mix of Black Cherry Real and Monin cucumber then topped with ginger beer. A refreshing kind of sweet mocktail and also made you feel appetizing.

The 5 glamorous cocktails & mocktail that specially prepared to complement with Legendary Burgers for World Burger Tour 2016. Only at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

We were surprised to find that Hard Rock Cafe is really crowded even on weekdays. There were families and group of people enjoying themselves and chilling at the cafe.

We started with "I Love NY Burger" from New York, USA(RM65.00nett). Featuring a very juicy and big chicken patty, pepperoni, fried mozzarella cheese, sauteed mushrooms and pizza sauce. The fried mozzarella cheeses were the bombs of this juicy burger, it feels that also having pizza at the same time as they have added Marinara sauce that usually used in pizza in this burger. The portion is really huge that I doubt a person with small appetite can finish it alone.

Cuban Burger from Miami USA(RM65.00nett) was rather huge as well. It comes with a thick and juicy beef patty, mojo marinated pulled chicken, sweet plantain slices, pickles, melted swiss cheese tomato and yellow mustard. It is also served with fries and a special Cuban dipping sauce.

El Toro Burger from Barcelona, Spain(RM65.00nett) was one of the best among all. The roasted vegetables with goat chesese crumbles, aragula and the red peppered Romesco sauce were best combined together to form this god like burger. Rather juicy and tender like how it looks in the picture.

All these burgers are available in 2 options, you can choose between beef patty or chicken patty. Which was best for people like me who don't take beef, and I believe it would be a great info to all Hindus as well.
All the burgers come with french fries as well, but additional order are also available.

And then we tried the Jamaican Jerk Burger from Montego Bay, Jamaica(RM65.00nett). A smooth and spicy fusion of mango and jalapeno cream cheese and jerk mayo, banana peppers and iceburg lettuce, served with crispy fries and jerk mayo dipping sauce. We find this burger rather suitable to Penangites and could be great for our liking.

Next is a very cheesy burger, Hollywood Burger from Hollywood, USA (RM65.00nett). It is famously delicious with melty brie cheese, caramelized shallots, garlic aioli, fresh aragula and tomato. It is really cheesy and it is also my favourite of the night. I personally very much into brie cheese and never thought that adding them into burger could make it tasted so delicious!

English Breakfast Burger from London, England(RM65.00nett) is another bomb that tasted very much like how you enjoyed English breakfast, where you will get fresh tomatoes, sliced ham, frilled portobello mushroom, paired pleasantly with breakfast sausage and a freshly cracked egg. Though it could be a bit difficult to eat because it was so tall, but the combination definitely made it very delicious.

Another unique burger was this Tandoori Chicken Burger from Mumbai, India(RM65.00nett). It has a very strong taste of spices from the burger patty itself. It comes with mint mayo, Monterey jack cheese and crips cucumber planks, iceberg letuce, tomato and mint mayo dipping sauce for the fries.
The whole burger really tasted like you are in India and enjoy some Tandoori dishes, simply amazing!

Additionally, you can also order their specially pretty sides like Hard Rock's savory, the Artisan Fries, just top up an additional of RM5.00nett with any of the burger. All the fries will be paired with a signature dipping sauce. 
And there are another specially side which is the Poutine Fries(RM17.00nett), crisp fries topped with Cheddar cheese curds and potato gravy.

World Burger Tour 2016 is happening now at the Hard Rock Cafe of Hard Rock Hotel Penang, this promotion will be until end of July only. There are selected burgers for the month of June & July, please refer to the first photo in this post.

World Burger Tour 2016 @Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Penang, Malaysia
Contact no: +604-8868054
GPS: 5.4677016,100.2415431

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