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Specialty Coffee at Mellowcup Cafe @ Gottlieb Road, Penang

Located at a busy road in Penang, Mellowcup Cafe been opened since last year and still running its great business featuring all the good coffees from all around the globe. The baristas here are well trained and furnished with coffee knowledges. They know how to handle all sorts of coffee beans and many brewing methods. Preparing a good cup of coffee is like a piece of cake to them. When we talk about coffee specialist, Mellowcup Cafe will definitely be the one.

Mellowcup Cafe is located at Gottlieb Road, a road with very busy traffic especially during school days as the famous Penang Chinese Girls' High School(PCGHS) is just right opposite the road. It is best to come here in the afternoon to enjoy some hi-tea session or in the evening for some catch up with friends, this place is kinda cozy I would say.

The cafe is decorated with some pretty simple but awesome stuff. It is kinda like a family tree filled with memories of the cafe. I can also spot some celebrities visited this cafe before. Also on all the past events they held here, kinda warm and memorable.

Who's up for some coffee with me?

Mellowcup Cafe specializes in all sorts of coffee brewing. This place offers variety of beverages on their drinks menu. Though their food menu is limited but they do serve quite good food here.

Coffee beans from all around the world.

All sorts of cakes displayed at the cabinet.

One of the item we find it interesting is their Carbonara pasta that was quite affordable (RM14.80) and it was really creamy and thick. The pasta was al dente hence the right texture. There are turkey ham and also mushrooms in it too. You would never expect a cafe like this serve such a nice dish though they are coffee specialist.

If you are someone who is Asian enough and fancy some spicy pasta, you can go for their Chili Aglio Olio. This tad bit of spicy pasta would stir up your tastebud for a bit and you would like it instantly. One thing weird about this I don't understand why they would want to add egg yolk into an Aglio Olio. But nevertheless it is worth for the price RM13.80 you are paying for this plate of good food.  

Cheesy Fish Fillet (RM16.80) is another dish we tried. Though I personally don't like it as they were using dory fish fillet. But the sauce wasn't that bad and added some taste to the fish itself. What I liked was their homemade mashed potato that you can still chew on the cubes of potatoes and not just powdery paste like what we usually have out there. 

What surprised us was this juicy looking Pan Fried Chicken (RM16.80) that served with their special homemade sauce. It is the sauce that absorbed into the chicken and it was cooked to the right texture that made this piece of chicken chop juicy, tender and delicious. There are 4 selections of sauces (Honey Herbs / Black Pepper / Cheese & Sour Thai) and the one we had was the Honey Herbs. I would highly recommend you to go for this dish if you like a plate of decent western food!

A decent latte art is what you would expect from a coffee specialist. All the baristas at Mellowcup Cafe are skilled in that. A decent cup of Caffe Latte here is charged at RM10.00. Other than just normal coffee beans, they also use seasonal beans and also imported beans from all around the world. You could taste different coffee as they change their beans from time to time. I kinda like the Latte here as it is quite fruity and nutty kind of taste. In fact the coffee here is fruity than any other latte that I've ever tasted so far and I kinda like it. 

A proper coffee brewing corner with all sorts of brewing tools.

Hand brew coffee anyone?
Not everybody could get it done perfectly, all coffee brewing methods require years of practices and trainings to master those skills.

We were also introduced to their hand brew coffee too. They have prepared Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute, a slight fruity and acidity coffee that gives pretty perfect aroma. I find it pretty smooth and the after taste is just great. But still I would pretty coffee that is more on the nutty and bitter side.  

Another bean we tried is the El-Salvador which is even more fruity than the other one. But I kinda like this one and its after taste as it gives you a very good aroma and some kind of bittersweet which was just perfect. I would go back for this one if I'm looking for hand brew coffee.

Other than coffee, they are also serving range of iced beverages. We tried the special one Tiramisu drink called Pick Me Up (RM13.00) that was rather creamy and thick. This milky drink is kinda rich but I find it a bit weird to drink Tiramisu instead of consuming it as a cake like how it is usually served. 

If you are celebrating any special occasions here, you can also tell them in advance or also order on the spot if you have last minute planning. They have very special desserts that you can order from the display cabinet. They have their own house made magnum that features different flavours. We tried their Chocolate Banana Magnum that priced at RM11.90 that features very strong flavours of banana and chocolate. I don't quite like it but I believe you can give it a try if you are a fan of chocolate banana.

The mousse like texture.

What Mellowcup Cafe really focus on is the bring the coffee knowledge to more Penangites. After all they are the very few coffee specialist in Penang despite there are so many cafes around. They are also the only cafe in Penang that has got the special coffee beans by the famous Hong Kong TVB artist 陈豪. The special beans I've tasted from the latte is the one imported from him. I like it kinda fruity and nutty. It is just perfect to me.

Mellowcup Cafe @ Gottlieb Road
Address: 11-G-4, New Bob Centre, Gottlieb Road, George Town, 10350, Penang, Malaysia
Business hours: 10:00am - 11:00pm(Tuesday to Thursday & Sundays) 10:00am - 12:00am(Friday & Saturday)/ Closed on Mondays
Contact no: +6016-4630182 (Hui Chuen)
GPS: 5.4320423,100.301746

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