Friday, March 10, 2017

INPenang Awards 2017

Launched in 2007, INPenang Awards is Penang’s most significant and celebrated event that recognises outstanding organisations and amazing leaders that have achieved success in their respected fields and contributed to the society of Penang.

To date, INPenang has awarded over 23 awards to organisations mainly related to the Penang tourism industry. The significance of the award has given opportunities to key players in the industry to showcase their talents and abilities, explore new business alternatives and encourage competitiveness among local businesses. The winners represent the best of those who have reached the pinnacle of their achievements. 
INPenang Awards 2017, the third edition was recently held at The Wembley, a St Giles Hotel in Penang with 2 new award categories for individuals – Penang International Outstanding Achievers Award and Penang Lifetime Achievement Award. These winners are specifically chosen for their contribution to their community and significant role in putting Penang on the world map.

Special thanks to Ichi Media and CHT Network for having me.

Bloggers and media friends all dressed up fabulously for the event.

The venue, The Wembley Hotel's ballroom was really grand and it can accommodate more than 600 pax. Table set up was elegant and classy. Totally perfect to match the theme of the event.
Our menu of the evening.

This year, INPenang Awards have been given to 15 individuals and organizations for their excellent performance, mainly contributed to the entertainment and tourism industry of Penang. 
List of awardees as below: 

Lifetime Achievement Award
Tan Sri Dato' Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng
(CEO, Asian Strategy & Leadership Instutite [ASLI])

INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards
Nicole Chow
(Managing Director, UAG Group)
Chef Walter Lee
(CEO, Venturetec Marketing)
Bernard Yong
(Vice President, RADO & General Manager, The Swatch Group Malaysia)
Dato' Elaine Kang 
(Veteran Singer)

INPenang Top Developer (Northern Penang) Award

INPenang Top Developer (Southern Penang) Award

INPenang Top Shopping Mall (Nothern Penang) Award

INPenang Best New Hotel Award

INPenang Best Resort Hotel Award

INPenang Best Transformed Tourist Attraction Award

INPenang Best Advanced Genomics Laboratory Award

INPenang Best Medical College/ University Award
Penang Medical College Malaysia

INPenang Top F&B (Boutique Tea House) Award

INPenang Top Museum (Unique Concept) Award

On that evening, there were some very valuable pieces up for bid!
One of them is the one shown below, a special artwork created for the event
Melody In Spring《我和春天有个约会》

The Queen's Collection
An exclusive jewellery piece which illustrates a majestic queen bee attending to its hive.
It is elegantly set with 325 specially selected brilliant cut black and white diamonds as well as an impressive Ethiopian opal of approximately 7.38oct embellished with 18k gold.
This beautiful creation is from Royals Blue, one of the well known and luxury jewellery brand.

The guests were also entertained by a special fashion show arranged by Anovia Bridal, featuring all the Spring collections that are beautifully crafted, mainly floral and elegant pieces.

And of course, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner at The Wembley Hotel.

Seared Tuna Nicoise

Light Curried Butternut Veloute

Lime Sorbet

Chicken Roulade & Grouper

Tiramisu Twist

It was a fun-filled evening and we all had fun at the event witnessing all the outstanding people getting their awards. It was a pleasure to meet some of the very well known people in Penang too!

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