Thursday, January 25, 2018

Men Men & Dxgs[George Town Festival 2017] @ The Habitat Penang Hill

George Town Festival is one of the most happening festivals in Penang.
For the 10th annual this year, George Town Festival is becoming greater and greater by bringing and introducing arts from all over the world.
Cultural and art performances filled Penang during the whole festival as there will be numerous shows, performance, exhibitions, and fairs happening all around Penang Island as well as Butterworth.

One of the highlights this year would be none other than Men Men & Dxgs which was held at The Habitat Penang Hill recently and it did put a sweet ending to George Town Festival. It was one of the last few shows that successfully attracted hundreds to attend and enjoyed this musical show put up together by a few well-known singer in Malaysia.

Not only a place for you get close to nature, but The Habitat Penang Hill is also very picturesque. Every corner or any part of this park will give you a very good insta shot or grab a good profile photo.
If you have visited The Habitat before, I believe you will leave one or two photos at the swings here. They are not only for you to relax but also to take great photos here.
It is really relaxing when you are sitting here and enjoying the sound of nature. 

The venue of Men Men Dxgs was set at the center of Tree Top Walk located inside The Habitat. 

The sunset view from Tree Top Walk really worth all the walking and the whole travel journey. It was really breathtaking and priceless as the park normally closes at 6pm except for special events like this.

Though the sky gets dark, the venue was really colourful and bright with all the LED chairs and tables placed in the middle of Tree Top Walk. These furnitures lighten up the venue and get people ready for party!

We were all welcomed by the host Shelah!
She is one wonderful host with beautiful voices. Don't doubt, she is the biggest Ah Gua in Malaysia according to she herself. Not only she is funny and a good host, but she has very strong and sexy vocals that we all enjoyed her singing that evening.

Another powderful singer Juni  Delfino on the stage was rocking the stage with her powerful vocal!

Apart from all the singing and dancing, Shelah was also a very entertaining host that told us some funny jokes. I believe she can become a stand-up comedian when she is not hosting too. She also changed a few outfits during the event and she's is simply gorgeous! 

We also had the honor to listen to Dina Nadzir, the runner-up of the first season of Malaysian Idol contest and also a powerful vocalist shocking the audience with her voice. She was really cute with and we can feel the power in her voice. Her voice is strong enough to rock the whole stage and audiences. Very lovely and we did really enjoyed her singing.

Next is Nikki Palikat who has a very sweet and emotional voice.
We enjoyed the minute she starts singing until the end of her performance. She could really bring up the emotions within us through her voice. 

Then we also have Bichu! The Penang born and bred singer and also song writer who has a very lovely and sweet voice. She is also an award-winning singer who have got several awards and she also perform all around Malaysia and sometimes got invited to other countries as well. 

The last singer that came out was none other than the popular Elvira Arul, the Queen of Soul!
She was looking really cool that evening not only with her voice but also her appearance!
That was the first time seeing her perform live and I was totally in love with her voice! Not only she could be Jazzy but she can really rock the stage the moment she starts going really high pitch!

There were 3 sets of singing on that evening and in between every sets we have DJ Mickey McLean spinning for us! People start dancing and talking all around in between sets.

Shelah messing around with guests of that evening, everybody loves her I would say!

The very precious moments from this event is when all 5 songstress stood on the stage together and performed together. Not only we can hear how well they can sing with each other but also we can tell how powerful they are when they are together!

Everybody loves Shelah and can't stop taking pictures with her. She is the center of attraction and people just love her for her singing, host and also entertaining skills.

The night ended with laughter, emotions and of course, satisfaction!
It is really great to have such event in Penang by George Town Festival! The ticket was so cheap at only RM150 including tickets for express lane of Penang Hill Train, entrance ticket to The Habitat Penang Hill and also food is provided.

It was a fun-filled evening with all the dancing, singing, drinking and partying with friends. Special thanks to The Habitat Penang Hill for having me and I am really glad that I did attend the event to witness how beautiful a real sunset can be, not forget to mention that the night view from the top was simply amazing!

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