Sunday, February 12, 2017

Launching of Glenlivet Founder's Reserve in Penang

A special edition specially crafted for your tasting pleasure, Glenlivet recently launched a new label in Malaysia as a tribute to the founder George Smith, and they named it Founder's Reserve.
Glenlivet is one of the leading brands in single malt scotch whisky industry, established in the year 1824 and Glenlivet is still the number 1 in single malt whisky category.

The launching event was held at 32 Mansion in Penang and Glenlivet introduces their latest product, The Founder's Reserve to the Penang market. Media friends, bloggers, trade partners were invited to the event as an appreciation for making Glenlivet the top single malt whisky brand in Malaysia.

Many thanks to Millennium Associates for having me that evening.

The Glenlivet's brand ambassador, Mr.Lionel Lau personally came to organize this event with the brand manager, Mr.Benedict Yong. Lionel is very experienced in the whisky industry, he was very knowledgeable, friendly, fun ready to share with you all his thoughts and professional opinions.

The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve is a non aged, non dynamic single malt scotch whisky. Different from other aged whisky, this creation was specially crafted as a tribute to George Smith, blending with different aged whisky for the best flavour and the best tasting pleasure. Founder's Reserve is very playful in flavours but did not increase any of the whisky's quality and taste, only bringing the best for alcoholic!

The Founder's Reserve is a mixture of young and old aged whiskey, it could be a few drops from 3 year old single malt scotch whisky, 5 year old, 12 year old or even up to 15 year old.
We were told that this is not a new practice, but Glenlivet adapted this method from the past and they took their lesson to come out with this great creation.
We were also told that making whisky is always about the taste and flavour of whisky and not for marketing purposes. We can always find fruity, floral kind of flavours in all Glenlivet single malt scotch whisky that people can easily savour it. Glenlivet encourages people from all levels, and all age group to enjoy their whisky.

Other than Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, other great creations of Glenlivet was also displayed at the event. It was a gallery that featured Glenlivet's whiskys from all the private collections, limited editions and many more.
It was an eyeopening for me as I did not expose myself much to single malt whisky all this while.

Glenlivet's brand ambassador, Lionel Lau personally meet and greet all the guests that have attended the event and also shared his professional opinions. A two way communications that allows him to understand and exposed to more great opportunities. 

Then we moved on to the launching, The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, a special tribute to the founder of GlenlivetGeorge Smith.

Founder's Reserve, it all comes back to the original.

All the guests who have attended the event get to try all the whiskys that Glenlivet served that night.

Other than Founder's Reserve, we also tried the 12 year old, a pretty basic whisky that could be a great starter to people who first expose themselves to the single malt scotch whisky. It comes with a light and fruity body, and it leaves you a refreshing ending.

The 15 year old Glenlivet was perfect to me. It gave a sweet beginning, tasted exactly like caramel without the overly sweet note, but it was pretty smooth and I enjoy every single drop of it. The best way to enjoy whisky is to have a sip of the original whisky before you add water or ice. That's where you can taste the original whisky before it changes flavour with other mediums.

Last but not least, the 18 year old Glenlivet was a heavier whisky that gives a spicy beginning, then it slowly conquer your taste bud with the strong flavour. It is also known as "end of the night whisky" best to finish it with a cigar before the part ends.

As the launching date was pretty close to Chinese New Year, Lionel, Benedict and partners ended the evening with what we Penangites usually do at parties or events.
It was a lovely evening that ended with a great "Yam Seng" session with all the guests.

Many people did not waste the chance to grab a picture with all the bottles of Glenlivet displayed at the event. Because not many chances that you get to see some of the limited collections of Glenlivet.

Is it time to start your journey into single malt scotch whisky now?

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