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Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant @ Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang.

A place that is no longer strange to Penangites, the Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant has been every family's favourite since a few decades ago. Many of us new generations including me have been visiting this restaurant very often since our childhood time until today.

Since the restaurant have been taken over by the new management in 2009, the business is getting better and better with more and more improvements introducing new menus and creative dishes. Mainly focusing on Chinese cuisine, but Maple Palace also introduces new fusion dishes to Penang market and created many interesting dishes.

The place is about the same like how it used to be.
I remember my family always dine in here when I was a kid as we all like the food here.

Thai Paku Pakis with Ubah Sauce
A rather creative Thai influenced dish that is really appetizing. their homemade sauce consist of lime juice, chili padi made it really refreshing. shallots and dried shrimps were also added for extra crisp and better taste. It was spicy and sour but really addictive.
This is a great starter before we begin our meal. This dish is only available depending on season as this paku vegetable is not available all the time. 

Maple Gold 4 Hot & Cold Combination Platter
Prawn with salted egg yolk was nicely blended and deep fried to perfection. I like how juicy it was inside and the flavours from egg yolk was just perfect.
Scallop was served with truffle oil and paired with jelly fish which was chewy and further enchance the taste of the fresh scallop.
Another dish was fried puffer fish which was really fresh and crispy. We were really happy savouring this small piece of fish as it was really delicious. 

The bomb in this plate of appetizer is the chicken wing stuffed with ebiko. Look at how generous the amount of ebiko was stuffed into the chicken wing! 

Yellow Cucumber Seafood Abalone Soup
The moment this soup was presented, I was really attracted by the bowl that made out of a yellow cucumber. It was perfectly cut and braised, and yet still maintained its shape. In the soup you can find prawns, abalone and many other ingredients that made a perfect combination. I really like how soft the yellow cucumber was and this clear seafood soup is just a great beginning of a good meal.

Double-boiled Fish Head Abalone Soup
Another great soup we had was the signature fish head soup here. This soup was milky and boiled to perfection, every scoop gives me a warm and hearty feeling when I was having the soup in a cold air-conditioned restaurant like this. It was really hearty and enjoyable.

BBQ Roasted Spanish Iberico Pork Rib
One of the signature dishes that most people will order in Maple Palace is the BBQ Iberico pork rib here. The whole rib was roasted to perfection. It was really tender, juicy and well seasoned that every bite was a pleasure. Also not forget to mention about the salad that came with truffle oil dressing and the perfectly baked potatoes which was great to go with the pork rib. I would suggest you to order a smaller portion if you do not have a big appetite as it was really big portion and satisfying.

Deep Fried Estuary Tiger Grouper with Pomelo Sauce
A great Chinese meal will not be completed without a fish dish that brings the meaning of 年年有余. The tiger grouper was deep fried to perfection and really fresh that even the flesh was sweet and soft by itself even though the skin was crispy. The sauce was quite refreshing and citrusy and it enhanced the freshness of the fish made it even more delicious.

Aromatic Duck with 7 Head South Africa Abalone
One of the highlights of the night would be none other than this luxurious dish! The roasted duck comes with a layer of crispy skin but tender meat inside. It was just nicely cooked and the meat wasn't dry nor hard. The abalone was great and chewy, the abalone sauce was absorbed into the meat that made it even tastier and better.

I like how they were paired together as you can enjoy the chewy abalone and also tender duck meat together dip in the fragrant and delicious abalone sauce.

Braised Sea Cucumber & Stuffed Broccoli with Prawn Paste
Another plate of aupicious dish was presented to us that tempted everybody on the table. The broccoli was stuffed with prawn paste, and the sea cucumber was braised to perfection, soft but still maintain a little bit of crunch in there. Not forget to mention the juicy mushroom which were equally great to go with the dish.

Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Goose Web
What surprised me the most was this dish and this was also my first time trying a goose web. It was quite good that the goose web was braised to soft, and with the fried ee fu noodle was just great to go together. Goose web is more chewy and the skin layer is thicker compare to chicken feet and duck web. It was quite taste as it was braised until soft and absorb all the sauce into its skin and flesh.

Maple Palace Signature Dessert 七彩缤纷
Our lovely meal ended with an interesting dessert. There were 4 types of desserts in a bowl that was presented to us beautifully. There were smoked coming out from the dessert bowl and also colourful lights blinking from the bottom of the bowl

There were refreshing juice which consists of choy sum, pineapple & honey that was surprisingly good and cleanse our pallets. Mango sage dessert, black glutinuous rice soup and also snow lotus seed soup. The meal was lovely with a beautiful ending.

Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant can also come out with any dishes or menus that suits you and your family. They can caters to all sorts of dining including vegetarian dishes, steamboat package and many more. Ring them up to check it out.

美寶閣 Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant
Address: 47, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Business hours: Daily 12.00pm - 2.30pm& 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Contact no: 604-227 9690, 604-227 4542
GPS: 5.425848,100.32352

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