Friday, September 15, 2017

Street Sushi @ Penang Chulia Lane[Food Truck]

A chef that recently came back from Singapore just started his own F&B journey by running his own food truck business all around Penang Island.
Sashimi, handroll, handmade sushi are now available with a more economic price in Penang with Street Sushi food truck that is parked at the corner of Chulia Lane, the corner that houses a few food trucks and made their permanent location.

Street Sushi food truck runs by chef Paul Alan and his sister. He is specialized in Japanese Omakase dining back in Singapore when he worked in a Japanese restaurant, and he totally wins it with his passion towards Japanese sushi!

Not only he focuses on his food quality, but also how he insisted that his customers should eat their sushi while it is "fresh from the oven". He will prepare every piece of sushi with his own hands, just to make sure all the sushi are served with the right method and fresh. According to him, the texture and the taste of sushi will deteriorate after being left for quite a while, hence all sushi will be prepared fresh upon order.

They have a simple fixed menu normally, but if you are looking for something extra or special, ask Chef Alan to surprise you! You will never know what you might get from him!

If you are someone who prefers more varieties, you can go for their platter, the Vegetarian Temari or Seafood Temari that is available in 6 pieces or 12 pieces.
The thing is, if you have no idea what to choose, you can go for their temari set and let the chef decide it for you. If you are a vegetarian, they can also make something up just to fit your preference. But do let the chef know if you have any special diet, just like how an Omakase dining works!

All the sushi were freshly prepared upon ordering. The chef did not want to make any sushi and left it there for customers to choose because he did not want any customers to taste some bad sushi, hence QC is very important to him. As we taste every pieces of the sushi, we enjoyed the texture, the rice and also the ingredients in the temaki.

Maguro, Salmon, Unagi, you name it. All the common sushi that you can find in Japanese restaurants are also available here with a more economical price. We tried all our sushi and really satisfied with the quality of the sushi, not only the sashimi is fresh but some sushi created by Chef Alan were creative and really delicious. Not forget to mention that the sushi rice is good too!

Do you really know how to eat sushi? The best way to eat sushi is to hold your sushi with fingers and not chopsticks. By doing so not only your sushi is nicer, but you can also tell how good a piece of sushi can be by holding on to it. Rice is the most important part of a good sushi. If the sushi rice will fall off easily that means the sushi rice could be overcooked, the picture below shows how great the sushi is from Street Sushi food truck.

There were too many types of sushi available but Chef Alan only managed to display some of the commonly popular items on the menu. We have personally tried some unique sushi that I've never tasted before and it was good. You totally don't have to worry even if you are someone who dont take red meat / raw sashimi/vegetarian or any special diets. You will be pleased by Chef Alan and he will surprise you with his creations. 

If you think that sushi or hand rolls are not enough, do give their Sharwama a try!
Their Sharwama is available in chicken or beef, and we tried the one with cheese with the homemade tortilla and it was really good. We enjoyed the moisture in this Sharwama and how juicy and cheesy it was. The sauce, vegetables, meat and cheese, everything was just perfectly blended together.

Street Sushi[Food Truck] @ Chulia Lane
Address:  1, Lorong Chulia, George Town, 10200, Penang, Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 5:00pm - 11:00pm[Closed on Tuesdays]
Contact no: +6012-4759529 / +6012-9166387
GPS: 5.4180701,100.3369914


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