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乐台居 Loke Thye Kee | New Management @ Burmah Road Penang

Do not be surprised if your mom or your grandmother or any of the elderly from your family feels familiar when you mention the name Loke Thye Kee 乐台居 to them. 
Loke Thye Kee 乐台居, a place that existed in Penang for almost a century and used to be the most popular restaurant in Penang famous for their Hainanese delights.

It made a comeback just few years ago but it didn't succeed due to the poor service and average food quality. Many bad reviews were made and Penangites lost their confidence towards this place.
Recently bought over by the new management, this place has come alive again with their new menu that attracted Penangites to come and try their Hainanese Chicken Chop, Choon Pneah as well as all other Hainanese dishes on the menu. 

The nostalgic interior is still as attractive as ever.
This place is looks like my grandparents' kopitiam in early 90s. 

A memorable thing where I always asked for yellow Hacks candy whenever I go to Chai Diam Ma when I was a child. Just like the good old days. 

Kimball sauces, just like how the kopitiam serve western food during the past.

A simple breakfast menu. You can grab your traditional toast and half boiled eggs craving here while enjoying the ambience of this historical building. Price is much cheaper than some chain restaurants.

A traditional way to make a cup of hot and bold Kopi O!
1. Pour hot water into the cup to preheat it.
2. Pour the thick Kopi O into your cup.
3. Add hot water to fill up the rest of the cup.
4. Enjoy a glass of thick and fragrant Kopi O on your table!
(You get to choose whether to add sugar or not)

Thanks to our Kopi Tau Chiu(barista) for the nice cup of Kopi O!

Braised Duck & Yam(芋鸭)
One of the must have Hainanese dish would be none other than a bowl of nicely braised duck and yam in thick broth. This is the kind of dish that will get you crave for a bowl of white rice. After hours of cooking, the broth is thick and great to savour. Our only concern was the duck and yam was too big in pieces, but Loke Thye Kee got the texture perfect and it was delicious!

Gulai Tumis - Red Snapper(Half Fish)
What could be better than a pot of boiling curry filled with spices and thick curry soup. Together with some fresh tomatoes, ladyfingers and fresh fish cutlets that made it perfect. The curry was kinda addictive and perfect to go with every spoonful of rice. If you plan to come here with your family, do try out all the signature offerings on the menu.

Choon Pneah (2 nos)
Hainanese food will never miss out a nicely fried to perfection Choon Pneah. The restaurant got it done nicely that gives it a perfect crisp on the outside and a well combined filling consists of minced meat, crab meat, softly braised turnip as well as some spices to make it tasty. The skin was thin and the filling was simply compact. Every bite was simply a tasting pleasure.

Karabu Kacang Botol
Another highly addictive dish would be the kerabu kacang botol which was slightly spicy but this sour appetizer is really appetizing. If you would like your kerabu to be extra hot do remember to ask them to add more chili padi! 

Asam Prawn(small)
When this dish served to our table. We were filled with joy and sounds from the stomach can be heard! It is my favourite dish of all and it was priced reasonably!
A person who really enjoy asam prawns will not leave any single sauce even on the shell! Savour it from head to toe(tail) and don't waste the thick and flavourful sauce on the prawn! 

So.... a plate of white rice for everyone maybe?

Apart from all the signature dishes, if you are dining with your friends or alone, you can also order some of the single dishes on the menu. Picture below is the Hainanese Chicken Chop priced at RM19 for a generous portion. What you see is what you get! This is exactly the size of the chicken chop which they emphasize on the juicy meat, delicious sauce and served with coleslaw, wedges and vegetables!

If you are planning to throw a party, you can consider hosting it at Loke Thye Kee 乐台居 with the lovely view on the 3rd floor. This place has got 3 sections and can be great for any parties or events!

乐台居 Loke Thye Kee
Address: 2, Jalan Burmah, 10050, Georgetown, Penang.
Business hours: 8:30am - 12:00pm (breakfast), 12:00pm - 9:30pm (lunch and dinner) Closed on Tuesdays
Contact no: +604 - 2641919
GPS: 5.417044,100.3277063

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