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Paint & Sip @ Artsy Sip, Penang Nagore Square

Secretly hiding in a pub, the Artsy Sip is now getting more and more popular in Penang.
Artsy Sip is a place that allows you to unleash your creativity and art sense!
Just as how the place was named, Artsy Sip is a place for you to paint while sip on some wine(which possibly help you to discover your potentials if you are drunk)

Artsy Sip is one of its kind the paint and sip concept that allows you to sip on a glass of wine while having your art piece done with guides from artists. The art studio is located at one of the busiest area of George TownArtsy Sip housed inside the Seventy7 Pub at Nagore Square. You can easily spot the pub on your left when you turn into Nagore Square.
This is probably the one and only paint-and-sip concept class in Penang so far. 

It is glad to be able to have this fun painting session with friends. This activity is also suitable for kids, family or even team building activities that could bring all of you together and unleash your creativity.

The 3-hour art class is charged at RM88nett. You will get a plain canvas with paints and brushes, you can also bring home your own creation after the class.
A glass of wine is also included in the package, for additional drinks can be ordered from the a la carte menu. 

The place is cozy and well decorated with some previous artworks done by the artists themselves and also some of the creations of customers who prefer displaying their artworks at the studio.

The studio has been nicely set up when we were there. The studio can accommodate up to 24 pax, which is a great number for team activity. You can join the individual classes or you can also block the whole place to organize events for your own group of people or company. 

Our Sifu(teacher) Aaron was the one who conducted our art class.
The theme every week will be different, but you can also choose to paint anything you want. He also encourage people to google what they want to paint and then he will guide you accordingly till a masterpiece is born!
He will guide all participants throughout the class, so you don't have to worry if you are an art zero person like I do. I'm sure you can create your own masterpiece with sifu's guide. 

The theme we had that day was a Unicorn!
The sample will be printed in a black&white version to let you create your own artwork.
You can follow the guideline by you can still unleash your creativity by selecting your own colours.
(Photo by Waco from

So, ready to create your own masterpiece?

A weekend can be well spent. It doesn't have to be the boring shoppings or drinking or cafe hoping anymore. You can now find another exciting activity to add into your bucket list or TO-DO list when you are in Penang. It is such a fun and interesting activity other than watching movie and stuff.

The leng zai Sifu Aaron guided us step by step on how we should paint our own Unicorn.
He is friendly, helpful and have patients to all of the participants, I believe that is how a teacher should be. (Which is why I'm no longer a teacher)

We were properly guided and slowly complete our artwork step by step. I've also met some friends during the painting session and all of them have done beautiful jobs as well!

This is my own painting halfway through. Scroll down for the finished job.

A cute and beautiful pink Unicorn painted by one of the participants!
We were all amazed by the beautiful painting!

After a long 3 hours of struggling, getting my hands and face dirtied, sipping lots of wines.
I've finally done my own creation! A colourful rainbow Pony Unicorn!

Though it is not as beautiful as others, but I'm really proud of myself for being able to paint this Unicorn thanks to the guides from Sifu Aaron. I couldn't believe that I could still paint after so many years. (My last drawing was during highschool which is probably more than 10 years ago)

Angel and Alvin posing with their masterpieces.
I would say that this paint and sip session was really fun and even better when you attend it with your friends!

It is a job well done for everyone who participated the painting session.
All of them have done a great and colourful job!

(Photo taken from Artsy Sip Facebook page)

Artsy Sip painting session is now available for booking.
The painting session is only opening on Saturdays for 2 sessions from 2:30pm to 5:30pm and 8:00pm to 11:00pm. If you with to book for a private session, you can gather a minimum of 8 persons and contact them. Private session can be available any day of the week.
Advance booking is required

Artsy Sip @ Nagore Square
Address: 34, Jalan Nagore, 10050, Georgetown, Penang
Contact no: +6012 - 441 7100
Business hours: Only on Saturdays: 2:30pm to 5:30pm & 8:00pm to 11:00pm
Facebook page

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